Earaches, Mindaches, Heartaches, GrowthAches


oh my goodness, another year has gone by! This has been the “best year of his life” he will tell you and when asked *(how are you)* his new answer is this:
“I’m living the dream”!
Yep the little guy turns 11 today
and up there in VA he is, with the remains of an earache that he left here with,
he in the right ear and me here with the left!
I cannot remember the last time I had an earache, probably as a kid I guess,
but this one got so bad I finally screamed uncle and went to see my lovely doc last evening.
She even said the physician technical term used only for the very bad things in life:
“yuk” as she looked into my ear!
So, with that being said, off to the local drug store to get drops and two weeks of antibiotics and told to take it easy.
Take it easy?
I had great plans to do that, until presented with that little bottle of drops and told they cost 
Oh more ached than my ear at that moment, as I wished I was back in the doctor office in case my heart pittered and pattered out of sync.
I contemplated not getting them, after all it is just an infection in my ear, that leads to my brain, face, neck where the lymph nodes are already inflamed and swollen.
What in the world could those little tiny drops do anyway that antibiotics couldn’t?

After a thought or two, realizing that infection could in fact eat my brain, I decided I did not need that heartache, or anymore of my brain eaten away than already is by the winds of change and all the talk of campaigns and the folks coming into my state trying to control my body so I might just better dig deep since Mitten Romney hadn’t sent me a check lately to help me pay for things.
$128.00 for ear drops, perhaps they are liquid gold and will help soon.
Kamryn’s ear drops cost 29.00 I wondered as I left had the pharmacist made a mistake while he was here, but then remembered he had to return to a doctor once he got to VA, and she had said those drops were not strong enough as she prescribed antibiotics and more drops for him as well.
ok, earaches, heartaches, life aches,
baskeball in the pool, getting hit in the face with that darn ball after it bangs off the backboard
Kamryn sneak attacking me and almost drowning me in the pool!
All makes sense now,
I get the other ear infected to make a full set so we match, his right my left!
Well how bout that?
Enough to make your mindache
as you think about it
or laugh yourself silly.
Mind aches as we listen to ads, watch mind numbing TV and try to not suffer secondary anger issues listening to the words of others that open their mouths to inflame or to irritate others on a daily basis.
Seems a lot of anger these days,
wonder if folks worked out in pools, shot hoops on courts or bought those boxing bags
and just hit on them
if it would help?
Attention deficit or just more squirrels about town as we see more hear more
and do less to say enough already!
Yep enough to make a mind ache
if it wasn’t for a blooming earache that is making it hard to hear!
I’ve said, “huh what did you say” so many times, I should record it this week,
yet I feel like I am hearing and speaking while under water; I wonder if this is what the sea creatures feel like or hear…
Growth aches now as kids return to school for some a foot taller than when they left for the summer. Feet, hands and bright minds growing and clothes that stretch as they move into new classes and meet new teachers for the first times.
Young people who now enter the college arena not quite knowing what to expect, yet know everything it seems will be in for an awakening as those growth aches take hold in the coming months.
Heartaches as loss fills the air and the light changes.
Ah it is all about change, about pocket change, time change, light change.
The tides are changing and it is the sun before the storms here, as the RNC prepares to arrive and take over Tampa and Issac approaches.
Both dangerous indeed and on their way to Florida, where police officers tell me they are already working 16 hour shifts and it will get worse before it gets better for them.
May all be safe
on this day of August 23.
Send emails but don’t expect me to hear you if you call.
It’s Kamryn’s birthday today
so I think I’ll celebrate
by shooting a few hoops
after my nap and the ear drops ease the pain
maybe I’ll snuggle on the couch and watch
the Disney Channel and eat a Reese’s Cup in his honor!
To all those who have celebrated the 
August Birthdays
I hope yours are as joyous and wonderful
as Kamryn
and that you are “living the dream”
and enjoying each bite!
Happy Birthday to all!
Happy Friday to the rest of ya!

One breath at a time
Walk in Beauty


Ear (Photo credit: Menage a Moi)




6 comments on “Earaches, Mindaches, Heartaches, GrowthAches

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  2. Good Saturday to all, sorry I missed wishing Kam Happy Birthday, so there it is, now 11.
    I hope you both have ” Healing Earaches” soon. New Jersey is just as insane as ever. Traffic and unhappy people everywhere, no wonder I stay in Florida, but !
    enjoying the Ocean, boardwalk, the famous Doris Duke Estate, Hershey and all it's “sweetness”. To see my brother today. My heart is swelling with anticipation for that visit. Take care all, stay safe and take cover for Isaac.

  3. maybe it was too much disney channel and your ear is rebelling. LOL here is hoping you feel better soon. hugs and love friend

  4. One of the cutest pictures of little ones to me is the one where just those first 2 little bottom teeth are in!!! HA—-excellent choice for the blog. Yep, Mr. Jumpman is going places for sure!!! Some things a person just knows, especially when all evidence points in that direction.

    Hope your ear clears up, and yes, ya needed the ear drops cause you needed the ear drops. LOL Good that you reconsidered getting
    them. Otis Media ( I am assuming), and it is painful.

    Have a good week end everyone.

  5. Awww Gee Dr. Sherry, a lousy earache for you and for Kamryn getting over his. I hope you will be feeling better in no time. I grew up with chronic earaches and sore throats. We had a swimming pool most of my childhood but I could not go in it many a lot due too the chronic ACHES! Finally, had my tonsills out but had to keep the ears- needed those for the future LOL! I still will get earaches occasionally and know how painful they are.

    Happy Birthday to Kamryn – what a cute picture that is and what a great summer he had. I love his message “I'm living the dream”! I'll bet he is telling everyone about it constantly! If not talking about it he is thinking about it I am sure! He is a very fortunate young boy to be so loved and cared for and his elders watching over him helping him live his dream. This makes me happy!
    I am watching that storm and hope it stears away from you all.

    Horrible tragedy there in NY. Very sad. Seems times are getting worse and guns are in way too many hands and used freely to solve anything. It is just horrible! It is very sad to think of so many innocent victims in times like this!

    Prayers for them and their family.
    Well, lunch is over and I am too wordy today so got to go. Two more hours and I am starting my weekend!☺ Take care friends, have a Fantastic Friday and a grand weekend as you count your Blessings!

  6. Good morning to you and to Florida. Isaac go away please. Kamryn birthday starting out with a hair trim. His star is still shining. He and I will celebrate his birthday tomorrow. I took him to the dr. and he weighed 108lbs. that distrubed him very much as he weighed 102 not so long ago. Living the dream, eating reeces cups candy, banana splits and drinking those sugar filled coca cola. His height was 5ft. and 3/4, he is growing up way too fast. He is a fun fellow and he now wants to move to Fl. with Puddy Pal. Move over he may be moving in, what a fun time that would be. You could watch Disney until your ear quit hurting. ha. Hope the storm stays away. Great blog as usual. Need more of Kamryn that is a story waiting to be told. Blessings to all and Prayers to our service men, women and families.

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