Monday and Issac Moves

Issac has turned West and once again Tampa and her people are spared the devastation it seems!
Our good news is bad news for others as it seems Issac is heading for Alabama and LA on the soon to be anniversary of Katrina on the 29th.
It’s at times difficult to be so joyous knowing that others are now in harms way, but we have all sighed a sigh of relief and yet we now are under Tropical Storm warnings here, as we remember that not so long ago that Debby created more damage than was seen in the last 20 years as it came through and around the Gulf and Florida with rains unlike any remembered by those who have lived here for years, with flooding and then reports of those dreaded and nightmares of sink holes at folks homes.
This morning I’m watching the stillness in the air, the cloudless skies that have a gray/greenish look to them. It has rained, the pool has been drained by about 4 inches to make way for more rain to fill it.
The cases of water sit in storage and yet I smile and think of the legends of the Native Americans who built their burial mounds around Tampa Bay and the blessings of Protection that were made so long ago against direct hits of hurricanes on Tampa Bay and its surrounding areas.
I am thankful once again for that blessing and those Calusa burial mounds and of their prayers of protection, as we are safe from the harm once again.
As I remember moving to Tarpon Springs and here during a hurricane looking for a home, I remember hearing of the Greek prayers that were offered up long ago asking for and receiving blessings of protection from a direct hit to Tarpon since the hurricane of the 20’s that landed on the day of my birthday and there has not been a direct hit since then. Of course I also remember returning to DC and many friends asking me if I had now gotten the idea of moving to Florida out of my system since being here during a real hurricane as well!
But oh no, that did not deter my desire to live here on the beautiful Gulf and her waters.
I am grateful that Issac went west,
yet worried for those that are still in his path.
As I type this I hear the wind kicking up and see the Spanish moss blowing in the trees, yes it will be another day of rain,
while the republicans are in Tampa doing whatever it is that they are doing there.
I was astounded to read that Congress had given the seal of approval on the expenditure of $50 million to be used on security for that event.
I read in the news today and saw photos of some protestors dressed in cartoon outfits of Romney, the numbers were few and they are holding protests so far from the actual event that I doubt they are being heard.
So many police are being utilized and dressed in beige; riding bikes and on foot to protect and serve.
Many of the “occupy” folks are there come rain or come shine
but I do believe that Issac has kept folks away, put a damper on things.
Limbaugh has blamed the President for Issac and his impact on the convention; wow a more powerful man I can not imagine that could in fact schedule a hurricane of such magnitude to show up at a time like this and cause a ruckus for the republicans!
Yet the same President who has offered to do all he can for Florida now that we are under a state of emergency and those who are convening?
Stranger things have happened I suppose.
Yet I have to wrap my head around Issac now threatening a state that was devastated just a few years ago, so many lives lost, parishes that were destroyed, and the rebuilding that has taken place.
So many now sitting and waiting or running and doing to prepare in Alabama, and in the land of Katrina and the home of the Saints.
My heart is with them and hopes that Issac will fizzle and lose his strength now.
Hurricane season is a rough time and stresses nerves, while stirring around in warm waters keeping folks on their toes and their eye on the waters.
The meteorologists keep us up to date and sometimes we just have to change the channels as it is overload, so we make jokes and try to ignore the impending threat.
That is when the humor comes in, when folks talk about hurricane parties in Florida letting you know that their evacuation plan is two beers and running like hell.
The first thing to leave the shelves of grocery stores here in times like this is water by the cases along with cases of beer. Add to that milk and bread, stuff to make sandwiches and that is the plan.
Hunker down, check all the things that could fly, take down the chimes and settle in.
 The hope is it will pass, yet one has to make a run to the usual calm waters of the beach to see the changes, the white caps that often will be seen rolling in and out,
that is the true measure of what is to come.
For today it is quiet, real quiet,
and to be truthful, it is always the most quiet before the noise of the rains, and the sound of the winds.
Today I just think is a great day to be filled with gratitude
about everything
*even this stopped up and continually infected ear of mine*
Yep, still a mess I am from this ear,
but oh so glad Issac is not upon us.
So many things to be blessed about that I refuse to be stressed.
That’s my story and I’m stickin to it!
Hope you have a blessed Monday
be careful out there
the kiddies are back in school!
Except of course here, where schools were cancelled today all around the bay
as the Storm was/is a threat.
PraYers going up for those in Issac’s path.
Walk in Beauty,
A pelican surveys the waterfront, Tarpon Sprin...

A pelican surveys the waterfront, Tarpon Springs, Florida, U.S.A. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


9 comments on “Monday and Issac Moves

  1. Hello, better late than not at all. I am so glad to hear Isaac is not coming your way. Really wish it would go away. So many people are weary and heard the New Orleans Gov. saying they were prepared this time. Lots of people leaving as they have no shelters. The Dome is not a option this time. My prayers are with all of the families that have to leave to be safe. Glad to see you are well Irene. Hope you dont get caught in the storm. Blessings to all, Remember our service men and women and their families. Blessings

  2. thanks for all the suggestions dear ones, and yes we have been protected well here! GREAT to hear from the mouth from the south now larking about in the NORTH! My heat has been little Gyspy snug up around my ear while resting on the couch, she sure beats a heating pad and makes a great hummm to assure me I'm not deaf, or perhaps its just the vibration of her I'm feeling! Soothing none the less, as its dark here earlier and the rain drops are being gentle with us. blessings friends and have the time of your life Irene!

  3. Greetings friends and relief to hear the storm did not damage my dwelling in Pinellas County. Guess the Native Americans are guarding me, too, while in the NorthEast. Dr.Sherry, that ear has gone on for a while now, perhaps try the heat. Thoughts are with those on the Gulf Coast where Isaac is heading. Till next time, I am full of joy and family love.
    Sign me, Irene, the mouth from the south in the north.

  4. Fluff good to know the heat will help Dr. SES and everyone else ear. I had ear aches when I was younger and it is awful. Hope Kamryn is better by now and I am sure he is back in School. Glad to hear Isaac hopefully is going away. So many homes and people are destroyed by the storms. It is so sad to hear of all of the destruction. Take care Dr. Ses and stay out of harms way. We are waiting to hear you are well and enjoying the sunshine once again. Blessings to all.

  5. Sandy is right—try the heat–it does help. Glad everyone is safe. Prayers for those in Isaac's path. Blessings to all.

  6. Hello Dr. Sherry and friends and Happy Monday to you! Yes, grateful that is seems Isaac has changed paths but concerned for those who are now in his path. Prayers that the destruction, if any, will be minimal and no more great losses of lives or homes. Woke up this morning to heavy rains beating down here in SE Michigan. Roads were rough driving in this morning. It is now almost noon and it is still rainy, cold, and gray cloudy outside. The rain was supposed to move on by now but seems to be stuck right over us. I do hpe it moves by the time I go home today. I am grateful though it is just rain and those thunder claps and not the hurricaine conditions.

    Sure wish your ear was feeling better Dr. Sherry. It has been a few days now and if not better soon perhaps you need something else besides the $28 bottle of drops and current antibiotics. Might need different medication. Have you tried those hot compresses? They always worked for me. I have a sock like thing full of dry rice that I put in the microwave and warm up. You can place it on your ear and cheek and it feels so much better.

    Take care Dr. Sherry and all our friends her and wishing you all a very nice Monday. Stay safe wherever your are. /Sandy♥

  7. Just be careful my friend for when we lived back in hurricane country, we often got what we called the “sling off” of the hurricane…and it could be extremely damaging with tornadoes, high winds, and heavy rains. So please take care of you.
    hugs and love

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