Hospice and Veterans… a partnership in the circle of care

I recently saw this decal and was moved to share it. It speaks loudly and is the work of a group on Facebook and I chose it for today
to represent those who serve;
It is from Native Force,
Native American Women Warriors
You may purchase a decal from the above link to show your support!
As we continue to celebrate 
National Hospice Month and many are gathering this day and around the week-end to honor Veterans, it is a great time to let others know of the partnerships and to acknowledge the  work being done with Veterans and Hospice care.
Thousands of Veterans are now volunteers for hospice as they know first hand the needs, the desires of those who are on the last journey as patients and want to be the ones who are standing with their brothers and sisters who are patients; with families as they share those months, days, and most important times together. Those volunteers have walked the walk and often are the best ones to sit beside another who has been in the fields and have worn the uniforms representing our beloved country.
Hospice recognizes that and those needs of patients and families as they honor and provide care for our Veterans.
HOSPICE has formed partnerships with VA hospitals, with communities, with organizations all across the country because they “get it” and want to be sure that our Vets are cared for in the circle of care with respect, dignity and pride. 
 Today, one in four dying Americans is a Veteran. These men and women often carry experiences from their military service that present unique challenges at the end of life. Across America, hospice professionals are enhancing their skills to meet these needs through “We Honor Veterans” (WHV), a program of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, originally developed in partnership with the Departments of Veterans Affairs. Many will tell you they will even provide Hospice for service animals, making sure that their last days are filled with all the best of care, the comfort and tenderness without pain, and with gentle loving understanding; now knowing that those animals have given all for our country and for those they walked and worked with in Uniform.
through National Hospice and Palliative Care
received a grant from the VA that allows Hospices to be awarded funding to reach out to veterans, ensuring that they receive care when needed.
So many hospices are caring now for those who need someone to walk this journey with them, to be there as they have been there for America and her people.
Their stories are being recorded by volunteers, often by teen volunteers who will come and learn from these men and women while allowing them to record their lives on DVD’s, tapes,  for family and friends in conversations and in real time and in their own ways.
Volunteers are learning from the best, in their own words, and they in turn are being honored, valued, loved with comfort and care along with respect.
We honor our Vets with hospices across the country; those who now walk with wounded warriors on the path that is often their final journey and for that I give great thanks today. We hear about the men and women and the branches of service, This weekend there will be ceremonies around the country and our Nations Capital will be alive with color and with the flags and those who have fought and are still fighting. Arlington National Cemetery will have those there in honor and respect, colors will be flown and we will as a Nation remember, we will go out of our way to shake a HAND AND BE GRATEFUL. IT IS VETERANS DAY AND A TIME OF GREAT THANKS IN GIVING.
And the Native American warriors will represent, and
yet we seldom hear of the
Native American Women, 
those who have served since the Revolution and fought in every battle on our beloved soils and abroad. The Code Talkers we do remember, as they in fact saved our very lives and those of our Elders and our beloved country!

those who are serving, leaving families behind
those wonderful warriors
who will be in D.C. this weekend and represent culture and history.
May the Creator bless and hold safe all who have served, are serving and those who Hospice may now serve.

Thank you warriors of our Nation, thank you for your service.
Thank you Hospice for the many partnerships that have been made with the VA, the military in order to now provide care to those who need us to stand for them, each and every one  of them on their last battlefield offering comfort, dignity and respect.
Hospice and Palliative care is there for those who want/need professionals to be in the home with them, to support and care for them and families along the journey of life.
Hospice and Palliative care is also found in the VA system, in nursing homes, in hospitals and many hospices have in-patient units for short stay patients.
Most people prefer being in their own homes.
can know that Hospice has their backs!
         WE Honor and we Thank YOU
And I thank you Hospice for the vision, the mission.
 We are there to serve many wounded warriors who face their last battle, yet with hospice and their volunteers, they can now lay down the guns, take off their uniforms,  and know we are there, we can assist them in comfort and good times allowing life to be paramount and quality  of life to allow them to do what needs to be done.
I am grateful.
 Walk in Beauty
to find a hospice near you or to inquire of volunteer opportunities check out NHPCO website:

7 comments on “Hospice and Veterans… a partnership in the circle of care

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  2. I always think of the “code talkers”. The women I am guilty of not thinking about. Glad to see this blog, and all the good things in it.

  3. Thank you Dr. Sherry, I just got home a while ago. A long night. All dogs were cleaned up, groomed with baths and hair cuts, ears cleaned and exams done. Several were taken to foster homes tonight. The rest will continue to be worked on tomorrow. They seem to be lovable but have not had much human interaction or basic dog training. None are housebroke or have walked on a leash. They are from 3 to 12 years old. A lot of work to do but we are grateful to have them now and out of the horrible mess they were in before last night. Thank you for your prayers for the dogs and for us. They are feeling so much better getting all that matted, dirty hair off of them, cleaned up and sleeping comfortable on pillows and comfy beds tonight. We will work with them again tomorrow. /Sandy♥

  4. Prayers going up Sandy, feel free to post on my fan page to those in your area sending out a call there this time for the littles in need… May the Creator bless you and those who are loving the poodles through this fragile time… blessings to you.

  5. Aww, thank you Dr. Sherry. I will have a very busy weekend starting in a few hours. At the shelter we have received a large number of sadly neglected, matted/dirty and sick dogs from a hording/puppy mill house last night. All poodles ~ Every one needs urgent medical attention, hair shaved and skin cared for as they are covered in fleas, dirt and other parasites. We let them rest in quite for the night. We have much to do for them starting with further triage, cleaning them up and starting necessary meds and much TLC. Most of them have never walked on a leash, been cared for by humans or spent much time out of a small cage. They seem young so this will help. This will be some very heavy work the next few days/weeks. We are trying to locate rescues with experience who can take some for us to care for them properly long term. Keep us in your prayers friends. /Sandy♥

  6. Blessings to you Sandy and saluting yoiur family of those who served here… have a joyous weekend darling!

  7. Thank you Dr. Sherry for your words and your support for our Veterans and volunteers in Hospice. I am greateful and thankful for our Veterans. My Dad, uncles and grand dads were veterens and I grew up in a family that honored veterens and taught us to respect and honor our flag and those who fought for our freedom. Take care friends – It's Friday It's Friday – Yeah!!! Have a grand one! /Sandy♥

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