Hurricane Sandy and Millions are affected Nor-East we are praying

Hurricane Sandy has claimed more than 50 lives in the Carribean, is now threatening millions as she moves up the East Coast and into the North and more than 800 miles across the lands, as far as Ohio.
In Virginia to D.C., MD, and UP schools are out, workplaces are closed up.
In New York the subways are closed now, even Starbucks has given up and boarded up
rendering cities now standing still with Wall Street shut down
and folks fleeing and taking precautions
while Gov. Christie in his mild mannered ways told folks in Jersey
in order to take best care of themselves and not hinder the first responders who would later be coming to save lives up and across the Eastern States of our country.
It sure seems that this hurricane that continues to be a CAT 1 named Sandy has made its mark here right after my birthday during conditions that will let it be known as the “perfect storm” as it collides with two other storms from the midwest of cold and conditions that mix just perfectly for horror and threat to those in its path.
The threat is real, the precautions are underway and the ones behind desks who call the shots and sound the alarms seem to be all over this one as they have warned people in the path of destruction from the beginnings and have let all know of the potential for harm.  I cannot quite imagine New York City shut down, no subways, no way to let the homeless there know of the impending dangers and shelters now open to keep folks from harms way.
I’ve read where in some places and people who have experienced the horror of storms and flooding, they are already going through their precious belongings and keeping what they hope to hold on to and sitting the rest on the curbs in their neighborhoods, feeling sure that it will be destroyed by the floods to come.
Yet one person spoke out and stated that all that will accomplish when Sandy rolls through is wading through extra furniture and junk once the damage is done and the responders show up, as he drank his coffee and stated he had no plans to evacuate his beloved home, yet shook his head in disgust about the actions of those he was watching.
      People are preparing in many places, water is sold out on the shelves of stores along with bread and necessary ingredients to get through the coming days.
Here in Florida on the West Coast of the Gulf, the sun is shining today, it feels a bit like fall with the winds gentle but a bit crisp.
Many will tell you during times of Hurricane weather, the evacuation plans and supply lists include water, beer and settling in;
yet our hearts are wrapped around those on the East Coast and up North as they prepare and begin to see the wrath of this most dangerous Sandy.
It is rather remarkable to think that this particular hurricane has now joined with those cold fronts and will now dump more than 2 feet of snow in W.VA. here in October, that this hurricane has managed to shut down communication systems in big cities and force folks to be still while others are running for their precious lives after boarding up and stocking up.
Some along the Atlantic will bundle up and run to the Ocean’s edge just to look and to gaze upon the fiercenss and  beauty of Mother Ocean while others who are risk takers will pull out their surf boards and try their luck on the waves that are churning against all advice and common sense.
Life is like that even in times of great scary and life changing times.
Still others will travel great distance and place their own lives in harms way to extend a hand, to lend hope to strangers now and in the days ahead where electricity and water are hard to come by and treasures of a lifetime are taken by the wrath of a storm named Sandy.  Many will be called to come, to answer the call, and they will show up from who knows where and do whatever is needed, some will wrap their arms around another and that will be more than enough.
Others will not take this threat that is being broadcast in their towns and Nationally as serious they will think it will not affect them in their home, they will sit it out; they will just not get the dangers of a CAT 1.
Forecasters said Hurricane Sandy could deliver something besides wind and rain: snow. That is because a system known as a midlatitude trough — which often causes severe winter storms — was moving across the country from the west. It was expected to draw in Hurricane Sandy, giving it added energy.
A blast of arctic air is expected to sweep down through the Canadian Plains just as the two storms converge. That could lead to several feet of heavy, wet snow in West Virginia and lighter amounts in Pennsylvania and Ohio that could bring down trees and power lines if already chilly temperatures drop below freezing. And we cannot forget the impact of the FULL MOON and all of this!
The full moon on Monday could cause even greater flooding, because tides will be at their peak.
That means that folks are just going to be bouncing all over the place emotionally charged from that moon as the tides are at their peak, the storm is raging and the flooding is high so will be the emotions of those involved, those who know folks in the areas involved and those who are just watching it on TV…
This one is a bad one, make no mistake about it, and we all need to send some love, energy, and prayers to all in Sandy’s path… for they will need hope, faith, compassion and strength as they now weather Hurricane Sandy and her aftermath.
May the Creator be with all as they prepare, as the move quickly, as they endure this  and those who respond, protecting them from harm.
PEOPLE be smart, and get out of harms way.
 Hurricane Sandy is being likened to “The perfect Storm” and that is not the storm to mess with nor pfft when sitting out.
MOve it Move it… do not be one who waits for a first responder to risk their life saving yours… 
Prayers goin UP for all in the path of Sandy.
Walk in Beauty,

Times Square Connect the Dots action before Hu...

Times Square Connect the Dots action before Hurricane Sandy (Photo credit: 350.org)


6 comments on “Hurricane Sandy and Millions are affected Nor-East we are praying

  1. My prayers go out to all who were affected by that terrible hurricane… Many are still without power.

  2. well said my friend. And I hope those that are being told to evacuate are doing just that instead of making the job of the first responders harder. Mother nature at it’s scariest. I have been through hurricanes and where we lived back east we were 56 miles from the coast and it was still horrific. hugs to you this sunny mornin

    • and hugs to you, as the storm has now done her damage, those UP North not used to words like “batten down, hunker down” and this Hurricane turned super-storm unlike anything anyone has quite ever seen as it merged with cold fronts and a 1,000 mile radius leaving folks amazed, bewildered and in shock, may they recover and attend to all that is needed in the days and months ahead as folks show the best of Unity… hugs to you dearheart…

  3. Winds are kicking up here, but so far we still have power been cooking most of the day:) keeping busy, as they shut down the highways. Trees are coming down . but Jynxy and I are safe and warm by the heat of a wood burning stove. we have enough to keep us occupied, full belly’s hot coffee can’t ask for more than that ! prayers going up for all those having hard times through this storm . Gratitude for my friends and family being safe ! Happy B-lated Birthday my Darling,I know you had a wonderful time with Ms Bunny! Love ya ~

  4. Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. This sounds to be a really tough and strong storm affecting a lot of people's lives across many states. I know here in SE Michigan we started with rainy and cloudy weather Saturday and the winds started yesterday. By this afternoon and through Tuesday night we have winds forcasted to 30-50mph with heavy gusts forces. Lake Huron and Lake Michigan is planned to have 11-30 foot waves and they have cleared the lakes of the ships. We are forcasted for snow flurries the next few days and it is very cold, windy and rainy out now. It will be nothing like the coastal cities for us though and for this I am thankful. We just get the outside forces. Prayers for all of those in the direct path that they will be wise and safe.

    Take care friends and wishing you all a very Happy Monday. /Sandy♥

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