Today’s CAll to stand: For a little one named Hudson and his parents

Meet HUDSON and to the left of this precious that he is looking at with such love and adoration is his Mom,
You may recognize her name, some may even recognize her beauty, even under stress now and fear;
she is one of our Warriors here and a special woman. 
Oh wait, you wouldn’t recognize her face at all, but maybe her name or if you remember her, it would be the photo of her back that is seen here from time to time!
You remember?
The back of our Warrior that is a tattoo with the words blazing
and the sweet care bear and the name of her best friend who died.
Yes you remember our very own Warrior now don’t you?
Today, I am asking all here and just everywhere to stop everything, at least for a moment and for many moments as you send positive energy, healing lights, and prayers UP.
Tonya and her husband gave birth to that sweet baby just a couple of months ago.
what a name for a little one, and such eyes he has, filled with love their home is as they enjoy him along with his big brother and the 4 legged there.
Now Hudson has just been released from the ICU of the hospital and is still so very ill. He has been diagnosed with
RSV, a respiratory virus and since he is such a little one it can be and is very dangerous as he has episodes of not breathing. I suppose bringing him home is safer knowing the many infections that are found in hospitals around the country, yet it is a scary time for Tonya and Jeff who by now are probably sleep deprived and half crazed with worry.
We need to rally and stand for them, will you join me?
At least it looks like Daddy got a few winks once Hudson got comfortable listening to the heart beat of safety and a bear was close by.
I can only imagine the photographer in her sleepy state grabbed the camera to get this most remarkable and heart filled shot!
Sure hope she doesn’t mind my sharing it with the world here!
What a handsome two she has in the lens and filling her heart and  a teenager somewhere close at hand to keep an eye on at the same time.  
    Little Hudson, a baby so loved and wanted. I can’t help but remember Tonya letting me know of her pregnancy and then seeing photos of her as she would stand sideways with a chalkboard announcing her progression in the same black dress. How I couldn’t help but kid her about that dress having quite the stretch to it, as Hudson grew and grew learning to dance on all her vital organs in the middle of the night.
That dress should be in the “hall or wall of fame” there in the house to someday let him see what carried him and how it could stretch!
I now as all to  surround him in healing lights, sending breath to him in order for him to breathe better, to breathe deeper and fuller as he heals.
I now send prayers, lighting the sage and hope that he is in the caring compassionate and healing hands of those who are providing him care to cure him, to strengthen him so that he can eat and grow and be rid of this virus.  This little one was in this hospital and that crib just wasn’t big enough for Tonya and Jeff, it had to many beeps and swooshes and scary things that go along with fear and fright, leaving one so helpless and powerless.
Now he rested, and parents wondered
and it was good and bad when told he could come home.
 Good to be home, but bad to be home, what a contridiction of thoughts
as he still is sick and today will be going back to the doctor and we will be praying and thinking of them.
  His 4 legged wants his little brother well and his home to be joyous and we want little Hudson to be the happy little baby that is going to see Christmas for the first time with eyes wide open and wonder in a little mind of discovery with kisses and hugs surrounding his world.
We are standing with you sweet one,
with Tonya and Jeff as they try to rest in order to be all that is needed now.
From fear to fierceness of the Eagle as they protect their little one.
I hope you will join me today and in the days ahead and hold them UP
in strength of healing for Hudson and for all that are going through difficult and scary times.
today I send out prayers for Tonya and Jeff, as they hold Hudson, know we are holding YOU ALL
in the light of healing.
 Kiss that baby for the warriors here and everywhere, we are with you.
Walk in beauty

11 comments on “Today’s CAll to stand: For a little one named Hudson and his parents

  1. Our youngest g-son was premature and fit in the palm of my husbands hand when born, he is now 6 and nick name of ‘Tank’ he is so broad shouldered and moves withthat kind of determination..any way he suffered RSV many times during the first two years of life and it is a horrible horrible situation to watch as this small helpless being suffers so and you are just as helpless to do anything. Prayers for this family and Hudson are now circulating. thank you for sharing this and Praise God He can heal.

    • thank you for stopping in to share your story, those preamies are fighters and sounds like you have one that now is strong and beautiful still! I thank you for your prayers for little Hudson and for sharing him with so many, I know we will surround him and his beautiful parents with love, light and healing now as he finds breath and healing during these difficult times and oh how I thank you! blessings to you and yours with love to Tank!

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  3. Reblogged this on Work the Dream and commented:
    While many are praying for IPads, computers, cell phones and other electronic things. All Hudson’s parents want is for him to be well. Asking prayers and healing thoughts for this precious baby. Thank you

    • thank you for answering the call for baby Hudson… he continues to be very ill and they are sleep deprived, but this morning we hear that all got a couple hours of sleep.. we hold him UP and send him breath to ease him as he heals… thank you friend, with love.

  4. Oh sending prayers..for Hudson and for them. Asking the Creator to hold them all in the palm of his hand.

  5. Thank you Dr. Sherry and “A” for your prayers for my little Great Grandson Peyton. I appreciate that so much and I know his parents do also. Still holding Baby Hudson and his parents in my prayers. Have a very nice evening /Sandy♥

  6. Sign me A… it does not surprise me that you were there for a little warrior… we are interconnnected and all things here so sacred, now you see him, his love and his parents, the greatest gifts of healing are surrounding him, you, me and Jaren I am sure has visited as well. I love the connections and the energy is flowing dear one.. thank YOU for standing!

  7. U attended a fundraiser for this baby HUDSON? and why did I not know of it??? now this really is kismit? and for Sandy, yes oh yes we will hold up that baby of yours too…. we do hate it when the little ones are sick, when fear takes over the brain and bodies of the adults feeling so helpless and so frightened, as they look to us for comfort…

    We stand now as warriors together for the littles and those who love them, for guided and skilled physicians to help and to heal them we stand united for and with them and their families and extend our arms around them now and always and want them well.

    blessings to you both and those who gather today…
    for HUDSON and for Peyton along with all who need us to stand we are here…

    blessings to our Warriors and those who are fighting and fighting for the little ones, remember to breathe, to drink water and to nourish your bodies as you are sleep deprived providing such loving care…

  8. hellooooo
    such sad stories here today, my heart aches for Baby Hudson and for his struggling family. Prayers as well for Peyton.. such deperation a parent feels when theeir little loved one is hurting and sick.. warrior angel prayers are being said and sent from my heart for sure.
    In this small world in which we live, where lives and paths cross in the most mysterious ways, I attended a fundraiser just a couple of weeks ago , which was held in Safety Harbor for the baby warrior Hudson and his family.. It was a great turnout and overwhelming in the support shown for Hudson's family..
    It is comforting to know that there are very many kindhearted people out there who willingly reach out to those in need..
    and there is no doubt about the strentgh and power of our own group of warrior energy and prayers..
    May all be blessed today with the serenity of knowing that we are never alone ..
    just me, hugging my angels,
    sign me, ♥ A.

  9. Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. I am surely holding Baby Hudson and his parents Tonya and Jeff in my prayers this day. Also the beautify furry friend there that he will help this family feel comfort and peace only a pup can give. My family is currently going through a very similar thing as my Great Grandson Peyton, who is 9 months old and lives in Georgia, is suffering seizure disorders. He has been in the hospital several times this past week and the first seizure was on Easter Sunday. He was well until last week and had another one. On his way to the hospital in the ambulance he actually stoped breathing. They have also mentioned possibly RSV for Peyton and have not ruled this out. His current seizure was brought on by high temperature. His Daddy had been ill and then he developed a bad cold symptoms and after he was rushed to the hospital 3 times last weekend my grandaughter developed the same symptoms and was quarenteened to her bedroom for 24 hours and was not able to hold or comfort her baby until her temp went down. They are beside themselves with worry. This is their first baby and so very scared. I would appreciate prayers for Peyton and his parents also. It is heart breaking when our babies get so sick and all we can do it pray and watch. Thank you and Bless you Dr. Sherry and friends. /Sandy♥

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