Wave your fingerS at your Neighbors Day

Oh yea, February 7th, is “Wave your fingers at your Neighbors Day”… Notice it’s fingerS, not “finger”, a day for friendliness, a day to wave and hopefully say “hello Neighbor”. Oh what a day! Just get out there and wave yourself silly as you greet those neighbors and folks on the streets with a friendly wave. Just like “back then” when folks would gently tap their horn, wave their hand and share a friendly hello as they were on their way throughout the day. Remember those days? Oh boy I sure do, seems things were a bit brighter then, even when the times were hard and when folks gathered round kitchen tables and kids played out in the yards, they had a sense of community, a sense of oneness. Maybe it was the constant “wave” of hello neighbor that was generated, maybe it was the unity when they saw a hearse drive by and they pulled to the side of the road and stepped out of the car and bowed their head for a moment to let others know that they felt the pain of loss. Maybe just maybe it would be good if we waved more often, took a moment to speak to another and held a door rather than hurried through it without a thought of who might be wanting to also enter or exit. Just maybe this day should be everyday, where we put our own hand up in the air to indicate we care, and to brighten up the world that we live in and share our light that burns within, or borrow the light from another to then shine brighter ourself.  Oh my imagine how we all might then need to wear sunglasses just to shield that magnificent light of so many with the smiles we would see after extending our wave, our hand our smile in genuine ways and wanting nothing in return!
Yes, today February 7th, is truly called; “Wave your fingers at your Neighbors Day” all of those wonderful fingers of yours in gestures of hello, of extensions of self to others and in kindness. If it can happen on a day dedicated to it, it can happen everyday, it can become something greater than the day itself and can bring back something that sustained folks and built character in children, that gave hope during times of heartache and hard times. It can bring back community one wave at a time. Just imagine the possibilities and the lessons being taught with one wave, one smile, one intention. It could become a movement toward better and greater understanding… it can start with you today and the message could be spread and go viral, oh I can just see it as it is incorporated into new dances, and those standing on the street or youth now beginning to get it and in turn waving at passerby folks rather than looking sullen or threatening or self absorbed; they could wave and smile, and feel the love when it is returned to them.. just imagine the feeling, the depth of it, the magnitude.
Throw a pebble in a pond and the ripple effect is astounding if you stay long enough to watch it, Wave at someone, smile, be genuine. Teach one reach one, and so it goes. And it is good. After all we all at some point need someone to wave, to care, to stand by us…. I’m waving at ya today, pay it forward and teach others while you wave on!

And so it is
Walk in Beauty



2 comments on “Wave your fingerS at your Neighbors Day

  1. *waving …waving….waving.* remember the days where people hung clothes on the line and waved across the fences as they talked back and forth..omg

  2. Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Enjoyed the message today. It would be grand if it was the way it used to be. Wave at your neighbor, pay respect to those who have passed, be a friend indeed. Hope everyone is waving today. I just came in from work and my neighbor was out with her new cute little dog. It was good to wave at her and say hello ☺ Sandy♥

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