The Innauguration of OUR President, and all that goes along with it!

 What a day of excitement and electricity in the air…
 What a magnificent view captured by the person behind the camera…
Oh what a day it was, blue skies in Washington D.C. and watching the inauguration once again of a President of our United States.
The excitement, the pageantry, the people and the work that was involved to bring together so many with one objective, one theme, one heart…
as we watched our President take the highest oath of the land to lead our country for another 4 years.
“America’s possibilities are limitless…” he said and oh how true does that ring as we look back over our history our rich and vast history of time.
I was entralled with each sweep of the camera, and amused beyond amused by Al Roker and his attempt to get attention behind the barrier and his being thrilled beyond measure at getting the eye and ultimate handshake of Joe Biden… too bad he forgot to take his glove off for that famous handshake!
Willard Scott would be so proud of him!
Way to go Al, you did so good!
Oh how I love the motorcade, the lights, the anticipation of if and when they will stop it all and then walk for a bit for those who are standing there.
Yet I found I was not breathing when it happened, praying with all that I was that all was safe there.
They looked awesome, a beautiful couple hand in hand as thousands screamed and waved and were joyous to see them and wish them well.
The weather could not have been better, the moods of the crowds and the well wishers and those filled with hope were uplifting to the world watching…
Well to most of the world I’m sure.
For awhile we could forget or dismiss those who hate, those who refuse to join together in hope of healing discord and the problems of the moments as we watched it all.
From the swearing in, to the now famous yawn of an 11 year old that the press and media are analyzing at just the moment they chose, to the stumbling on the word states from a man who was well poised and was himself and is himself only human and also filled with emotion that was and is internal… we watched and many looked for flaws for reasons to fault and to find reasons to print or tweet or social media that which fits agendas to fuel rage.
His speech was wonderful, it was powerful, it was changed from when he first took office in a time of profound crisis 4 years ago.
Yes challenges and hardships have been a part of rich history, yet we are America, the home of the free because of the brave. We are and have always been a strong and fierce country… WE are the USA, our colors, our pride and our unity do not run from adversity nor opportunity. How is it that we have become so filled with the unbendable and those who would rather fill their own agendas rather than stand together for the good of all … This is a great time to turn thinking around, to stand together or sit together as those did in that great room during a luncheon, to take the hand of another and forget political lines and parties and egos for the good of America the Beautiful.
We saw them in the parade, they were powerful, they were remarkable in their colors their stride, their steps.
The marching bands that had worked so hard to get to that moment, that Avenue of excitement can you even imagine their pride?
As the President of the United States looked on with such enthusiasm at each, as he waved and gave a thumbs up to them along with the Vice President with smiles and encouragement as though each knew that wave was reserved for each of them personally.
Oh I love a parade and one as this one gave me goose bumps.
Oh yes, lest we forget his gum, and he was chewing up a storm… and was it the best thing?
Probably not as the press and those who do not like or hate him are having a hay day with that, but if it were not for that, they will come up with something else.
And let’s not forget the kids, as they do love to bring the children into things; the now famous 11 year old yawn that we heard about yesterday and are seeing across the screens… the beautiful family moments of phones in their hands taking photos of each other that will surely be talked about.
The repeated kiss of POTUS and FLOTUS for their children to capture in photos on their phones as a loving family would do now being talked about.. and as I thought about that I realized I seldom see that done in restaurants by regular families these days.
Perhaps that will start a new trend I hope.
Oh but the pageantry and the hope of the now, our moment is now and our “journey is not yet complete”.
We witnessed that luncheon where they all sat together and broke bread together; they presented the President and Vice President gifts of photographs of their journey and of Lennox gifts from one to another.
The comments and the words spoken often with tongues we have come to not trust completely still sat in the same room so there is hope that parties can be united into people with one objective and one mission.
are the mission and the job at hand.
It is past time to talk about parties and those things that divide, it is time to stand for the greater good of all.
And then it was time to “dance”; time to enjoy after a day that I just cannot imagine that probably started at zero dark thirty.
I would have been chewing and yawning and rolling my eyes too before the parade route ended.
And oh what a night it looked like it was.
They were Radiant!
I just cannot imagine after such a day, fueled with such emotion, so many handshakes, kisses on the cheek, grins to make your face numb, still being able to look so good and to take the dance floor with such elegance, style and grace.
And to think that today, our President is now doing what Presidents’ do to lead and protect our country from harms way.
And I am hopeful, I am refusing to give space to those who continue to hate, those who are dedicated to slander OUR President and to spend time and energy in negativeness.
I am continually amazed at the number of people who hide under the umbrellas of “Freedom of Speech” as they spew hatred yet refuse to be responsible for their words and to instead choose to be a force of goodness.
The reality is this:
Obama won, again … many didn’t like it the first time and they got over it. So it would seem like it is time to get over it again and move on into 4 years of all working together to get our country moving and each lending a hand to the other in ways that will make each one a better one together.
Hate him/Love him, tolerate him
He is the President of the United States, and if you live in the United States, this is our country and we are in this together. But then again, IF it is more than you can abide respectfully and so very distasteful, you can do what Rush and some like him threatened to do… you can leave.
It would appear that many who are fighting for our country and who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country would not mind.
Hate is learned, it is fostered, it is fed with thoughts, with words, with social media.
We have never seen more of it than now that the media and social media has such access to the fueling of others in emotional overloads and fears.
This is our moment, our time, we as a Nation need to remember that we are each a part of the other and never had a greater call to come together for the benefit of all.
Just a stroll, a magnificent stroll on a beautiful day in D.C., one that I will always remember as the people screamed the support and millions around the globe watched.
God Bless our President and his family
May God bless each and every one of us while helping us to understand that 
United we stand as we continue this most remarkable journey together. Yep, I think that President Obama needs to give me a call; I’d like to sit with him and just have a chat, a cup of coffee and talk to him someday and even Michelle Obama or perhaps those two daughters and get their view of life under a microscope, I just cannot imagine. May the Creator remind us all to think before we speak, to remember that whoever we have in offices of such responsibility is also a child of the Creator and one who puts one shoe on before the other and is human. Oh how I loved the end of the parade when our President stopped and turned around in the midst of so many leaving and just stood there, for one more look.  My heart is full and my brain says look toward the positive as we move forward with each step in hope, one step at a time in hope.
I wish you enough
Walk in Beauty
English: South façade of the White House, the ...

English: South façade of the White House, the executive mansion of the President of the United States, located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. Español: Fachada sur de la Casa Blanca, la residencia oficial del Presidente de los Estados Unidos, situado en 1600 Avenida Pennsylvania en Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



3 comments on “The Innauguration of OUR President, and all that goes along with it!

  1. May I suggest all the "talking heads" give it a break? You know what they say about everyone having an opinion, etc. I for one think it would be awesome if we could all celebrate our freedoms, and step it up to assume the responsibilities that go with the privilege of freedom. I love this president, what he stands for and fully support his efforts to move us forward in spite of the hate mongers.What ever happened to the old saying, "if you can't say something nice, shut up?

  2. A HUGE AMEN to your remarks today Doc. A perfect celebration of big changes in American. elected, then reelected! Way to go. the people spoke and this time, the popular vote took the day.I admire the fact that our Pres. is inclusive, not bigioted, smart, poised, and not going to repeat the mistake of trying to find middle ground. i believe this time around he clearly sees the lay of the land and will forge ahead. this is one inauguration I enjoyed thoroughly.Great time to be proud to be am American.

  3. Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. What a great message today Dr. Sherry. It was a grand day in America and always a grand day to be an American. Whether one voted for him or not we need to remember that he is the President of the United States of American and our leader of our great country. We need to support him and hold him in our prayers and thoughts daily. I was like you when them get out of the car and strolled down that street I was nervous and praying for the safety and protection. They do make a very lovely couple there and a very nice family. They looked stunning last night dancing at the party. I was not home much to watch is but I recorded it and will watch it tonight. One of my coworkers was there since Friday and heading back home today. Will be in tomorrow with all the stories and photos as she did from the first inauguration. I wish for you all a Blessed and Happy day. It is cold, cold, cold here in Michigan. it was 1° this morning on the way in to work and now is -1° with wind chil -16°. It is supposed to be very cold all this week. It is dangerously cold out there. The sun is out and the sky is blue but the heat is somewhere else LOL. Hope the sun is shining warm on you today. /Sandy♥

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