I just think it’s a GREAT DAY…

Happy National Margarita Day! Happy Friday, happy Everything to everyone and just everything… A day that the sun is shining here in Margaritaville all over the place even out there in the Midwest where the snow plows have braved the snows and managed to even move snow to now block in folks by moving that snow to barricade driveways in KS I hear. We can only hope they have the mixing s for Margaritas and Jimmy Buffett music ready to go on the speakers as they try to stay warm and visualize the beach and flip flops over the weekend. And who was it that “declared this? I’m thinkin it was a liquor lovin, cocktail lovin someone somewhere life enjoyin someone somewhere and who am I to queston it! Let’s just roll with it, those who like it with tequila, or with just the tart taste and no booze, have at it, call it a MARGARITA and have a grand time!

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 Here’s what they say about Margaritas and this day dedicated to that great drink whether frozen or on the rocks or served in cute little glasses or poured from a pitcher! “ The margarita cocktail—a famous concoction of tequila, Cointreau or Triple Sec, and lime juice—has been around since the 1940s. Every bartender in the world has put a unique spin on this classic, but no one knows who created the original.
“Dozens of people claim that they invented the margarita, including a bartender named Willie from Mexico City. He said that in 1934 he created and named the drink for his friend Marguerite Hemery. Another popular legend is that Carlos “Danny” Herrera developed the drink at his restaurant in Tijuana in 1938. He invented it for Marjorie King, a customer who was allergic to all hard alcohol except tequila, and didn’t like its sour taste. Another story is that the Dallas socialite Margarita Sames mixed up the drink in 1948 for a house full of guests. One of them was Tommy Hilton who later added the drink to the bar menu at his hotels.
While the true identity of the tequila master may never be known, the margarita will go down in history as one of the most popular mixed drinks of all time. To celebrate National Margarita Day, invite some friends over and enjoy a pitcher of homemade margaritas!”
So many songs have been sung and written about Margaritas and tequila and the powers of both…
one thing is for sure, tequila will sure make some things happen if one is not careful!

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 Wishing you a great day on this Margarita day, let the good times roll… and be careful out there if you join in with the Margarita parties!

Tomorrow there will be a party going on in Holiday FL, and bikers will ride for a strong warrior in the battle of her life along with those in cars who will show up to support, to join in community. Some coming in for a weekend by plane to also show support and to help. Many have contributed from businesses, from their talents, and many are volunteering to make this one helluva an event and raise monies to benefit Louise “Wheezie” Duckworth in her battle against Cancer. A woman who has given all to so many now needs others as she fights, as she has NO insurance and she is fighting for herself and her beloved family.
They will make some joyous noise, the food the 50/50 drawings, the raffles, the live music, the Bike Show… All will go on from 11am to 11pm in Holiday FL. Tampa Bay area and Pasco, Hernando, Hillsborough, make some noise… share this with anyone you might know and wherever you are … send some loving light to her and those who love her.

Louise Eegan Duckworth Benefit
Feb 23, 2013
1936 Albacus RD
Holiday FL
Buying a ticket, gets you a great time, dinner and all the enjoyment you can stand, along with meeting some great folks in many communities, and the proceeds go straight to Louise and Joel Duckworth.
Can‘t make it but want to help?
 Joel Duckworth @ 1051 Island Avenue Tarpon Springs FL. 34689

  One match, once lit, can light up the night, can light the light of another and a community of those who love and care can outshine the sun.

Welcome to your weekend friends, “CHEERS” 

Walk in beauty

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise (Photo credit: Drunken Monkey)


5 comments on “I just think it’s a GREAT DAY…

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  2. […] I just think it’s a GREAT DAY… (drses.wordpress.com) […]

  3. wishing you a bright and beautiful SUN out there and over there in the MIDWEST.. blessings for a joyous weekend and one with forever homes for all those at the shelter!

  4. Well, Happy Friday to you Dr. Sherry and friends. I hope it is a grand one and you enjoy your day. I pray that the event of Louise will be a fantastic one tomorrow with much love and support. My prayers and good thoughts for Louise and her family. Well, weather was okay at 5:30 a.m. when I left for work but by 6:00 it was blowing and snowing so hard you could barely see the road. It is now 11:00 and it is still blowing hard and heavy and snowing blizzard like. I hope it stops before I leave at 3:00. Wishful thinking that it will stop snowing soon, the sun will come out and melt it all and it will be 60 degrees at 3:00 LOL LOL ☺ Wishing each of you a very happy Friday. Take care friends. Stay warm wherever you are. /Sandy♥

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