Getting ready to fly, see you in the clouds!

Ah what a feeling … to be standing on the beach and see all those birds just take flight at once to celebrate a sunset! It was magical, it was musical, it was just outright breathtaking… as if the Creator had beat the drum just for them to hear and to take the call to take flight at once.

Here we are with a new day, the sun is shining and the warmth of spring seems to have found some as others still wait for the cold to go away and not come back til months and months from now… the leaves are finding their green and the flowers are beginning to find their color and the skies and clouds are … well just amazing they are!

  Tomorrow I will find my way into the air and on my way to the Star City of the South; Roanoke VA, and meet with Activity Directors of VA… in their 34th annual conference there.
It’s sure to be a grand week and weekend as I meet with so many who are working in long term care, in rehab centers, nursing homes, and even a few of hospice and healthcare settings around southwest Virginia who come for this 3 day conference in the Star City of the South to restore, energize and engage professionally.

  Up on that mountain in Roanoke VA you will see the star that has given it the title of being the Star City of the South, it burns brightly at night, and is known to so many, a bright star it is… and some fine folks live in those hills and surrounding areas. I look forward to meeting them all while there.
Who knows… maybe Elvis will make an appearance, or music from the Andrews Sisters will get those folks remembering “back in the day” as the remember self care is NOT an option as they now provide care for the Elders and those in need of care no matter the age around their areas!

  Well there is the proof! Mom/Dot/Cob with Elvis and activity director cuz Angie at the Pulaski Rehab in Pulaski VA, as he entertained residents there not so long ago! Still have to wonder how the girls just knew how to wear red in order to match ole’ Elvis in his outfit that day… guess they are JUST THAT GOOD!

So there ya have it, another day in paradise, and ready to pack it up for time in the Star City of the South where we are only limited by our imaginations in taking care of self in order to do our best for those we care for in our lives and our professional lives.
Music is the universal language, maybe not so much “elevator music” but “real music”… I have often wondered why in nursing homes and long term care facilities music is not flowing through speakers just everywhere and local musicians not invited to sing/play at cocktail hours or special times of the day and evening to entertain. Songs from “back in the day” from the war times, the jive and boogie times and songs that can bring someone from just sitting and staring to tapping their toes and engaging on a soul level and bring a sparkle back to the eyes that speaks from the heart and is more than words could ever say… Maybe they will talk about this in one of the many sessions over those three days this week.  
Doing conferences for 34 years, is quite wonderful as it restores, it gives lessons from experience, from the front lines, from the true experts. Those that professionals are honored to provide to care for; those are the real experts in any field.

video by

LET‘S LISTEN TO SOME MUSIC TODAY and count the many blessings of life and all its wonder.
Oh boy, I even get to see the family this weekend, to see that jumpman Kam shoot the hoops in a tournament with NRV ELITE on Saturday, to see Godson D’Vante and to see Mom/Dot/Cob… Now how bout that for a perk?
Let’s gooo NRV ELITE practice, ball hard I’m coming to holler live and in person!

with that said, it is time to VOTE FOR DEB
SHE NEEDS THE DAILY VOTES from all of you and ALL you know to get mobile, to be safe, to enhance her quality of life… it only takes a few minutes. 

NOW, don’t ya feel better for being a positive, powerful force today and every day? I knew you would…


  Walk in beauty



4 comments on “Getting ready to fly, see you in the clouds!

  1. Boy, going back to read that blog, I was on a roll, right. I can write when it is something I am passionate about. People reading this, get busy and get out and help other people who cant help themselves. Thanks to all

  2. Love my Elvis, that was a great day as I was a helper for my niece at the Re-hab center. Elvis hugged, sang and sat on laps the ladies who was residents loved him. He sure showed a lot of love to all of us including the niece and me. It is so rewarding to be a helper in a Nursing home. I have volunteered in our local nursing home calling Bingo for 18yrs. The love to play the game and is very serious, if I am a minute late I have to play another game to make up for the loss. There is such a need for people to come in and share some love with residents that have no family or maybe have family but do not take the time to come visit. Tues. I had to take some extra time to help the hair dresser to wash my little friend Anna Sue hair. I noticed it had not been cut and washed so I got my trusted friend Renee to go to the hair dresser and find out why. She came back and said she would not let you wash her hair unless you stay with her. I never realized how difficult it is to wash someone hair that has not walked in her life. Her head will not stay up straight unless you hold it, I got a bath and she did too even with using everything she had to keep us dry. She cut her hair real short and she looked like a little Angel. It took at least 30min. out of my life but the reward is much greater. Care givers are really never appreciated as they should be by management or staff. It seems these days it is all about money. Of course in some places when you are hired to replace someone that has been there for years, there are complaints you dont do it like she did, we want to do this and on and on. You have to be a strong person to get thru this time of change. I will tell you my niece the Activities Director Angie is strong like me and she has won them over. I am so proud of her. Single mom raising 2 children taking computer classes and holding down a full time job. You go girl. Music does make a difference and I can tell you when my dad had alzhimers and he was in the Nursing home I took my minister with his guitar down to the home. Residents there who had not talked was in a circle and it brought tears to your eyes to hear them singing and happy. They not only sang hymns, lots of blue grass and special Rocky Top. Thank you caregivers, thank you Dr. SES for all of your Compassionate Healing and Care Giving conferences for all of us. Blessings to all

  3. hellooooooothank you for an uplifting read and for sharing the pics of Elvis and his 'girls' .. I think DOT/COB is an amazing lady, full of charm and spirit ..such a great example of walking the walk of paying it forward each day ..sounds as if you have a great week ahead of you .. perhaps you can bring up the topic of music as a healing tool.. can't think of anyone else who would be able to inspire folks any better ..Safe travels and lots of fun for you, that is my wish for you..I have an unexpected day off here.. what to do ?? the music is already streaming, the sun is bright and warm , thinking I'm blessed to be part of this beautiful day, and feeling my heart full of gratitude.. just clicked my daily vote, and have tried to spread the word.. fingers crossed for Deb to be the most deserving winner !!Blessings and prayers to all warriors and their families ~happy day to all !sign me, hugging my angels,♥ A.

  4. Dr. Sherry, have a great trip and I know those there in Virginia will be much better with hearing your words and wisdom. Enjoy your family time and making memories. Still looking for spring here in Michigan. It was 25 degrees when I left for work this morning. Was nice over the long weekend but the cold came back today. Take care friends and enjoy your day. /Sandy♥

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