Sunny with a gentle Breeze

English: This is a modern day picture of downt...

English: This is a modern day picture of downtown Tampa, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ah, beauty surrounds today
as the sun is out and bright, the breeze is gentle
Saturday at its finest
as we continue to rely on the long ago blessings of the Greeks and Native Americans that was made to keep the hurricanes from making landfall here at home and say our prayers to those who have been affected or are now fleeing villages and homes in his path.
ISSAC lose your strength and just stop this.
Interestingly I found a bit of trivia on these hurricanes and found that the first hurricane that hit beloved Tarpon actually made landfall on my birthday in the 20’s.
Now how is that for some interesting history!
Already we are seeing the stores emptying of the usual things first;
Hurricane supplies in Florida to first leave the shelves:
Water and Beer
The hurricane parties are ready to begin, and it’s not the convention that is starting them as we move into the weekend.
The latest news tells us the Governor has made sure that all hotels will have a hurricane evacuation plan and beach goers information for those attending the convention. Important information that lets folks know about things like “rip tides”, how to congest the already congested roads of Tampa should they need to leave those beautiful hotels that are now sold out here in Tampa.
Folks are hoping for business and big spending here next week as those people arrive along with torrential rains here.
Our police departments, fire departments, EMS are already putting in some remarkable hours as they prepare to protect and serve with the added strain of clashes that are suspected and those who exercise freedom of speech and those who protest on both sides.
Many will protest the convention, those who support the convention will find the time to protest Planned Parenthood and Abortion clinics by standing in front of them and adding angst with their shouts and bible thumps.
It all will tax nerves and our systems of service on first responders.
As much wind will be a threat like Issac and much be behind the scenes and just as scary I am certain.
But for today the sun is shining, the breeze is gentle
and I still can’t hardly hear a darn thing; and the pain is just searing as it courses down my neck and swollen face!
Ah but I had forgotten about ear infections, and how I now remember that I don’t like them.
A good day for the pool if it weren’t for the ears, yet a better day to just enjoy the sun as that light is changing and seems it won’t be long that we all see the darkness much to early in the evening.
As the light plays on the colors that surround and the beauty of the flowers and butterflies, it is a day to find discoveries and remarkable gifts.
Those gifts that are within and around us, each of us.
The 4 leggeds are running that NASCAR around the pool as I prepare to see what needs to be brought in and tucked in for preparations of the rains,
they have also decided just recently they do not like thunder!
Figure that, as Gypsy takes to barking at it, while Jeepers looks on encouraging her during these times of hurricane season!
They are funny little ones that way,
with much to say about the weather and squirrels and that hawk that makes itself known to us from time to time!
Ah the joys and the splendor that is here, yet I still miss the “dribble” of that basketball and the “swoosh” of the net.
Maybe I’ll have to shoot a few hoops if my balance from this ear returns just to entertain myself between preparations for the
Go away Issac, your presence here is not wanted.
I will stand with the legend of the Calusa Indians who blessed this land with protection against the hurricanes along with the Tocobaga long ago.
Add that to the Greek blessings of Tarpon Springs, and I feel better.
After all since the only direct hit on Tarpon Springs was made in the 20’s and made landfall on my birthday, that was significant and enough… right?
So that’s my story and I’m stickin with it.
Meanwhile, I’ve bought my hurricane supplies and will add to it ice, tequila and margaritas once the rains begin,
so we’ll be all good here,
sprinkle in some music
and ride it through to the sun.
Blessings to all on the sun’s rays today
get out there and
Walk in Beauty 
prayers to all who have asked, or are in need.



8 comments on “Sunny with a gentle Breeze

  1. Yes, saw that you all were in the “rain and flood” warning. What my message above was saying..that good news was you were not in the direct path of the storm but getting the rain and flooding from the spin from it. Please know I was not diminishing what you will be facing..was just putting a little positive spin on that face that the storm at the moment appears to be going west and not directly over you but sending you flooding rains which considering your house..is REALLY bad news. Maybe one of us needs more coffee or I am talking in a foreign language LOL

  2. good news is….looks like it is going west of you. you will probably get the rains..oh yes I know you love that..but at least not the big storm. Prayers for those in the path and prayers you only get rain my friend. hugs

    • we are waiting now… the calm before the storms with major flooding and high winds coming off the waters as the last update, not looking so good for us here at this time. we are preparing as best that one can. thanks for the love and the prayers.

  3. Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. So sorry that you ear is still hurting so bad. Have you tried warm compress on your ear and cheek? That usually helps the pain. Continue to get some rest and feel better. So glad the weather is nice for you today. It is beautiful here in SE Michigan and very warm. In the 90s and not a cloud in the sky. It won't be that warm for much longer so loving it now. The flower is beautiful! – what a lovely color. Would love to see those four leggeds running around the pool like little race cars. Had a pretty nice day at the shelter. One cat adopted that has been there in in foster due to serious illness for over 6 months. Grateful for the new home she has. Sure hope that Isaac bypasses Florida. Just saw the news report about Isaac and sure doesn't sound real good but we know things can change every day. Take care friends and hope you are enjoying your day! /Sandy♥

  4. Good afternoon to all in lala land. I wish the news would have more about Isaac and less about the Republican goings on. They dont seem to remember the people who lost their homes during storms and the fires burning across our land. I dont wish anyone any harm but I am tired of all of this stuff with politics. I will be glad when the ugly stuff is over and they could run a decent campaign. Guess that want happen. I dont see much chance with either one of them. According to email I received from Texas, they will be waiting if the current president returns to office. Another war? I sure hope not. Hoping that ear gets better and the sun will shine for you. Blessings to all

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