Well here we are… the first day of April and the day of pranks, punks and all around fun to start the newness of April! Oh my, hold on to your hat and don’t wear your heart on your sleeve is my first thought of the day! Wear green so you don’t get pinched.. no wait, that was for St. Pat’s Day… ok Ok, color those eggs and then find them and throw them as far as you can for contests in Germany or wherever you can find a group of folks ready to compete…
NO wait, that was yesterday wasn’t it?

Ok OK… that’s right it’s instead the day to tell folks things and then say
APRILS FOOL !!! with glee and just outright silliness!

That’s it, now I remember…

“ALL POLITICIANS WORK FOR US and have the peoples best interest first 

    APRIL FOOLS be safe out there, cos we know that common sense is not as common as it once was!  LAUGH LOUDLY, ENJOY MUCHLY AND PRANK ON… it’s the day of humor!

Yes, now I remember this day… Go out and have some fun with it… Celebrate, joyful noise and good fun it’s APRIL, c’mon spring we are rooting for ya. And that is no joke…


Walk in beauty

 NOW THEN this is the serious part of the day, we need you here to VOTE****Remember we need votes for Deb, daily votes to get her mobile… Please join me in voting and sharing with everyone you know…



  1. hellooooooyippee !! It's APRIL !spring time has arrived .. love the month of april, flowers all in bloom,sunshine skies and just nature in all of her beauty !I escaped all of the pranking today and am hitting the pillow for some sweet springtime dreams..prayers out to all warriors and their loved ones.. votes in for Deb..blessings to all !hugging my angels, ♥sign me, A.

  2. Aprils fool day. Yep I did it, got several water aerobatic friends this morning, bugs crawling on them, torn bathing suit etc.. Fun, fun. The members wanted to know what I was on, I said a chocolate protein shake for breakfast. Just think of what else I could have done if I had my daily banana and yogurt? I should have taken my plastic cock roach that would be fun. Cant tell Kam where it will be hid next you could hear a 11yr. old boy scream like a little girl. Rainy day today will have to think of something to get into. Swimming lesson, aerobatic done until Wed.. Have a happy, laughing day. I won the lottery. April fool. Blessings

  3. Happy April Fools Day friends – hope you have some good hearted fun. /Sandy♥

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