The Flowers, The Joys (or…)

Oh how these roses took my breath away when they arrived yesterday! And as I look at them today they are even more spectacular, their intricate beauty amazes me, delights my senses and I am once again reminded of all that is beautiful and unique in life. I am indeed blessed by love and all its wonder from the feelings of unconditional love, to all that went into the growing and cultivating of these most remarkable roses. Oh how they stand so tall and reflect such beauty while filling my senses in such tremendous ways. I have moved them here and there and even to the floor to watch how the light dances on them, just to be more amazed in my enjoyment of each one of their petals.

 Oh yes, I do so love flowers, their texture fragrance, beauty. I hope that flowers have touched the lives of so many on Valentine’s Day, on this day. That those who bought them for others, for themselves are just as happy as I am, as child-like in their awe and excitement of them. I can only imagine the exhaustion of those who have sold them, have cleaned and de-thorned roses and other beautiful flowers over the last days, and who are now on phones to hear that some were damaged enroute to homes and offices, or that others did not receive what they took such care in ordering for those they care so deeply for. Of course there will be those calls from irate customers saying things that will stun and amaze. I have once worked in a flower shop, and heard some of the most incredible stories from ones who demanding that what they received they didn’t like as they were worth more and better from the giver! I always laughed like a maniac after getting off the phone of those calls. Boy can you even imagine this day and yesterday and those who will be like a tire? It will be one of those times where the rubber meets the road in customer service, and I’ve already heard from a warrior who is less than happy! Our Warrior Ali, is on the warpath against Teleflora it seems, and has rated their customer service on the same level as I have rated HP of late.  She has the pictures to prove it, and says they have even stopped answering their phones to voice her displeasure and will not make things right for her!  Oh theword of mouth” and those who choose to treat customers poorly in service will indeed be the downfall of many I do believe. When enough people tell of Good/Great service and products, we tend to buy those things, and when folks stand up, stomp and spread the same “word of mouth” on bad experiences or BAD customer service, and keep beating that drum, folks then will spread that news like a fire out of control until changes or made. We do have many choices, and many many places to do business with in these days and times. Ali chose to do business and to send flowers (not to me I might just add) and the results seemed to be not so good! She picked her choice from a photograph, and I along with many often do the same thing, and if substitutions have to made they usually let you know and ask if that is acceptable and if anything, they often substitute UP in look and value… at least that has been my experience. Poor and now angry Ali Legrand… not so much so as today she is not a happy camper and Tele-Flora is in hot water and not responding to her at all: this is what she ordered, and what was received: I would be hot as well.

Not only did she NOT get what she paid for and ordered, it sure looks like what she got was done by one of her little kids.
My My My, 
we as consumers have many many choices, and a large voice and we must find the energy to use that voice and spread the word while still finding humor, laughter, life in all that we do.
Buy yourself some flowers today, tend to them well once you get home by giving them a “fresh cut, and placing them in fresh water, in a vase”.
Enjoy them, move them around the room, put them on the floor and watch the light dance on their beautiful petals.
Enjoy each moment with that phone in your hand letting those businesses know when they get it right, or when they do not.
Oh yes, HP delivered the Pavilion yesterday, and as I unpacked it, I noticed no love letter but the very same laptop. A form was in it, the parts list of what they did. NO WHERE did it state a new mother board was installed, instead it read, that two parts either new or like new had been installed. Never have they ever mentioned these two parts in our hours and hours of conversations mind you. 
So the afternoon was spent in starting from scratch now, putting mozilla foxfire on, my Avast security on there, my Microsoft Word, publisher, excel, powerpoint programs on there. Re-establishing Facebook, Itunes, Apple for the phone and all that jazz, and just waiting for the next opportunity to use the warranty.
So for today, as I work I will move my roses to the table and enjoy them completely.
I trust you move into your day and just be giddy that it is yours to move into!
Kamryn and the family are on their way to Maryland for a weekend of basketball tournaments with NRV ELITE
and the excitement is in the van as this weekend they will not only ball hard for the championship but also gather with my Joan and Olivia!
It’s a reunion in the making and I will be rooting from here,
Go Elite as you strive for Excellence shooting those hoops, and then gather around a table with my girls.
Let the party begin!
Blessings to all for the greatest weekend you have yet to imagine!
Walk in Beauty,
      Sending you flowers, and remember today is the beginning of those chocolates being half price in the stores!
Customer service, let them know when they get it right


Customer services

Customer services (Photo credit: gordon2208)



4 comments on “The Flowers, The Joys (or…)

  1. Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. I didn't get of read your words yesterday until today. Those flowers were so beautiful. I also love flowers and would have them in my house often but my cats will not leave them alone. Best to not have them. Oh Ali and "A", I understand the Teleflora problems. Have had that same experience and would never use them again. Most recently, my nephew from Tampa ordered a lovely flower arrangement. When it arrived if was not like the photo, very small, and was dying by the next day. My Sis does not give up. She called and told them they needed to replace the. Decision made to replace and did not come in good condition. This happened 3 times and never arrived the way it was supposed to . My nephew ended up receiving his full purchase back. I had another problem with them in the past and would not ever order again. Terrible that companies do not do what is advertised. Hope your day is good. /Sandy♥

  2. oh what lovely flowers Sher….and love this blog. Happy Valentine’s day you had for sure…:) hugs

  3. helloooo..happy friday !! the chill in theair is being chased away by someblue sky and sunshine, and thatjust makes me happy ! I've had enough of 'liquid sunshine" for now, although the earth sure needed it.. and I'd much rather see rain instead of mounds of snow everywhere.. I'm definitely a bit spoiled by our gorgeous climate here in FL…I can relate to Ali and her frustration.. once again, we as theconsumer get rooked..a few years back I sent flowers, via teleflora, selected my purchase via photo.. and I was appalled when I heard the receiver told me they arrived in a box, with instructions on how to assemble the flowers to match thepicture.. and to top it off, they were delivered by UPS and left on the doorstep.. the vase was cracked and flowers crunched..needless to say, that was the final time I used Teleflora !!nothing surprises me anymore, much to my dismay..STOMP on Ali ! don't let their ignorance get the best of you ~I will be cheering for Kamryn and the ELITE team as they rise to the challenge on the hardwoods.. such an ambitious and talented young man you have there Doc, it's easy to understand your pride and enthusiasm, GO TEAM !Wishing for all warriors, near and far, to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing happy weekend.. prayers out for all in need.. thanks again Doc for being here and for all you do for so many peeps.. you ROCK !hugging my angels, ♥sign me, A.

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