Sandy Hook Elementary School and Community We are With YOU

If there are any words of comfort, it may be in the real understanding that there is no understanding of how this could happen to beautiful children and loving educators on a day in a school on our soils in our country.
If there is any real truth in reaching out to those there, it is in honoring their pain knowing we cannot fix it, cannot explain it, cannot say we understand the depth of the shock, the numbness, the horror, the screams and the sorrow.
WE can pray for them, we can offer to hold them UP, to know that there will be vigils, there will be candle lighting, there will be mass funerals attended by the whole tight knit community and that it will be absolutely hell in homes and it will have a far reaching impact in ways that we feel about safety and tuck our children, Elders and even ourselves in at night.
I don’t want to know about the shooter, his life, his family.
I don‘t ever want to hear his name broadcast, or hear Dr. Drew or Dr. Phil talk about how or why he came to that decision. I don’t want to see gun control folks use this as their platforms.
I want and must sit with this; mourn this tragedy and all the little ones and those young educators who did all the right things on behalf of the children.
I want to dance in glee of the survivors of that slaughter, and it was a slaughter.
I want to be there to hug those parents, siblings and grandparents and first responders and even the medical examiner and walk through this trauma with them.
I am beyond sad, beyond horrified by the events of 12/14/2012.
Please take care of yourselves, limit your exposure to media and exposure of coverage of this. BUT do allow yourself to hear some of the stories of these beautiful children, their little lives and their joys.
we hold up
Newtown CT and all who are there; all who love and are trying to figure out if they are standing in the middle of someone else’s nightmare and what to say to their children.
The fire is burning here, and the prayer bowl is filled.
Prayers going up also today for little Peyton and his family as he continues to be ill and doctors are struggling to figure this out for him.    
Sandy Hook Elementary School
      God Bless the families there
and all of us. Yes, leave the decorations up in Newtown and in your homes, leave as much normalacy as you can… Be truthful with the children in short and small sentences but over fill their senses with details unless they ask .. Don’t tell them that God needed special Angels. Tell them that something very bad happened and yes it was horrible. Let them attend vigils and funerals; this will help them in the long run. Hold them close to you when they need and want that, allow them to play and to be the child they are and to look forward to this month of wonder along with those times of great sadness. Breathe and “BE” while knowing that there in a tight knit community there is yet much to do and it involves so many and it will be tremendously painful and probably take many to their knees. Look up while you are there and know that those who died are safe, and they are with you always. We all are on our knees and we will stand and lean in to you as long as you want or need us to.

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6 comments on “Sandy Hook Elementary School and Community We are With YOU

  1. Just sits one down and makes one drop their heads on their chests. I still believe, of course, that there are WAY MORE good people than bad. My heart sang when the one teacher told the police that if they were really the police wanting her to open her door to let them in where she and her students were hiding, that they needed to slip their badges under the door—AND if they were REALLY who they said they were, THEY COULD ALSO GET A KEY!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! What a thinker!!!!!!! These “SO CALLED EXPERTS” that have it all figured out sound like they reading from their text books from college!!! They so “expert” they can't even focus on the real need, or what this is really really about at this time. For some things in life, there is NO ANSWER to the question of “WHY”—-just gotta grab the boot straps, and attend to what needs to be attended to when handed a situation that has no answer. I am not only thankful for my blessings, I am most thankful for all of you, and your blessings too!!!

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  3. BEAUTIFUL WORDS SISSY, You can imagine the energy here, my heart is Soo grateful that it was not my grand~babies. And soo sad for the loss of those murdered, It is strange in the middle of the horror is a huge feeling of relief and gratitude among those who still have their children. People are taking inventory and putting things into perspective.Holding loved ones near.
    It is a Town shaken to its core a state in Shock a Nation in Disbelief, and No we don't really care why he did it, does it matter no …. Now we wait….. wait until healing can start to take place it will be while …… Love to you all. Praying praying ………

  4. hellooooo.
    Thank you Sherry for the adresses you listed and as always for your most insightful and caring words..
    I agree with you, I do not care one iota about the murderer .. I have not a drop of compassion for him.. there is not any kind of plausible excuse to lighten the horrible and inhumane actions..
    my heart breaks for those children, the teachers and all of the families in that entire community..
    I do not want to hear about policies and gun control, now is not the time. I believe the one thing we can do to attempt to gain a bit of control of our emotions at this time is simply this ~
    pray, and look within our hearts and share some random act of kindness ~ we need to take a step to try to reassure ourselves that there is in fact, some good in our world and a lot of great people.
    we cannot let the lunacy and madness of this one maniac individual define us ~
    prayers for all, our warriors and just EVERYONE… may angels surround us all ~
    sign me, A.
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. Thankful this morning for your words Dr. Sherry and prayers for Newtown Connecticut and for those families who lost a child or loved one in the sad event. May our Lord lift spirits this day and they days ahead. Thank you for your prayers also for Peyton. Be well and at peace friends. ?Sandy♥

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