Soak it UP…

Soak up each sight, each moment!
The light is changing;
I’m noticing it, and oh it reminds me that summer has quickly found us and just as quickly is leaving us!
That beautiful light is changing and I am even noticing the evening light being replaced by night fall a bit sooner each night now.
Just as I enjoyed those Kangaroo Paws
it seems that fall is trying to jump in on us and once again take us by surprise!
Some will welcome it I am certain as we see parents and grands preparing to send the kids back to school!
Once again to the
“rise and shine”
and out the door for structure and education; the yellow buses will fill the roads, and homes will be quiet once again during the day time hours along with neighborhoods where the sounds of laughter and glee of splashing in the pools and activity in the hoods will stop during the day time.
We will hear the winds of parents and grandparents and caregivers;
 exhaling that ole’ sigh of relief once the kids are back in school once again!
Just as we hear the daily commuters sigh the not so happy “grunt” as traffic jams increase with the yellow buses and those who have to transport the littles to and from the schools adding to the daily rush hour traffic!
Ah yes,
it is almost that time of the year!
First time college students getting ready to spread their wings to fly to the big time of campuses local and far away,
life in the real lanes of education and a whole new world awaits.
One where there is no bell or principal to govern their every move, 
but a time of independence to take over and self motivation and responsibility to show up and show out
takes over!
Just last year seniors who “ruled the hallways”, now nameless faces walking and trying to figure things out on their own without their peer group,
finding that they are one person who must find the strength to stand on their own merit and tell time on their own, while standing UP with the desire to learn and make the grade, whether playing sports or purely getting what they need to make the grade!
the light is changing.
We see the best and the brightest adults who are giving all they have for all the right reasons getting treated poorly by owners of businesses and organizations
and wonder, how why when will people get it.
Life is much like the flowers at the top of this blog.
Fragile, beautiful and individual.
Filled with the unique ability to produce greatness and splendor.
Not made to just be, but to be nurtured and watered to grow.
Treated kindly we all should be and should treat others.
In our daily lives and work place, home life and on daily encounters.
What we put out, we get back.
Seems rather simple actually.
Just like our cars we drive that perform well for us, if we do our regular maintenance and oil changes, runs great in all weather and all conditions.
We are mindful of that.
Perhaps we need to make others mindful that we too are in need of care, of good treatment to enhance our performance, our stylin and performance.
We just grin and drive off in class and style, knowing that we did our best and continue the journey the best way we know.
Yes, the light is changing,
enjoy each moment, each day.
Find something special in you and this day that brings you joy,
that makes you feel almost giddy!
Enjoy a good story,
make one up
star in it,
be the one of wonder
 Here’s to your wildest dreams,
your most beautiful realities
wishing you a day
of getting your feet wet in the wonder
of your life!
We are never too busy to take the time for self amid the madness of life! Find time for you, find time to play, to wonder, to reset your happy button!
Blessings on the suns rays
Walk in Beauty

6 comments on “Soak it UP…

  1. Well, the time has come to look out your window into the darkness of night. I dont like it one bit. I want the evenings to be bright and peaceful. I would rather get up in the darkness but then again I think of the people who have to drive to work. I am just thankful for whatever comes my way. I am thankful for good health and friends and family who are loving and kind. Vacation time is almost over so sad for so many people. The picture of Kamryn looks like he is having so much fun and now it is time to go back to school. He is ready, he loves school and loves the new challenge coming in his school year. Good to hear and read of the bloggers and Dr. SES words of wisdom for all of us to share with our friends and family. Blessings to all and especially our soldiers and their families. Thanks to all. Keep up the good read.

  2. DANG!!!! That Kangaroo Paw is exquisite!!! Loved the photo. Something new to look at and enjoy.
    So unique.

    Ready for Fall–so tired of the hot temperatures. Hope all is well with everyone.

    Thanks again for sharing your journeys this summer, and for your daily reads.

  3. Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. So good to read your words today. Yes, fall is upon us. I am one that leaves for work most of the time before the sun is up. Only a few short weeks in mid summer is it light but the last few weeks it is back to dark as night mornings for me. Loved the message and loved the pictures. Not sure what kind of flower that was as I have never seen anything like that but it is extremely beautiful. Loved Kamryn there in the waves. Very nice picture, colorful and the deep blue water and blue sky was lovely.
    Wisthing each of you a terrific Thursday and enjoy the day as you count your Blessings.
    It was good to see “Sign Me A” comment from Tuesday's message. I miss you and think of you often. I hope all is well. Now if our friend Irene would stop and say hello that would be another fine treat! Irene, take care of yourself and know I think of you and miss you. Others who have been here and gone I wish you all well. Take care friends. /Sandy♥

  4. love the blog as always…inspiring. Will have to say unfortunately…life does not always give us back what we give out. People can be giving of themselves …their hearts, their time, their money, their spirit..whatever..but it does not always comes back. The important thing is to always feel good about what you give out regardless of what you get back. Love and hugs friends…glad to see you so energetic and having such a great month.

    • Yes my friend, your words are so true, unfortunately it does not always give us back what we give… but give we do with a pure heart most of us…

      Yes it has been a month of learning so much from the little one, of playing and enjoying and sadly on my part neglecting those I also love to absorb each moment with Godson Kamryn 10 and be, do, and enjoy his boundless energy while looking through life as a 10 year old, offering guidance and teaching that he seems to absorb like a sponge…

      For those including you that I have sorely neglected, please forgive me… along with the readers here.. it is almost the time for him to leave sunny Florida and time for me to get back to those and to work and “rise to grind” …. Blessings on the wind dear friend…

      • I know that Kam has had special time with his godmother and memories that will sustain him through all of his life. Enjoy on friend…enjoy on….
        I believe as long as we are at peace with our decisions that is all we can do…we have to choose what is best at the moment.
        love and hugs friend

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