Imagination on a Friday… Ride on!

Time to mosey down into the weekend!
Oh yes, I know everyone has their 
rush through Friday happening
but then by around 6pm
those same folks are wanting time to just slow down; to savor each moment and make the week-end last as long as possible!
Enjoying each minute and stretching it out like the waters edge seen from a distance and laying back relaxing!
The kind of weekend made for a slow ride on a brilliant beach where laughs are many, or moments of great solitude can be found and shared with nature perhaps!
We need those times to refill the well within after a week of running and doing and being with so many.
In workplaces, in volunteer roles, in mentoring others, in fighting battles of illness and stress.
Moments of just being still or doing things that replenish and restore the spirit.
It may be a drive around town,
a dinner with friends,
a good movie while laying on the couch!
For others?
Perhaps a day on the waters,
a ride on a horse as one of those experiences that you’ve had forever in your heart list finally realized that comes true.
For others maybe it is an experience that allows you to step through fear and into the power of your intention by doing rather than shying away from a thing or experience!
We are only limited by our imaginations
and oh what imaginations we have if we but allow them out to play!
The sights and sounds of wonder, of nature and life at its best,
memories to last a life time and then some; when we step out of the comfort zone and into the magic.
A weekend is upon us once again and I can’t help but wonder of the magic folks are out there making in their own lives as they fire up grills, get out on the waters, crawl to the highest peaks of mountain tops,
ride those beautiful paint ponies along seashores with “wow” in their hearts.
I can’t help but wonder how those who are chronically ill use those images to go away in their minds for a little while to alleviate pain for themselves
and travel to wonderful places in their minds and dance on grand ballroom floors from their beds
and enjoy all the things that able bodied people often take for granted
in all the ways possible
with the use of videos, photographs
and the brilliance of the imagination
and books, and stories of others
along with their memories
and those who love them
that will do all that they can to include them in creative ways
in experiences that will be savored over time.
Life is so precious
as are those who live it fully.
the views are always changing
and the magic is yours for the making.
“Most horses don’t walk backwards voluntarily, because what they can’t see doesn’t exist.”
We could learn a lot from horses don’t ya think?
Gives ya a little bit to think about on this Friday anyways,
what happens in the past doesn’t exist anymore, so why focus on it,
move forward, stay the course of your dreams, your life, your peace of mind friends!
Grace, Kindness, Compassion
Gentle moments
wild and zany times
all there for the living
and the being
in the quiet and the loud
make some joyous noise 
while giving thanks
this weekend
for all that you are!
Walk in Beauty,


9 comments on “Imagination on a Friday… Ride on!

  1. nice to see the old friends finding their way back. love the horseback riding pics..great ones. Sorry am way behind on everything with medical, construction in the house on the roll in shower and other handicap things being done for me…and being penned up back in son’s quarters while they work. Hugs and love around…deb

  2. how I was gladdened to hear from all here! Must be the Pacific and the horses that called to all to come out and say hello in greetings, even our Firm Irene found her way back to us for a hello! How joyous is that?
    yes those laptops seem to be going wrong along with desktops each day as they are having to be replaced and kicked to curbs or drowned in pools as technology is upped and the old is replaced by new!
    Blessings to all new and faithful readers of this page, may you all be blessed and strong!

  3. glad to hear from our Irene, sorry about the computer, mine croaked last month too. Must be something in the air. On to the weekend and the beautiful pictures of the horses and the fabulous coast! Thanks doc. Be well friends, enjoy this lovely weekend.

  4. My heart is soaring above the clouds to hear from Irene. Gee I have missed you. I am so glad you are well and hope to hear all about your adventures. Have a wonderful visit in Pa. with your sister. We have had a great vacation the 10yr. old and I have been in Fl. visiting for 2 weeks. Time to go home and face reality. I am living Love, Laugh, Live. So glad to hear from you. Blessings to all.

  5. Hello Irene, so nice to see your message today. Happy that you are enjoying time spent, in a cooler place, with family. Have a wonderful time and take care. Look forward to hearing from you again sometime. Hugs to you my friend☺ /Sandy♥

  6. Greetings friends, from the “sweetest” place on Earth:
    HERSHEY, Pa. I have been travelling by car to see family I have not visited in 4 years.
    My lap top, RIP after 5 years.
    I have read some blogs and comments, asking about me and I thank you all. Quite a trip Dr. Sherry took to the other coast.
    I will catch up more soon, just enjoying my sister and cooler weather, the 6 months of heat so far has worn me down in Florida.
    Have a great weekend, everyone. Irene M.

  7. […] Imagination on a Friday… Ride on! (drses.wordpress.com) […]

  8. Wow, I think I may want to go horse back riding someday. The horses, the scenery and the Ocean all at one time. That sure is a way to let go of all of the stresses you have in this old world. Out in the wild blue yonder. I know what some of the horse back riders are thinking, but what is the horses thinking? I bet they are enjoying as much as the smile on the riders faces. Enjoy life, this is the one we are living thru. Beautiful words, loving family out for a ride. John Wayne would be proud. Stay tall, take the best road in life, stay true to yourself. Dont be influenced by other peoples choices, some people like misery, dont be dragged down to their feelings and their mode of life. God Bless Our Soldiers and their families. There was 9 American Soldiers killed yesterday according to the news. God Bless USA.

  9. Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Thank you for your words today. It is nice to think about just 4 more hours and the weekend will begin for me. Hopefull to get some downtime for as is much needed. Loved the horses walking in the beauty of the surroundings there in California. What a grand time you all had. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Take care friends and may your weekend be pleasant and peaceful. /Sandy♥

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