Yahoo; Women Who SHINE

Right here when John Deere is rolling in to support
Yahoo is having a contest
I have the honor of being nominated
as a 
“woman who SHINES”
Oh my goodness
my heart is just so full I can feel it straining against my chest!
I’m ready to find that bright pink John Deere
and run up and down the roads screaming
and hollering in grand excitement with my
while reminding all to schedule those annual mammograms
to jump into their 
while supporting 
Breast Cancer research
Standing BY and FOR
those who are fighting the battle
while lending their light to those who find theirs dimming in the battle of forget at times that they have a light within that sometimes only needs fanning to burn brightly and to 
Together we are a powerful lot
we will stand together in 
while letting others know
that our light can be shared
one match and be lent to another,
to fire them up when they need it.
Embers can be stirred for sparks to rekindle the fire, the passion, the purpose of mindfulness and brightness that will  light up the darkest of nights and give strength and warmth along with hope in healing ways.
Today it is a “liquid sunshine” day here
the rains are gently falling
and we must rely on the shine within
Now that “women who shine” nomination, just has me tickled to life,
and so very honored as now it is up to getting the word out, to asking folks to vote, and many are commenting on the page of Yahoo
where a big ole picture of me and a story is being seen!
I have now seen those comments,
truth be told, have even found a tear streak my face in gratitude, some in memory of journeys walked with the ones who have written, and the times spent together.
Others that have written have touched me deeply with their thoughts, feelings and I am again most honored.
I thank you all.
I am told this contest is for the month 
of October
and then they will pick their winner
of the
October is my birth month
my favorite month no doubt as it has been good to me always, and each years passing brings with it more lessons, more beauty, more blessings, more wonderment,
more SHINE if you will!
once again
I am blessed by all.
So here ya go,
the link to vote
to pass along to others!
and “wado” I thank you!
I’m just tickled to life
and so is Kamryn, the Godsons even voted for me!
On top of that Ferris Wheel and loving life
shine on,
wishing each of you a view
that is off the hook beautiful
on this day of gentle rain!
Walk in Beauty
Image representing Shine as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase


5 comments on “Yahoo; Women Who SHINE

  1. Good rainy morning here from Virginia. We are ready to Shine this morning and every morning. We are all so excited that DRSES is in the running for the Woman that shines or is that the woman who drinks that good old Virginia Shine???
    Just a little humor in a very serious blog today. I know several friends that have had breast surgery and the horror they have gone thru with reconstruction. The pain and the agony to find out nipples was not attached and that one was bigger than the other. We received a lot of knowledge today from the blog and in past times we had the courage sent to us from Chris and knowing she is back and well in her home in Florida. Go get those mammograms and do self check we never know what can sneak up on us. I for one wants to know all about my health and will go to the doctors when needed. Thank you for all of the knowledge you have shared with us today. My thoughts are still on that little baby. How sad. Blessings going out to all today and every day.

  2. Hello Sandy! It is raining frogs here as well darling! Hello to all at DMC out there in Detroit today, hope you will share the nomination of SHINE with all there, safe travel home in the rush today, hope that rain lets up for you.
    Best of all to you as always with love!

  3. Oh Dr. Sherry, that is so very grand you being nominated as a woman who shines. We all know that for sure. I will vote tonight when I get home and anxious to do that and read all about it. You have posted my all time favorite song by Louis Armstrong. Love it, Love it, Love it. I also love the picture of you and Kamryn on the ferris wheel. That is great! It is rainy here again today but in the 60s so that is good. Take care Dr. Sherry and friends and have a fantastic day! /Sandy♥

  4. You dear friend so deserve to be the woman who shines. I can not think of anyone I know more deserving. You give of your heart and your time and your love and compassion without asking in return. You have truly been a blessing to me and the creator sent you into my life at a time when I needed spirit lifting the most and you have encouraged me and inspired me on my journey and my battle. Know that you are one person that shines in my life and are loved dearly. Hugs my friend.

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