Published Sept 4, 2012
It has been an honor to work with John Argent, a caregiver and kind heart in the work of this book, and together we have now seen it through, it is available 
NOW at the link below!
it will also be available in the coming days to you to order on my website should you want an autographed copy!
USD Retail price is $7.99
plus shipping and handling
and this is the link to see the details and place your order today!
I am just tickled to life
I thank you all for your continued support and the many lessons that you continue to teach.
 To order now,Oh yea
it’s a lovely day indeed!
Thank you to John and his lovely Mother for the use of her hand, and other input we won’t mention here, along with those who shared their wisdom!
YES to your day!
Blessings to each one of you
with gratitude,
I am

3 comments on “OH YEA…

  1. hellooooooo
    Huge CONGRATULATIONS out to you for your
    new book …
    surely will be wonderful and informative.. can’t
    wait to read !!
    sign me, A.

  2. Congratulations on your new book Dr. Sherry. I know it will do well!

  3. How exciting! Our favorite author with a new book, and a collaboration at that. Can't wait to order my copy and sit down for another great read! Thanks doc for letting us know about the new book. I'm so excited.

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