November blessings, counting them more than twice


Dot/Mom/Cob is met in Roanoke by #1 Godson, D’Vante!
Oh my, when did I blink and he get so tall and grow so much?
6’3″ and a size 13 shoe, he is now in college and working part-time, yet a little boy lives in there who we hold and cherish to those memories and those dimples knowing that as the song we used to sing together applies now more than ever:
“You’re goin to miss this, You’re goin to want this back, you’re goin to wish these years hadn’t gone by so fast”!
Yes November and the month of thanksgiving, counting the blessings as we all are; many counting the hours until this election is over and done with and hoping that we all still have friends left when the ballots are counted and the results are in.
The build up I will not miss, the ads that occupy regular programming I will not miss, the people and their anger and their evangelical rants I certainly will not miss and I particularly will not miss the exploitation of children holding signs and our being told that they are feeling one way or another about men who are running for offices that they have no clue about.
   Today I am counting blessings, and I am still in awe of the generosity of the human spirit and resilience of those who are standing for so many on the East Coast.  The economy has hit all hard, yet those who have little are finding ways to help and to stand.
Those who have lost so much, are extending themselves to others while counting their own blessings.
I see some on Facebook who begin their posts with: “Day 5 I am thankful for…” and so it goes.
Yet for each one of those posts there are 20 filled with political swipes, digs and advocates for their candidates while throwing daggers at the others. I have always wondered about those who have to step on one to get a leg up in things.
I had the pleasure of meeting a Marine yesterday who has served our country; he is home now, trying to get benefits for service rendered while fighting in Iraq. He was ejected from a Hummer and thrown many yards in harms way injuring his spine.  He doesn’t want disability only service connection to provide him care when and if needed as it is documented. He now is being told that because he doesn’t go to the doctor enough, pay the 2,000. up front in visits needed that he probably cannot get that benefit. Yet he is a Marine, he fought hard for our Country and he lived to tell the tale. He is a young man with x-rays, with memories, with MRI’s that surely document his injuries, yet he has to fight here on our soil for his “service connection” for care and for assurance that when he has trouble our country will be there for him at the VA.
This is not new news, not to be debated in this election that is soon to end.
I am thankful for him, I thanked him for his service and together we both felt blessed.
Today I am thankful that soon this election will end, the winner will be annnounced as if a boxing ring will close.
I am scared, yes I will admit that, and I will be that way until I find out who indeed will sit in the White House for the next 4 years.
Yet I remain hopeful that common sense
and the American People will decide what is best, and we will move forward in a United People who will again stand strong.
it is in our DNA to stand strong.
Look around, look up, look down and feel your feet in the earth.
Give great thanks for all that ever has been, all that is, and great gratitude that 
Yes today is the 5th day of a new month
and if you are reading this,
you are blessed
you are alive
Hold tight to your blessings and count them often and many times today.
How are YOU?
Feel, breathe, celebrate the wonder of you
in this day.
Get out and PLAY, know that the children have no idea why everyone is so stressed, they have no concept of a dollar or social security and they shouldn’t have to!
Take a break today, you are a kid somewhere inside there!
Defy Gravity 
         Walk in Beauty





4 comments on “November blessings, counting them more than twice

  1. WONDERFUL WONDERFUL to see you all here once again, it's not so lonely … yay!!! was afraid the campaigning had put you on internet black out…

    blessings on the wind to all who enter here, and those afraid to as well.LOL

  2. hellooooo.
    short and sweet comment from my
    corner of the world ..
    each day I am grateful, for all the
    things you have mentioned..
    S * T * O * M * P !!!!!

    you are right on with your words,
    hugging my angels, ♥
    sign me, A.

  3. Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. What a great picture there of D'Vante. He sure is one good looking young man there out in the world and making his life. I know he makes the family proud. It is so good to read your words of encouragement and thankfulness. It reminds us to be thankful even for the little things we so much take for granted. The simple things, the daily thing, being able to get up in the morning, get dressed ourselves and get out the door to drive a car to work. Even though the job is not the dream job, or the best, and we get tired, it is far better than so many others who are unable to find a job or even unable to move about without assistance. For those daily things I am most grateful and thankful. To open our eyes, take a breath, talk to friends, hear the morning sounds -such a Blessing to be reminded.
    It is so sad that the Marine, who fought for our freedom and country, can not get the assistance that is needed. Many thanks to him and others like him. Yes, after tomorrow perhaps the phone calls will stop and the commercials will stop and people will quit campaigning. For this I will be grateful also. I am tired of screening my calls according to the caller ID every time it rings.

    So, have a fantastic Monday. I wish for you a peaceful day and the sun will shine on you even if it is cold out. It is chilly here in the 30s with frost on the car this morning Brrrr.. But I am so very very thankful there is no snow or ice to deal with. take care friends ~ /Sandy♥

  4. AMEN, and many thanks to that young Marine. It should not be a fight for him to be protected in the future for any long term harm he suffered serving our nation. We all need to raise our voices in his behalf, and for every other serviceman/woman who had stood in his shoes.
    thank you doc for reminding us to be grateful, and to celebrate all we have, all we are, and all we are free to become.
    You are the BEST!

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