Stress, Humor and Common Sense

Some days it may just feel like that photo, as we search our pockets, our brains and just about everywhere, looking for our keys, our wallets, and our minds! We live in a world of fast paced movement in the world and often in our homes and our very mind. Those who lay down at night, tired from the activities of the day only to find their mind is beside them ready to roll. The thoughts unwilling to turn off, and the thoughts to many to count or write down just flood and course through the system, only to get up the next morning feeling exhausted.
Stresss seems to be affecting and infecting folks around the globe and that is not something to laugh about yet humor is a magnificent coping mechanism. As we look around, see comments on the news and in social media realizing that common sense is not so common anymore. That stress that everyone feels and some talk about seems either self inflicted or else others find entry into the high rent district of the brain of others, often settling in their by what we are exposed to. It may be co-workers, it may be family members, it may be friends or world events. Often someone will just need a dumping ground and you may find yourself the recipient of the words and feelings of another who need a soft place to fall while spilling their emotional baggage when they land. Oh the possibilites are endless when living this wonderful life and the brain is awaiting your command of what to do and how to feel each moment each second of life. We can feel desperation or inspiration while moving through the day, with humor or with sullenness while keeping it real OR not.
It’s interesting when listening to someone talk about their choices and responding with true and very real answers or comments only to have them respond with “Oh I shouldn’t have told you, no matter what I do you get mad”. You then realize that they have not or choose not to hear at all anything other than what they want to hear as mad was not even on the table!
People who made poor or bad choices often find a way to defend them, and defend they do. Common sense is not so common anymore. We see posts and signs on Facebook and social media of goodness and spiritual enlightenment on mistakes and growth from bad choices and errors made in life, the steps folks take to better each one; yet we also see and know of those who repeat the same thing over and again, and never really change their situations or their state of being. The stress remains, the frustration mounts, the helpers grow weary of the help extended and so it goes, the common sense is not found and one must rely on humor to keep their sanity and their mind intact.
The support and money spent to boost or assist change in another would be better spent to put a down payment on an island and build a mote around it, to get away from it all so that the mind can remain free to embrace the simple joys of life and just be giddy all the time while listening to music and dancing in the moonlight rather than worry while tossing and turning becoming sleep deprived in an attempt to change the world events and those who do not have the common sense to change their situation or their paths.
Oh yes, our minds are just waiting for the most simple of commands; things like, “yes, thank you, please, no I won’t make impulse buys, yes I will think before I speak, NO I will not make the same mistake twice or 50 times…”
Little things that make a life changing moment that will then be made into habits and life changing events by practice, practice practice. the brain loves and thrives on consistency. Children practice and learn what they see; adults mimic the efforts of others in kindness and compassion and good deeds.
It really is not so complicated when you think about the “golden rule” that may grew up and still hold sacred.

With that in mind, may I also extend my deepest condolences to the family of DEBBIE FORD today. A woman who helped folks emerge from the darkness, an author, speaker, bestseller. A woman who helped so many along her journey and theirs, and she will be missed as she now dances on clouds and provides rainbows to those of us here, may she soar on the wings of the almighty Eagle. We thank her for all that she gave so many in her life’s work.

Breathe dear ones, work through that stress, and take gentle care of you while using humor and being your best, remembering that common sense is still in vogue! May you always have sand in your shoes and a pebble in your pocket!

Walk in BEauty,


6 comments on “Stress, Humor and Common Sense

  1. helloooogreat words, awesome songand spectacular flip flops.. surewould like to find a pair of thosefor me to wear to the 'office'..@ Sandy , thanks for the wishes for warmth and sunshine on our face, at this moment we have both..wishing for all of you up north a reprieve from the blasts of cold winter weather.. y'all are much more tolerant than myself.. we've had a brief cold spell and I'm ready to move south !best day wishes to all ~Thanks Doc for brightening theday !hugging my angels, ♥sign me, A.

  2. Thank you Dr. Sherry for your good words today. Much needed for so many, including myself. Strees is a tough thing to try to let go of. I know this for sure. Take care and have a peaceful day. I hope it is warm and the sun is shining on you this day. /Sandy♥

  3. I am incredibly humbled and honored that you chose to include my blog article in your “related articles”!!! Thank you!

  4. As always great words of wisdom friend. One reason I love blogging so much instead of the social media places like FB. MUCH MUCH less drama and stress. You and I both know what great relief humor is ok. Love your words. love and hugs Deb

  5. Wado, Sherry … and AMEN ♥

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