Sometimes you have to remember …

Sometimes it helps to remember we all are human, we forget to set our core muscles when we get up from the bed and start our day. It just may be that too many thoughts are running havoc in our beautiful brains, the clock forgot to ring and we are hustling out the door into the world of traffic and much to do with too little time to get it all done. Whatever the reasons and the reasons are many, sometimes life and choices and being tired or whatever may be, can just knock us down… or someone may.  The knocking us down might come at a time when we are off our feed, off our guard, off or out of sync with the world and surroundings or feeling like all is good with our world… But it is in those times that we may find ourselves hit where we live and the knock either takes a lot from someone or something, and it can take more than the breath away. 
But to stay down, whatever got us that way better bring back up just as that photo above says! Unless one chooses to stay down and rest a bit or gaze at the sun or stars, or catch a breath, or climb back up, or jump up and ask “is that all you got?”.
Life and its beauty can be fragile, can be breathtaking and those who walk with you can sometimes take your breath away in both good great, outstanding and devastating ways. 
To listen well always involves hearing what is not being said, then tuning in as one tunes a fine instrument to hear it all, to realize that still there is goodness still there is some wicked things that will knock you on your ass. But how you stand, how you jump back, how you act rather than react will determine the beat of your heart and the souls ability to heal and laugh.  Wishing you a day of splendor as we now have sprung forward and are enjoying the light, the long and beautiful light as it dances on the trees, the grasses, the reflections of one who is watching the sun now and its shadows dance in the glory of a new day.

Got back ups? STAND if even at times it feels or is true that you may stand alone. Stand for what is right, what is truth, what is YOU as you find balance in your stride and beauty in each step.
Walk in Beauty



4 comments on “Sometimes you have to remember …

  1. helloooooo!!I really have missed being here to read and comment.. as said, things, like that ever nasty flu bug can surely knock your socks off.. I've been working and sleeping , not much of anything else.. I saw a great comment today which goes along with all your words of wisdom.. " when life knocks you down, roll over and gaze at the sky, the stars, the moon.. and you'll be renewed to get back on your feet ".yes Doc, a lot of strentgh comes from the attitude you take, thework you choose to put forth to get back at living again…first step .. BREATHE …Thanks for all you do for so many,each and every day …hope everyone rolls into a happy and healthy week ahead !!Stomp on ~~hugging my angels, ♥ sign me,A.

  2. Good afternoon, great words of wisdom. Get up stand up for what you believe in. Take the road to truth and understanding. Your heart has stood still for what is happening you have no control over what is going on. You pray, wish for the wisdom that it will be ok. You stand up and say I will be there for you. I will stand by you, you can call on me. Your heart is breaking and you dont know what to believe. Believe in the love you have shared for so many years and the truth will prevail. Our hearts go out for all of the troubled ones who is fighting a battle in their hearts. Tell the truth, do what is right for you and others. Your people will stand by you and hold you up, the truth will be the right thing to do. Fight the battle, learn, listen, be true to yourself. Thanks to your blog we can feel, type, hope, and love. Thanks for being there for us. Blessings to all.

  3. amen to that. Wonderful blog. Life is a choice. Sometimes we get knocked down but the choice to stay down is ours. Love this. Hugs and luv

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