the light is changing, the moods are changing, fall is in the air

Oh things are changing by the hour it seems, the skies, the light, the mood of people and yes, fall is in the air!
Folks are entering the “gathering season” it seems, as we notice or at least I am noticing the sun in its morning light seeming changed, the air changed, the winds gentle reminder that fall is upon us.
Even the birds chatter is different is we listen carefully along with the nighttime sounds around.
And yes, the moods of people are changing too, but I can’t help but think that the endless barrage of these political ads have much to do with that, as most instill anger and fear and misquotes along with untruths.
the latest hear in Florida is aimed to strengthen Mitten Romney and accuses the President for the housing crisis and values plummeting, along with jobs being scarce under his 4 years, accusing him of all being his fault.
It is targeted at those of the state I guess, or who knows maybe it is nationwide on some levels with the same theme.
Ads that I find offensive at best, and quite frankly also feel is one huge $$$ waste in prime time television slots.
We could all do without that over and over and over again.
I think they may call that “overkill” in technical terms, but then again what do I know.
What I do know is my home took a nose dive after being purchased when real estate was over inflated in 05,
and was the result of another President, another time.
And most recently, the news has shown us the horrid news overseas, and on the night that our world stood still and many had memories, triggers, and remembrances of 9/11
a candidate used that tragedy to attack our President’s response and his mindfulness
and then left the stage with a smirk caught on camera.
His hair trigger comments have now come back to bite him in the ass,
yet they were heard across the world, seen live and up close and even those who support him were quick to say he had a “Lehman moment” and that he was wrong in his judgment.
And yet,
the woman I told you about on my blog, who could use a dollar to twenty to help with her journeys to physicians and gas to get her there, had that horrible sounding procedure yesterday.
As she was helped on a table in the surgical suite, she accidentally kicked a male nurse in the crotch! Talk about humor under stress; it seems all got a kick out of that as stress mounted and she was assisted into a painful position where she immediately went into spasms that required her skilled physician to massage her until it subsided.
It was only moments before that my dear friend had been told she could not have the marvelous drug “versed” to take some of the edge and pain away that she was soon to experience on her fragile spine.
As she was positioned on that table, the steady hands and compassionate care of a trained doc, then inserted not one, but
8 needles big enough to have needles inserted into them after placement into her spine; then lidocane was inserted into the nerves in places right above her tail bone up her spine.
with no nothing to calm, to knock her out, to ease her, to nothing.
She is a better woman than I, as I do believe I would have hollered from there to around the world or have grabbed him by the leg.
They do believe it was successful as they aided her to a wheel chair afterwards
and told her 
“YOU are one tuff lady”.
The nurse and her son, somehow managed to pour her in the van for the 2 1/2 hour ride to home, where he got her in her bed and now she is in so much pain, all she can do is lay still and cry.
This will be her life for the next 3 or 4 days, until she recovers from the procedure, the trip itself and then it will be time to go back again, to have it done again.
Two more times, and on the third time?
That will be the time they actually “burn each nerve” in the spine with the hope, goal that her quality of life will improve, that she will for the first time in a long time not have the intensity of pain that she has lived with for so long in a back/spine that has rendered her almost unable to enjoy the things that most of us take for granted.
Things like; breathing, stretching, walking short distances, laughing, showering, and those sorts of things.
My friend is quite remarkable, a warrior in my eyes, and extremely talented!
She is one of the few people I know who has mastered “tummy typing” on a computer laying flat on her back!
She is one of the few folks I know who will walk on 4 armed crutches with a oxygen tank on her back, in the middle of the night with a camera around her neck to lean against an open door and be able to take a fabulous photograph of the blue moon,
to exert that much energy to be able to enjoy the night air, while looking forward to the first snow.
She will be the first to tell me and others,
‘It’s all about choices’ and I choose to wake up smiling and to do what I can while I can”
Yes things are changing
the light, the air, the wind
fall is in the air.
But the ocean is constant, it rolls in and it rolls out.
Some people are amazing, their strength is remarkable in ways that touch you in a place where there is no time or space.
we make them a gazillion times a day
Choose wisely
Random acts of kindess 
Gentle spirits
Warrior attitudes
Living your truth and not being swayed
by snippets, sound bites, those who have trigger fingers or reactions
but those who stand for others
in times that they cannot
Thank you to all who have and are serving our great country.
Walk in beauty,

5 comments on “the light is changing, the moods are changing, fall is in the air

  1. CHRIS…???CHRIS???? OH MY , STOMP, it is a warrior, a breast ca SURVIVOR, an old friend who has blessed us and let us hear from her back on the page here!!!
    Welcome, WELCOME BACK dear friend!

    How lovely to see you here…
    and right on the eve of


    oh you have been missed!

    Good to see all here, and thank you for being here… but as for Canadian citzen ship… oh no we cannot have you leaving our Red Whit and Blue anonymous… not ever…. now way no how… that is just too hard to imagine!

    be well friends and have a blessed weekend…

  2. Chris? welcome home, we have missed you and your wit! So glad you are well and out there raising cain. So glad you are back!!!!!! As for Mitten…. I say idiot mitten. Smirk on, If he is smirking on Nov 8th,I'm applying for Canadian citizenship. I too am over the ads on TV and radio. good luck fluff on the fundraiser at the shelter this weekend. to everyone else, drop a note so we know all is well.
    Best to you doc, and as alwasy tank you.

  3. Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. It is late and just saw I missed your great words today. It was so good to read your message. You are the Best!!! Thank you for all you do and your wisdom. Prayers continue for our friend and her pain will be eased from her back. Just a quick hello and wish you all a grand weekend. Will be a busy two days. Fund raiser at the shelter tomorrow and Sunday both. Twill be an awesome and busy two days but so worth it for the animals. Take care friends and remember to count your Blessings. /Sandy♥

  4. Dear Sherry, these past few have been interesting at best..but I have always read your blog, saw all the people who have comented and tried my very best to remember to stomp at every life turn. Your friend is right–it is about choices and my choice is to live fully and happily.
    Thank you dear friend for all that you have done for me. NO, I'm not sick but I am sick that this thank you is late..I hope not too late. Talk to ya soon I hope

  5. hellooooo
    wow .. your dear friend is certainly much stronger than myself..
    blessings and prayers in the breezes for her..
    will surely visit her link to help her in her most trying times..
    thanks for the beautiful words today Doc..
    as is usual , your voice speaks for me as well.
    I am enjoying the subtle changes of the season and
    can’t wait for the first snow fall either… that would mean that all this
    political bs is behind us, and Mr Mittens can return to
    tossing snowballs and shoveling the stuff somewhere else..
    Have a day of wonderment everyone..
    sign me,
    still hugging my angels..

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