a day of Hallmark moments,
joyous noise, great memories in the making and those that will sustain../
Here is is so busy, with phones ringing, texts a texting, and paper being picked up and puppies scattering out of the way of a little boy who is grinning.
A ginger bread house that collapsed and is being eaten with a wicked grin and a sugar buzz that is on non-stop and baskets being shot by the dribble of the ball, the turkey is cooking, the TV is going, the gaming is on, and oh yes, Dot/Mom/Cob is retreating to her bed for a much needed nap
Sounds like a plan in the making after zipping photos of the opening to cuz in VA and talking to all from a distance one way or the other and wishing all the most blessed day of the year…
May you know the blessings as you extend this day with each beautiful breath
of Christmas
Merry Merry Happy Christmas
DRSES and family

2 comments on “MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

  1. Had a good day with family. this is my 3rd try to try to post this. We are FROZEN in here with sleet, ice, and snow. Maybe that is the problem—frozen—-LOL. COME ON SPRING

    Blessings to all!!!!

  2. Dr. Sherry and friends, I hope each of you had a very Merry Christmas and a joyous time with family and friends. Just got home from spending a good time with family. It was a very nice day. /Sandy ♥

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