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September is HERE!

September 1st 2012
the day after the blue moon
and the affects of that ole’ full moon have been seen and felt by folks for days!
Now we have to have the “aftermath” I suppose with folks being like squirrels in the trees and hanging upside down out and about on this fine week-end running and doing and celebrating this long labor free weekend!
Well some of them anyway… as the stores are wide open and offering all those many sales to entice folks to enter the doors rather than hit the beach and the mountains for relaxation and fun. The pools will have the splash, the bbq will get fired up for fun in the sun;
yet others will be rising and grinding it out just like any other day on Monday and through this weekend and taking their time off during the week I suppose.
The kids get that precious Monday off to rest from the newly acquainted early rise to shine hour as they now adjust to that thing called homework, structure and lines for cafeteria and school food, and someone to tell them how to sit up straight for hours at a time, while those college kids transitioning from being known in high school are faceless and trying to figure it all out.
Just as full as last nights moon, much is happening all over the place!
It’s now the “gathering season”, time to gather the nuts and resources to sustain as the light changes and the dark season moves in.
Time to enjoy each moment of the sun,
to gather your strength and box up that humor to last for the times where it is harder to find as the darkness comes earlier and the chill is in the air.
So much to do!
But for this weekend I hope you find time to just be, just enjoy and find ways to embrace a long weekend of joys.
To not get wrapped around trees with barbed wire of others issues or big ole things that are too tough to understand or that make you nervous or take you to the past.
Just let yourself enjoy what is left of this remarkable weather, the sights that are around you, in  your home and outside of it.
Yes oh yes, let’s keep those who have been so terrible affected by the recent storms of Issac in our hearts and prayers.
Let’s keep the Universal Energy of healing always going to work to make our lands a better place of understanding and positive lives for all.
for this weekend,
keep you in the best place you know,
in the drivers seat, with your seat belt buckled!
I’m thinkin we will still see the after effects of that big moon as folks seem to have been just “like that upside down squirrel” as they bounced all over the place with emotions, actions, and craziness the last few days.
Can’t imagine that will just stop now,
as this moon settles and moves out!
The tide is not that quick and neither are those so affected by these moons!
This weekend, I pray you joy, laughter that will rock your ears to dance
and to feel so blessed that you cannot experience stress.
Celebrate the wonder
of YOU this weekend and those who serve to protect us, they are putting in the work
as we are putting on those ribs to grills across the country
and are preparing for some football
sitting on our comfortable couches
they are in the sand with 70+ pounds on their backs hoping to hear from home
or keep up with who is winning here!
Let’s here it for our hero’s
Happy Labor Day
weekend to all.
 Celebrate the joys in your life and those you love both here and in the next place!
Walk in Beauty

One comment on “September is HERE!

  1. Hello Dr. Sherry and Friends. Thank you Dr. Sherry for your words and love the pictures. An upside down squirrel looks a little mixed up LOL. Wishing for each of you a very nice day as you enjoy each minutes of the beautiful weather. Fall is on the way. Take care friends /Sandy♥

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