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This is just to awesome not to share! enjoy enjoy ENJOY…. a blogger and dear friend worth giving a shout out to and sending up good energy for as she now struggles yet maintains such hope, inspiration and great posts for so many… Thanks friend!

Simply danLrene

Sorry for posting so much but I am laying here feeling pretty yukkie. Seems the third day is always the worst and then uphill.  This topic is one of my passions. I hear people call animals “dumb animals” and treat them like they have no feelings and it makes me sick. I have said this before, if you do not know if what you do hurts an animal, then do it to yourself first. If it hurts you, it will hurt the animal.

Also, I want to ask people to stop thinking of animals as objects. Parents get children animals and when it does not work out, they take it to the shelter. Here a feeling animal has grown attached to a family only to be abandoned. And it shows in their looks. All animals want is to be loved. If they are wild, love them from a distance but…

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  1. This is so touching and so true Dr. Sherry.

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