Boston and the country slept last night

THANK YOU to all who responded, to all behind the badge, to all who listened and stayed behind the safety of their homes as we watched, we listened, we felt the tension in our bodies and our minds tried to grasp the horror of terrorism on our soils yet again. Thank you and God Bless your relentless walking with such fierce determination to capture this person who was responsible for such harm of the innocent on a beautiful day in Boston as runners ran and those on the streets cheered them on. We all slept last night, knowing that our brothers and sisters are safer… they are safer right? We are stronger and safer know that we have once again had such tragedy and evil stain our streets of our homes and a war like scene show up on our land now knowing that we must do and be better stewards of peace among each other in our day to day lives while living mindfully. While extending kindness to our fellow man here like days gone by. We must run to each other like the brave ones who ran after those moments of a bomb in Boston to each other to help and render aide, to give blood and to be the best of the best of humanity, rather than walk calmly away as the profile of terror was caught on video doing uncaring and unmoved by what had occurred. We must celebrate as Boston filled the streets last night did and celebrate the heroes who did not falter nor fail in their strength, energy and determination to find the one left that was responsible for this terror.

 Yes there is much to celebrate today, much to be thankful for. It is not something to now just skip over and forget so casually in the list of “what is next” as people move along on the never ending agenda or the “next thing”.  Precious lives have been needlessly ended while others are fighting to live in hospitals, and others will now have to heal, be fitted with prosthetics and years of counseling and months of physical therapy to adjust to a life very different than the one that was filled with hopes and dreams. It is a time to celebrate the safety that is now filling the hearts, minds and souls of a community and also a country for right now while grieving those who died along with those who were so injured and those who need our thoughts.  

It is NOT a time for casting blame to anything or anyone other than those responsible or dividing our country any further than it has already been torn or divided… how can that help now?

It is a beautiful Saturday, a Saturday that we wait for answers that we still want answered yet we must wait. So as we wait, let us celebrate those brave men and women that did not sleep, did not probably eat or see their families but stayed the course and were relentless in their pursuit … They were the heroes and they deserve our respect, our thanks and our admiration.

Have the most wonderful of wonderful Days today, feeling the blessings of this day as you move into it with knowing that the good still outweighs the bad.
Out in Texas the riders are ready to roll over MS today, they are ready to put their butts on those tiny little seats of those bikes and take to the roads for 170 miles in two days. Thousands will gather along the route including our Laura Roorda as she flew there to be with her girls Shauna and Dixie…
She will again be at that finish line screaming and crying with arms wide open to hug those exhausted and butt sore girls this year; along with many many more who are hoping and praying this is the year; this is the year that MS will be rolled over and the CURE IS FOUND.

YES, let this be the year as thousands gather to watch those riders and as they face the wind, the bugs in their teeth, the muscle cramps and the hard ride they ride, and the money they raise… Let this be the year that the CURE IS FOUND… 
Here’s Laura and her daughter Shauna as they are “On The Road Again” heading out for the MS150 to ride all over MS… Best of rides as Laura trails them in that car and will be standing on the finish line just laughing/crying/and hollering her lungs out!

They have just arrived at the start!
Here’s to the MS150 in Texas

Happy weekend to all, 
Walk in Beauty,



2 comments on “Boston and the country slept last night

  1. and a big WHOOOO HOOOO to SHauna as she rides for MS and for Laura as she trails them…GO GET EM GIRL!!!

  2. sadly, I feel like the news reporter that said “this is how it will be now as we effectively blew apart the Al Quaida. It will be the homegrown terrorists that we must fight”…is right and as our country evolves to this, there will be new learning on how to deal with it. I think they did a great job after the fact and hopefully with training and learning, they will be able to stop it before the fact.

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