Breast Cancer: The Warrior, the Courage The Beauty

A Beautiful Woman
A Warrior of Breast Cancer
A Woman of Strength, of Struggle, of striking voluptuous beauty, a woman of optimism, determination and true grace
who then made a choice to get herself those tattoos that represent
and had the
Courage to let the world
see her beauty and courage along with the message:
“I am here and I am beautiful, I am standing in the light of amazing grace having kicked breast cancer‘s ass”.
A truly beautiful woman!
She is the what lives beneath the shirts of PINK
and many who wear them across the world who have lived and those who have died from Breast Cancer
having fought the fight of their lives.
Look closely at her,
look at her scars,
look at her beauty
sear her into your being and your heart
as we
raise awareness in this month of
October and encourage those we love to continue to fight 
Breast Cancer
and as we add our light to those fighting the fight.
Remember her and those you know, those you love who have fought, are fighting and those we hold in memory
as you advocate for research and the cure of this disease and spread the word
and let others know
of the importance
of annual mammograms
and self-checks
and let your voices be heard.
Remember this woman
when you hear of Susan B. Komen and the work being done, and join in walks, in efforts to raise monies for the cure, for those without insurance needing help, treatments, and fundraising is done on their behalf.
Remember the ingenuity of Tattoos when people find ways to heal by their messages and the meaning behind them
sometimes we will find a tattoo that speaks loudly and is born from great pain, great heartache, great honoring and remembering of someone, something so powerful that is inked for the wearer and the world to see.
It stands for so much and is worn as warpaint and that of remembrance and almost a badge of honoring.
It is a message, one that speaks more than words and with such emotion
as the pink ribbons that are over the heart of the beautiful woman who fought breast cancer and kept her life and now is seen with beauty beyond compare, and pink ribbons and scars where breasts once were.
yet beauty remains.
Know that every woman, including many warriors of this page have fought that fight with Breast Cancer, with other cancers, with loss are beautiful warriors.
We’ve heard them in their comments, we’ve seen them in their clothing
many have lost.
Under those clothes?
We do not know, we have not seen yet the beauty shines
the light is there.
We’ve walked along side our warrior Chris, heard the story of her diagnosis of Breast Cancer, her trip to NY to the finest there, her double mastectomy and telling the Doctor, “take the girls”, I need to get home to Florida”.
Home she came, and with an attitude and grace of a warrior she walks now
having left “the girls” in New York where they were born, but her life now here in Florida she is doing fine.
I’ve suggested she can now go topless and get away with it on the beaches, and most of us cannot do that!
Pink has all of a sudden become a color she is inundated with since her return home; gifts from others, t-shirts, hats, wrist bands and such!
Yet another woman in VA. had the same thing; a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, the struggle the identity of being a woman so difficult, the pain and the end result less than desired it seems. The nipples not able to be attached and the pain of multiple surgeries leaving more scars while radiations and treatments now attempting to make her whole conflicting with those attempts of beauty,
another warrior who has beat this deadly disease
each person and each outcome, expectations and results can be varied depending on circumstance, desire, hopes.
Cancer does not discriminate.
We must continue to put the research to the test, to continue to beg the question
why is it taking so long,
is the cure in a cabinet long forgotten about?
We must rally the support
Stand, holler, shout
We must look beneath the media and the glamor of what someone else claims as perfect and beautiful and realize once again
we are all beautiful
Just as the woman with the ribbon tats
where breasts used to be.
It is what lives beneath the chest that matters, that heart that beats strong, and the attitude within that matters.
As we educate, self exam, and work together in supporting each other in Unity
that is what matters.
Just like the evening we gathered to welcome a 
Breast Cancer Warrior home
we must surround those who have walked the walk and fought the battle
with love and understanding
while letting them know
Get your PINK ON
 It is no longer taboo to talk about breasts, about CANCER
And if you think that it is it is time to change that thinking and the thinking of others.
Get them to reading the blogs of this month, the facts on Cancer, its prevalence and time for those check – ups.
Awareness is key, preventative care is better than running to chase the runaway train any day of the week when it comes to taking best care of you or a loved one.
A few more facts for ya!
  1. The youngest known survivor of breast cancer is Aleisha Hunter from Ontario, Canada. At only three years old, Aleisha underwent a complete mastectomy in 2010 to treat her juvenile strain of breast cancer.k
  2. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among American women after skin cancer. It is the second leading cause of cancer death in women after lung cancer.

left breast Breast cancer affects the left breast slightly more than the right

  • The left breast is statistically more prone to developing cancer than the right breast. Scientists are unsure why.
  • The first operation to use anesthesia was a breast cancer surgery.
  • The incidence of breast cancer is highest in more developed countries and lowest in less developed countries.
  • In the U.S., an average of 112 women die of breast cancer every day, or one every 15 minutes.
  • The United States has the most cases of breast cancer in the world.
  • The first recorded mastectomy for breast occurred in A.D. 548 on Theodora, Empress of Byzantine.
  • Only 5-10% of breast cancers occur in women who have a genetic predisposition for it. However, women with the gene mutation run a lifetime risk as high as 4 in 5 of developing the disease. The risk of developing ovarian cancer also rises to 2 in 5.
  • When breast cancer spreads beyond the breast, it is said to be “metastatic.” The most common places breast cancer spreads to are the bones, liver, and lungs.
As we move through this month
as increase awareness
it’s always good to know
information to pass on and to remember
knowledge is power,
power is key to understanding
and awareness is key to the door that opens for you to walk through or drag someone even if they are kicking and screaming!
Shine your light darling so that others can see,
HOPE in the CURE.
Speaking of shining,
I need your votes here,
Women who shine
and it seems that we are getting votes, yet this contest runs the month of October,
my favorite month of the year!
After all it is my birth month,
when once upon a time, I first shined!
So, I would be just thrilled if you got every living thing/person to jump over to this link and vote for DRSES
so that we can together 
“outshine the sun” this October as I win
Yahoo Women who Shine!
Oh how Honored I am by this.
If you will click this link, and look to the right side you will see the box that says
“women who shine”
that will take you right to the link to 
Thanks to each of you in advance
I do appreciate you.
Right before you vote
After you vote, send this blog to everyone so that they too can self-check
get their PINK ON
for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
“Whoever said winning isn’t everything obviously wasn’t fighting Cancer”
Shine on friends,
Shine on.
Walk in Beauty,
I’m goin to love you through it
just keepin it real!
video by
Breast cancer awareness

Breast cancer awareness (Photo credit: AslanMedia)


4 comments on “Breast Cancer: The Warrior, the Courage The Beauty

  1. You rock the words as always doc

  2. Many blessings and gratitude to and for you Sandy… You are a warrior of great spirit and may your friend feel the healing energy of all as she continues the fight of her precious life…

    and honoring the memories of so many who have died as a result of all cancers and its complications.

    <3 to you darling one.

  3. Good Morning Dr. Sherry and friends. Dr. Sherry, your words and pictures touched my heart again today. I am grateful for the survivors but I am thinking about my dear friends and family I have lost to cancer. My one dear friend who is going through treatments now for metastatic cancer from breast to spine to brain. She is fighting hard and needs constant prayers and uplifting. Cancer is a horrible, horrible disease. You would just think that by now there has to be a cure. My sister in law died of metastic ovarian cancer at 31 years old and my dear brother died of pancreatic cancer at 50 years old just a few years ago. I am grateful to say I am an ovarian cancer surviver for many years now. I hope that all who read the message today are doing the self exams and have had your mammogram up to date.

    Dr. Sherry, I voted last night and was touched by the many messages for you there.

    Take care Dr. Sherry and friends and have a fantastic day. /Sandy♥

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