Thoughts on Boston: and our country

The country is mourning, we are still in shock at the bombs that exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. We now know it was an act of “terrorism” yet no one has claimed responsibility, or taking the “credit” for once again setting everyone on edge and taking lives, maiming the innocent and creating carnage on a beautiful day in Boston. No one has bragged nor made other threats or claimed this as a coup against the most powerful country in the world as of yet.

We know and have witnessed the horror either up close and personal, or in the repeated scenes on the news. We’ve seen the blood, the shocked faces, the stories of death and of limbs that were blown off on a day of excitement, preparations and joy filled times that is an annual ritual there in Boston. 

We’ve heard that whoever did this heinous act will be found and brought to justice, and we still feel vulnerable, still wonder why, when. We’ve now been told the “how” of it.

I have to wonder if we as regular folks have and are being told too much; given too much information on the “how of it”; given too much on the details of it. There are a lot of “wannabes” in the world who now know how to do the same things, to try to “copycat” devastation, horror, and settle a grudge if you will. We hear that this bomb is one that instructions can be found on internet sites and I have to wonder, “why”.

Many are saying this has brought back images of 9/11… a beautiful day, people out and about living their lives and doing their thing; when all of a sudden our world stood still, but in a smaller scale. We have become too complacent since 9/11.  We have become less than the kind and caring people since the days and months after 9/11.  We have now seen more violence, more hatred, more tolerance for decreased respect since the year after 9/11.

Many events are happening now, the MS150 in Texas is under way, where riders will mount their bikes and ride for the cure of MS 170 miles in two days. Many will be standing at the finish lines and yet there is fear there now… Many across our country are preparing and attending huge events, where there will be large crowds gathering, where fellowship and togetherness should be able to be held with no thought of terror or madness or meanness. Yet Boston has changed that for all of us. Our children and adults are waking from nightmares now, with one question; “why”.

Perhaps it is time that we as people were not privvy to the many and complex details of how to construct bombs, and the intricicies of what is being done to such degree, although many are so filled with doubt, with hate that they already have their theories their desire to cast blame. Perhaps we should do as we are hopefully suggesting to our children; 
FOCUS ON THE HELPERS and those who continued on after the race, running to the hospitals to donate blood. Those who walked or ran through their personal fear and picked up the injured and offered assistance or a hand to soothe or to calm another.
Let us focus on each other, while honoring the fallen, the dead, the families and loved ones and those who were witnesses to the act of terrorism that occurred on our streets of Main Street America.    Let us focus on healing our Nation and our people from within.
While giving thanks to those who responded and who snapped into action in the face of chaos. Let us focus on those brave men and women who were there, who did not falter and did not fail to take action in seconds to save lives and to care for their fellow human being on a day that each felt their own personal 9/11.

      Let us pray for them, for each other and for our priorites to return to that of the greatest Nation in the world.

Whoever did this has a special place in hell reserved just for them or their group, may it be swift and felt hard as our military and our justice folks look beneath each rock, through each photo and video that is being provided to them to find the one(s) responsible. 

May we find the strength to put our judgments and bias and (expert knowledge from our chairs in our homes) aside as we let the forensic experts do their jobs and those with the skills to find what they need to be successful.

   Let us hold on to faith, to hope, to the strong belief that we are a country who work best, live best, when we stand united. This is a call to stand united. To erase the party lines that create and sustain more hate and division while coming together to strengthen and get things done for the greater good of each of us in our lives while making safe all of us.

Thank goodness I got me that new flag pole today, I have to raise my flag once again, as these colors do not run, and I want to be sure that mine is up and flying. Hope yours is as well. WE are America, we must stand united arm in arm not only in crisis but in each and every day.

  While we do not know who, we do not know the motives YET… we will and they will find out. But even when that is done, it will not take away the pain, the trauma, the harm that was done. It will not take away the fact that precious lives were taken in a heart beat, that many more lost the very limbs that they had been running with to compete, to be their personal best on a sunny day. It will not erase the images, the photos the memories that are now seared in the brain and nervous system of millions now.
BUT we all want justice and we want it to be quick, we want the person(s) held responsible yet we do not want their actions or them to get a lot of press once they are found.

WE do need to be mindful and God knows we need to change our ways of how we treat each other with each breath.

It will not help the families, friends, and those of us who find this absolutely horrific.
 It will not eradicate the reality that we in this country need more kindness to our brothers and sisters and must find a way to END THE VIOLENCE that is happening daily in our communities for no reason. WE must look for the helpers as we process this day, we must look for ways to get back to the days of waving at our neighbors, of reaching out to others and of teaching our children respect, of commanding respect … we must be and do better as Americans and as living beings in a world that we call home.

Our prayers for those who were murdered and their families. Prayers for those who lost their limbs, who were harmed and those who are fighting now for their precious lives in Boston and those who love them.

Prayers for each of you and our country to heal.

We are all connected and what we say or do to another we do to ourselves.  Our hearts may be broken, but never our spirit when we Unite…

Walk in Beauty



2 comments on “Thoughts on Boston: and our country

  1. Very heartfelt words Dr. Sherry. What a sad event and those out having a happy time and celebrating and such a tragic outcome. I hope whoever did this is found out soon. Prayers going up for our great USA. /Sandy♥

  2. hellooooooI must comment that the impact on my heart by your words today was immense.. I agree that the focus in our daily lives needs to be on hope, faith and love for one another..Justice will be served I am sure,it will be a matter of time and due process.Hopefully, the families of those who have losta loved one will persevere and find the faith and strentgh to carry on..hopefully their hearts will mend, they will mend their families pain by sharing the deep roots of love.The hope cannot be lost..we are much stronger than that.May the creator Bless the USAprayers abound on the wings of angels. Thank you Doc for all you do for so many of us on a daily basis..sign me, hugging my angels,♥ A.

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