What makes YOU feel loved

Happy and bright Monday everyone and everything. Just a few things to ponder on the most remarkable day today! 

“What makes YOU feel loved?”
As we approach the day known as the biggest day in the flower and candy industry; the day of Hallmark cards to fly off the shelves and those to fill restaurants and whisper sweet nothings to one another; I’m thinking of a larger, a bigger feeling; that love that fills the hearts, minds, souls, and nervous systems of people who love deeply. Not just lovers, spouses.. but those who love, who feel love for another in ways where there is no space or time …
What is it that fills you up and gives you that all over feeling we call “love” and in turn allows you to give it freely and without restriction or condition? Something to ponder on this day that we can call ours, that we can take into our brains and our very being and absorb as we move into this week of the little chubby cherub in diapers who is allowed a bow and arrow to flit around and aim at folks!
What is that all over feeling that we want so dearly and work to instill in children, and ourselves to develop and nourish each day by being our best selves along the path we walk; how does it feel when it happens and how do you feed it to sustain it?
What do YOU value most about that feeling, that thing you cannot often see or touch called “LOVE”.
Ah, so much to ponder this thing called love, such a remarkable feeling that fills the hearts and senses of those we call humans and animals and the very earth we stand on. Right down to our country, the love of it, the pride of each wave of a flag to each person of each country, state, community. People love to be in love, to be loved, to feel love. Yet I often wonder how often they spend time in thinking of “what makes them FEEL LOVED, what they do to sustain that love and to feed that feeling in good and positive ways”…
As we enter a new week, all new steps that we take all new words and actions we take, may you take them with love and intention to feed that love, those who give love, who give YOU the feeling that you long for, live for, and in turn that you give LOVE knowing the feeling you give when doing so.  There is no price tag that can be placed on that feeling, no better feeling than knowing that feeling of authentic pure love.
May you know love.
Walk in BEauty

3 comments on “What makes YOU feel loved

  1. hellooooodeinitely thoughts to ponder..I don't think I ever really thought about what makes me feel loved before.. hmmm..the smell of dinner cooking when you open the door, banana bread,sights of nature's beauty when I open the shade in the morning, sunshine and butterflies …the sound of my daughter's voice and the smile only she can smile… hmmm.. guess I'll enjoy thinking of this lazy Monday..thanks Doc for all you do for so many.. here's to wishing LOVEfor everyone today ..hugging my angel's, ♥sign me, A.

  2. Ahh love.I think people have this “romantic” idea of what love is and many have no real idea what love involves whether it is romantic relationship love or love of another person in the generic sense. Many equate gifts with love but for me…love comes in the form of time spent, supporting the ones I love, being there for the ones I love, overlooking the faults of ones I love, accepting the ones I love as they are and not as I want them to be. For me personally…what makes me feel loved comes in actions and not necessarily in words. While gifts are nice and that is how some people choose to show they are loved…the time spent is what is important to me. Great blog hon..and love and hugs to ye

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