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DNC Convention is Heating UP Charlotte

“I want to nominate a man who’s cool on the outside but who burns for America on the inside.

He walked on that stage to Fleetwood Mac and the sounds of the crowds were overwhelming with the song “Don’t Stop” as he sauntered in only a way that Clinton is known for;
had folks on their feet and screaming their heads off in Charlotte at the DNC Convention,
and as I once again have caught what just may be the best of the best of this DNC Convention,
I could not help but think…
If Clinton could run for President again
he would be elected in one hot minute!
Say what you will about the man
and that little intern who once was known to crawl around all over the oval office putting whatever she found in her mouth like a mindless child,
BILL CLINTON is brilliant!
for that matter,
so has been the snippets I have caught of this colorful and uplifting convention that by far has been more powerful, intelligent and enlightening than any pieces or threads of what I viewed or read about here in Tampa last week.
What a class act; a woman who was powerful, elegant and articulate
and who I saw as a USA loving woman of strength. A mom, a working woman who loves her husband, children, family and country.
Who yes, has a vision, clarity and I noticed did not once try to cajole, coddle or make me feel less because she feels she is entitled to more.
she was one helluva speaker, and spoke from her heart with passion that fired up a packed group of diversity that was seen to be intent on hearing what she had to say.
The audience was alive, seemed to carry passion and interest for ALL OF AMERICA.
There was an energy there that I did not witness when watching pieces and bits and speeches last week in ways that were rather profound.
And I hear news people from around the country make comments on the disparaging use of Kennedy as if it is a bad thing to remember and honor, and that I cannot understand.  I hear that facts are not checked and that passion is questioned when faces, eyes are obviously filled and seen across the screen in watching.
Then Bill Clinton takes the stage,
and I can only imagine that millions and millions join me in being riveted to their screens and his presence along with his message.
I still think,
if it possible, he would and could run again and be elected to run this country.
His message, powerful.
His humor, engaging and really quite funny.
His love of country, intense and pure.
He is supporting Obama with all he has and he has conviction and knowledge.
Maybe not always has he had the best of discretion and yes folks still want to throw rocks from their own glass houses from so long ago.
Yet they fail to remember the long history of those in powerful positions and the days before the media and frenzy and the ways of knowing and realizing that most men at times use and are swayed with a brain not engaged in the right way in terms of personal and sexual decisions.
But he is also and has also done great things for this country, and still does.
as for the here and now?
He has just blown the roof off conventions and the endorsements of a candidate for President with a resounding
YES, I support and endorse
President Obama and here is why you should join me!
He was “vintage Clinton”, as he rebutted what had been told in Tampa, as he stood with a grin and that famous grin.
He told it like it was and like it is,
and he had the people on their feet, while sharing the stage with women who were passionate, strong and a force to be reckoned with as they enforced realities for women and men in the facts and importance of this election and those of us who will be affected.
I must admit,
I was moved, I was fired up as were many or most there.
The President flew in to be there, joined Clinton on the stage afterward,
and in that instant one could view
authentic caring and gratitude
while also recognizing this is 
a moment in realization
that this is OUR America
a time to move forward
not to go back to the era of what once was previously to what was but to build on what has been started in the recovery and continue with hard work and the knowledge that we all must work side by side to make our America
the land of the free with opportunity, jobs, homes and a strong middle class that walks through the door and reaches back to the next person to offer a hand.
Yes what I saw was a boost to my spirits
from FLOTUS, she was brilliant as she spoke. She hit in in a way that she never has before, then there was the the Mom that introduced her, with all her kids in the different branches of the service, and one left at home that may grow to join the Coast Guard and then her family will fill all branches of the service.. that was indeed amazing to me. And then last night to watching the passion of Bill Clinton. What really jumps out of my memory, is the faces in the overfilled room that were there so proudly with flags, signs, hats on and hope in their faces. The diversity, the ages, the colorful gathering. It was only then I realized the most colorful thing in Tampa seemed to be the news people, Ann Romney’s dress, and the balloons.
I like color!
I’m still hoping that Betty White might be the “mystery guest” for the DNC,
since the RNC had Clint Eastwood and his now famous empty chair. Textbook psychology there Clint, as you were the highlight it seems for those in attendance, and left many more wondering what that was all about and those who monitor the time needing to lay down when you finally left the stage 7 minutes past your time. My my my.
Yep I’m hoping for Betty White
to make my day at the DNC
bet she would just be a fine hoot and a holler
to cap off what has already been
truly a remarkable line up
to make one realize millions of dollars can be spared on those television ads
and folks would be just as well off to watch and listen to this convention.
Folks may not be so wound up, so angry
if not exposed over and over to such advertisements where the biggest truth we see is
“I’m so and so and I approve this ad”.
Have the best day ever,
Thank YOU Bill Clinton for your love of America.
You managed to keep me from changing the channel.
Walk in Beauty

English: Seal of the President of the United S...

English: Seal of the President of the United States Español: Escudo del Presidente de los Estados Unidos Македонски: Печат на Претседателот на Соединетите Американски Држави. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



One comment on “DNC Convention is Heating UP Charlotte

  1. Say on—Say on—Straight Up!!! He is a genius.

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