Sunday Sightings for Monday thoughts


While out on a mission of finding a Lemongrass plant, this beauty was seen just cruising along on the road! As we approached him, I had the window down and gave him a smile and a thumbs up sign as we passed a gentleman who was just rolling along in his beautiful Ford smiling away! As soon as we passed him we heard that sound, “Uh-ooga” from the horn! Oh the sights you can see and the smiles along with a classic everyone in a while that just make you smile as you roll on in a day.  The Lemongrass plant was an adventure, many had not heard of it, others were sold out, until landing at the ole trust ACE Hardware that was so big I was like a kid in a candy store. Lo and behold they had just one, as if it was waiting for me to discover. It was just beautiful and you bet I brought it home! I hear that many will cook with it, enjoy its lemony flavors, yet I want it here to admire its fullness and to hope that it will deter this darn “no see ums” that are eating us alive as the sun goes down! Now I’m told that if you crush a few of the bottom leaves of a Lemon Grass they will give that beautiful lemon scent and those pesky mosquitoes, no-see-ums will just be offended beyond measure and stay away from you while checking out the source of the offending plant, or if you rub some of the oil of the lemon grass on your skin, they will definitely stay away from you. 
There is just nothing worse than enjoying the evening while getting eaten up by those pesky bugs that irritate, bite and make you itch all over. If the healing properties of herbs can help I’m all for it! I have even picked up a couple of fragrant mint plants to add to the lanai as I hear those little flying things are not fans of mint either! Can you tell I am just about tired of getting bit here? 
So at this point I’m all in, while enjoying my new beautiful plants as well. I just couldn’t wait to get this beauty home and give her a home here. My the greenery and scent of lemon is lovely.

Lemon Grass

Now here we are on a Monday
as many of you are now dancing on your desks, and ready to get your dance on
and are shining all over the world
Well some of you have already shined and are in bed I guess!
Here in the USA
folks are rising and shining
and by now
into the “grind” of their day though,
it seems Monday gets a “bad rep” as being the one where you have to just get into it.
While out yesterday I noticed a local watering hole seems to have changed hands, changed names and looked rather empty on a Sunday.
I noticed its name and had to laugh, thinking I bet they do a bang up business on 
Mondays, especially given their name.
So for those of you
who struggle with Monday,
maybe this one is for you!
They didn’t have any business as we drove by,
so I guess Sunday was just too bright,
folks had their “shine on” and couldn’t relate to being grumpy
so maybe it’s a tap room for the 
after work Monday crowd or those who during the week come in to drink to forget!
I just hope if they are drawing the grumpies who do come in to drink to forget
that they have them to pay first thing…
*before they forget that too*
Oh the sights you will see when you are riding about, or sharing the photos of others around the world, and when you just allow yourself to be open to the wonder of the world and its humor, its magnificence and the gifts!
Speaking of being open.
Kelly TwoWolves is arriving here in Tarpon Springs tomorrow for the week,
and oh boy does she bring with her special gifts in her presence and her healing ways.
She is coming for a visit here, and yet she is going to be available to others to share herself through energy healing known as 
DET (Direct Energy Transference)
along with readings as she is a renowned psychic.
Folks are already messaging me to schedule time with her and it is going to be a “spirit filled” week.
I’m sure my home will be rocking with the Ancestors and those who visit from the next place along with the joys of being together as we join our fires and the energy is shared!
 Now it is 
a great day to get your attitude on,
your warpaint on as you go out there
and set yourself for the week!
Dance, rejoice, let your voices be heard!
SHINE ON dearhearts.
Speaking of shine,
I have to remind you,
still needing those votes on
Women who shine…
Here is the link to vote,
please share it with all you know and ask for their votes as well as you let Yahoo know
I will outshine the sun, in sun, rain, and the gathering season as well.
I thank you all!
Shine on friends on this Monday in October…
Remembering the warriors who are in battle today as they fight Breast Cancer, all Cancers, all diseases and struggles…
Time to get ready for that annual “mammogram here”!
did you know;
Several states have designated today, 
October 8 as Native American Day.
 Sounds like a plan whose time is long overdue to me.
And of course, I should let you know that… Today is TAG DAY
Tag you are it!
Run, walk, hit your knees, play, pray, be grateful… get in to your day friends…
Walk tall as the trees; live strong as the mountains;
be gentle as the spring winds;
keep the warmth of summer in your heart,
and the Great Spirit will always be with you.”
~Native American Saying
Walk in Beauty,

3 comments on “Sunday Sightings for Monday thoughts

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  2. Frost on the window dear Sandy.. oh my goodness I can sense the chill you must have been feeling from here! Blessings to you and I too hope you will soon have one of 2Wolves beautiful pieces in your hands and home, as she is gifted indeed. I am blessed to have her, her healing energy here that many will also take advantage of during her stay as we join our fires together. Beet of all things to you and those in MI. and my prayer for many adoptions at the shelter for those fuzzy 4 leggeds.

  3. Well, Good Morning Dr. Sherry and a very Happy Monday to you also. Thank you for the uplifting Monday words and the pictures. Those Noseeums still bothering you? We used to burn citranella candles when we were up north in the Upper Penisula of Michigan on vacation. It seemed they worked well and kept them on the outside of our cabin and away from us when we were out. I hope the lemon grass plant works for you though. It is very nice looking there. Loved that old car there. I am sure the owner has a fine time driving around and being noticed. My Monday is now half over and I can't be happier until it gets to 3:00 and I will be on my way to the shelter. Lots of things to do there today. Way too many animals needing care and needing homes. Wow, your dear friend, Kelly TwoWolves, coming for a visit. That will be grand I am sure. I follow her on facebook, love her many pictures, her dog is so beautiful, and the messages she posts. Also love her artistry talent of the things she makes. I have looked a long time and someday plan to order something from her. Please tell her hello from Sandy. I wish for you both a very happy time together for the week ahead. Two amazing and awesome women together in the same house. That is grand!
    It is chilly here in SE Michigan today. Actually had to scrape frost off my car this morning and it is only 40 right now. Winter is on its way whether we are ready or not here it comes…..
    Well, got to get busy here if I want to leave on time. Wishing for you, Kelly TwoWolves, and all our friends a very happy Monday filled with many Blessings. /Sandy♥

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