I HOPE you Dance!

Oh I hope you Dance today right after getting on the phone and calling on everyone, everyone 18 and over and getting them registered to Vote! This is the last day of Voter Registration.  And each and every person has the right and responsibility to be counted and to Vote.
So dance, and let your vote be counted!
Now speaking of voting… I just got my ballot in the mail here, and to my disgust noticed names under the two contenders for the leader of our country… Many names I had not heard of before, and added to that list none other than Roseanne Barr as a PFP and running as well on my ballot and will be also on yours as a choice. Now really…
I should have nominated myself rather than see that with my eyes.
There are many amendments to  choose from here in Florida with wording that is difficult to absorb so I am still looking those over before either coloring in the little circles “yes” or “no”.  Talk about “legalese” in wording!
I will spend some time with this precious ballot and then hand carry it to the office rather than mail it.
for today, I am heading to Tampa Airport to pick up Kelly TwoWolves for our time together, to enjoy her, and to watch her healing ways with not only me, the littles and so many who now will benefit from all she has to offer them while here!
The shine is on for the day, the dance is on as the beat of the drums are playing and a song is being sent to all who gather here. I can see Kamryn in my minds eye shooting hoops here and dancing his dance all over the lanai this morning with his joyous self. I hope you have a song going wherever you are and whatever you are facing to get you to it and through it.

I hope you dance… Shine on friends and just dance, hear your song from within, the beat of your own drum, and dance to it, through it and just dance!

video by

 This is the now of it, the oneness of it, I hope you DANCE…

Walk in Beauty,

(hope you are voting and passing the word for me to “shine” on yahoo) and I thank you for that!


Airside C Terminal at Tampa International Airp...

Airside C Terminal at Tampa International Airport, Tampa, Florida, U.S.A. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


2 comments on “I HOPE you Dance!

  1. Good Morning Dr. Sherry and friends. Such an uplifting message today and I am happy that this is a grand and exciting day for you and your friend Kelly TwoWolves. You will have such a wonderful time together. Sure would like to enjoy time like that also with a friend and feel the energy and peace together that your friendship brings. I hope to hear stories and see photos of time together with friends. Loved the song, the pictures and thinking about dancing the day way in my mind while at work here. Kamryn sure looked cute here. He has grown up quickly. Dot/Mom/Cob, I am happy you were also able to get together recently with your long time friend and enjoy reminicing.
    Pretty soon will be your birthday Dr. Sherry as well as mine. I hope you are enjoying your birth month.
    Take care friends and have a peaceful and wonderful day. I hope the sun is shinging bright on you this day. /Sandy♥

  2. Good morning, I am so excited to hear of Kelly Two Wolves visit. I cant wait to hear every detail. I bet it will be as great as me connecting with my dear friend of 30yrs. ago. Thanks to you that happened. We talk every other day and it is a long talk. Looking forward to seeing her again without too much longer. Doubt we will ever run out of words. I am sure that is what you and Kelly Two Wolves will be doing. I am sure she is going to spread some of her wisdom and prayers on all of us. You are sneaky little DRSES I thought you had forgot about my question about the song and low and behold here I sit listening to Womack sing I Hope You Can Dance,. Brought back many memories of this special month of love and loss of the bright and shining star that was given to me on the 25th. of Oct.. Yr. unknown. hee hee. Dance, laugh and cry it is good for the soul. Good picture of the Kamryn. Growing up too soon. You should see him dance you would roll in the floor he is too funny. I am going in here and dance and running to Walmart to get this song. Blessings to all. You are in my prayers.

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