Pink Full Moon Tonight

Today just might have you wondering what in the world is going on with people, with traffic, with moods.… rest assured it is the pull of the moon that you will get a view of tonight in all its fullness! The Pink Moon it is called, yet unless you are wearing your rose colored glasses it may not appear so Pink to you at all.
This pink moon brings a lunar eclipse to many if you are in Europe, Africa or Asia, but won’t be visible here in the USA however some will tell you they have seen that full moon in its pinkness and its fullness in Aprils before. 

  This pink full moon got its name  from the herb moss pink, or wild ground phlox, which is one of the earliest widespread flowers of the spring. Oh how I can remember phlox spreading all over the banks of my beloved Granny‘s home and in the countrysides and the ways it just appeared magical.

There are other names for this month’s celestial body include the Full Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and among Native American coastal tribes the Full Fish Moon, because this was the time that the shad swam upstream to spawn. We will see the brightness and can reflect of how folks would gather, hunt, fish and prepare for so much under the light of this April moon, while also being able to imagine the pinkness from the reflection of that phlox being captured in its light.

Having read my thoughts before those in the world of health care, emergency wards trauma centers or the life of caregivers also know the impact of the full moon on people! They are known to ask each other during times when things seem a bit off, or actions or behaviors of others a bit tense, “Is this a full moon?” As it will always appear that things just get ramped up on emotions and actions during times of tide shifts and that moon that seems to be so full and bright while people can sometimes just be of the hook in their actions their pain their behaviors.  That seems to last after the brightest of nights as well as again we see the tides change and people change with the rolling and ever-changing moods of the days along with the nights adjusting to the moon and her after effects.

While skywatchers here in the states may be disappointed that they don’t get to see a rich pink moon or the eclipse, what they will see is still beautiful, and if the clouds part they will see the brightness and beauty of our moon. No matter the differences of individuals or groups we will all stand in wonder of the moon and see the same moon full and it will be a night of being United across the lands. And for that I give great thanks that the moon has brought us together. This pink moon traditionally lets us know that it is the end of winter and the beginning of spring glorious and wonderful spring. I so hope that those in Kansas, Colorado, Minnesota and Michigan are really watching this moon and will believe it is time to put away their boots and find their flip flops after such a cold and extended winter there.

Continued prayers and thoughts for those who have been harmed needlessly by acts of terror and meanness across our Nation as we work harder for peace, compassion and kindness.

My continued disgust for Congress who refuse to put the people first as they stay in “self mode” rather than compromise mode to end this mess that is man made while harming so many in sequester and in day to day living. IF only we could cut their salaries, cut the fraud that is dipping into our Nation’s abundance, get people working and change what is broken while keeping our money in the pockets of our people. We must remember to stop watering the grass of other lawns while our own grass is parched.

With that said, enough said, it is time to enjoy life enjoy this day…

Have you voted for our warrior EE here today?
Click this link each day and cast your vote for her to get mobile! Click each day… she needs us now!


Thanks to all.

Walk in beauty



5 comments on “Pink Full Moon Tonight

  1. was beautiful moon until the clouds came. I love the horizon moon for it looks huge. Is time to get our seeds underground. Son has build his grow light bed so that our plants are big when time to put them outside. My feelings are with you on congress and the government. It is sad that they have lost sight of their jobs that we the people elect them to do. hugs

  2. I love the pink full moon and also love Phlox flowers. The photos were beautiful Thank you for the information on the pink full moon. I really had never heard of it before. I do hope that here in Michigan Spring will be here and stay soon. We actually had snow yesterday afternoon and the day before it was high 60s. Really crazy weather here. So ready for sunshine and warmth. Take care friends and have a peaceful evening. /Sandy♥

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Love phloxs. Up until 2 years ago, I have always had them in a large container between my garage doors. Think I should go get more to plant this year. Love the Native American "full fish moon" story, and I also remember when fishermen would go out to throw nets out for the shad during this time, and used them for fish bait to catch lots of fish. Guess they still do. Two memories I had forgotten about. Just never knew the Native American story behind the pink moon. If I remember correctly, shad smell horrible, but fishermen love to use them for baiting their hooks. Blessings to all. Am still voting for the 2 who are running in the 2 different contests.

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