Classified, Terror, Information and then; HIllary Clinton and television

We the people watched, listened and witnessed Hillary Clinton our Secretary of State sit alone at the table to testify on the horrible tragedies against 4 Americans.
As I listened and watched, I could not help but wonder, “why are we hearing this?”
We listened to one of the most well versed and intelligent and well thought of women in the world speak as she took full responsibility of the events that happened in Behghazi on the anniversary of 9/11/2001 on our soils where more than 3,000 lives were taken by terrorism.
Where 4 where killed by terror on foreign lands.
Yet, I still had to wonder as I listened and watched; 
“As civilians and a world watched, is this a good idea?”
The idea of classified information is classified for reasons; the ways in which those leaders of our free world are spoken to in public venues are being watched by those who are in lands across the sea and used then against us or mocked in ways probably unimagined.
I cannot help but wonder if things such as this are for the good or seeds that are planted to only separate and divide people that already seem to thrive in moments that are attempts to make names for themselves in disrespect.
There were moments that I was so lost in understanding the true questions being hurled at the Secretary of State with the litany of absurdities from those asking the questions amid the “If I were President I would have…”, as time ran out without ever getting the question answered.
Watching as the Secretary of State became tearful and fought back those tears as she stated it was “personal” not just policy to her, as she stood with our President as the flag draped caskets were unloaded from the plane and held the families of those fallen. Her friendship and that loss.
To hear of the number of emails that come into that office astounded me, and to even imagine the routing of importance and the magnificent staff that then must sort the level of importance and intel involved is mind boggling.
Yet the questions continued, the lines of Democrats/Republicans made abundantly clear by the opening remarks of each. One could tell by the way she was addressed, and whether she was thanked for her service to our country, well wishes for her recovery of her recent health scare, and or gratitude of her being there.
Yet once many had their moments of questions, many had their agenda, their anger flares and did not really seem to want answers of sincere questions; they only wanted to berate and belittle an administration that seems to not be able to do anything right.
At times, as a civilian, as an American, it was pathetic and shameful… and at times I found myself feeling angry as hell. It was truly exhausting, but the questions that the public has wanted I do believe were answered.
Yes, there was a need for stronger security, and yes there was a terrorist attack, and yes sadly 4 Americans who knew the risk died that day of 9/11.
Yes there were painful and horrible lessons that have now been learned; and the reality of it is, it happened and God knows if we could turn back time, perhaps it would not have happened, or perhaps it indeed would have still happened with an increased security detail.
But the same questions over and over again with such venom, I do not understand from those who were filling their own agenda, I do understand as “inside Washington terror tactics” it seemed to me… and I thought it shameful, and that it should not have been something that the world privy to.  
        And I thought Hillary Clinton was powerful, was passionate, and was clearly in charge of her words, her conviction of her country and those who were lost that day.
She represented the best of the country and her role of Secretary of State, I cannot imagine what else would be desired of her by any of them.

Clinton said the department is implementing the 29 recommendations of an independent review board that harshly criticized the department as well as going above and beyond the proposals, with a special focus on high-threat posts.

“Nobody is more committed to getting this right,” she told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “I am determined to leave the State Department and our country safer, stronger, and more secure.”  

That is a great message for the world to hear, but enough to be shared with the world.
It truly seems to me that we as civilians are wanting to much aired in public venues, in social media, in realizing that what we are told is also available to the world and those who want to see us fail as a country, who want to take advantage of us when seeing parties striving to destroy each other and “in fighting” of such magnitude.
Classified information seems to be that way for a reason; to keep our country safe from acts of war and terror along with those who are fighting.
I recall hearing that mentioned several times to those who wanted to ask questions and then fired off accusations and so many statements that I had long forgotten the question asked…
They could see or read the “classified” version or refer to it.
Hearing that new fellow Rand and see the spittle on his chin from his venom in his haste to make a name for himself made me think he would do well in an undeveloped country where he might start his own extremist movement; perhaps joined by others of like minds maybe Westboro Church could join him there…
His lack of respect so very UN American in my eyes.
Yet once again, Hillary Clinton was poised, was appropriate in her responses and answered the questions even when they were repeated to the point of extremism.
Her flare of anger was appreciated, and again seemed appropriate as the line was crossed one time too many.
Now that we again have heard, the Secretary of State has assumed full responsiblity; all hell was breaking loose, the 4 Americans killed died doing what they knew the dangers of, and loved what they did for America.
Yes, the cable did not get where it was supposed to go, and information tracks got lost and mixed up and misinformed and it was a time of great crisis.
And no it was not another 9/11, it was a ridiculous comparison to that day our world stood still here in America where more than 3,000 lives were lost.
And yes, things will change.
And I just am not sure that we should have to keep putting such as this out there for the world to see our business.
WE as Americans need to stand as America united, and some things need to be settled behind closed doors, our doors.
That’s my take.
Thank you Hillary Clinton for your service to our Country, you passion, purpose and your unyielding love of country and belief in our America and her people.
May God Bless you and your family,
God protect our warriors and those who serve while remembering the fallen and those who love them:
We thank you for your service to our country
Tyrone S. Woods, Glen A. Doherty, Sean Smith and U.S. ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens.
        Take best care of YOU today
May the Creator remind you of all that is within you to choose forgiveness, kindness and compassion in each step you make, each word you utter.
Blessings on the winds

2 comments on “Classified, Terror, Information and then; HIllary Clinton and television

  1. Reblogged this on Work the Dream and commented:
    Amen to that. No matter which party you are or if you are like me and no party, this is so true. There is no place for animosity, hatred, attacking each other on capital hill. Our country will remain divided and this is the reason the hate is still fostered.

  2. APPLAUDS your post. I was ASHAMED of those acting in such hostile ways towards her just to make an impression. You could see them glancing into the camera looking to see if it was watching them. This is why our country is like it is. As long as we breed hate, contempt and anger towards each other instead of putting it aside and working for the good of the country, we will remain a divided nation and that is exactly what many in the world want to see. Social media has given people the idea that the public deserves to know everything, the media fosters that idea and often have put our people in danger because of it. Because people get in the internet and tv and see something happen they think it should be solved like the hour long CSI show and get mad and draw lines when it is not. How long did it take to capture Bin Laden? And at the same time as this event happened in Benghazi…there were other attacking events happening in other areas that this department had to handle at the time. Many of the misunderstanding came from the media’s push for the public to know and the public pushing instead of letting these people do their job. And while the outside review panel did not blame Hillary Clinton but the offices below her..she took the blame and said I am at the top I accept it. But she can not know everything or every email that comes to that office. If all she did was read emails she would never get her job done. That is why there are other cabinets. I get so sick of people acting like Her position or even the President is responsible for everything. That is why there are departments underneath them and job are delegated because one person can not do it all. And not..I am done…for I was PROUD of Hillary Clinton in how she handled herself facing so many whose only agenda was to make a name for themselves…and in my book they did make a name and it is not one they wanted.

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