Next Stop NYC

Ready to fly … Times square here I come. Guess I’ll have to stand outside waving on that T.V show, now let me think… Al Roker I think it is where folks just wave and are so friendly early in the morning somewhere up there, yes that is the one right before joining the many who fast walk and zoom through the days in cars, taxis and on foot going about doings and goings at fast paces. Oh that’s me all right!
I’ll wear my Michael Jordan’s in order to try and keep up and not get run over, that should work out just fine.

The energy of the city has always amazed me always made me glad to wear dark shades as I find a place to people watch and take mental notes of surroundings and people that move so quickly about their days and nights. Taking it all in and enjoying all the lights, sounds and movements of so many along the way.

It will be an awesome few days of business and pleasure to be sure. 

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing please find time to STOP take a deep breath and exhale fully while looking at all that is around you… it will give you balance, it will remind you of the great gifts that surround you.

Blessings to all who gather here.

Off to the airport, and UP UP and away today.
Big city here I come…

Walk in beauty


2 comments on “Next Stop NYC

  1. Have a fabulous time in New York. That sounds like a lot of fun along with the work. Great people watching places. That is someplace I want to go someday. I hear New York is awesome! I look forward to photos and your experience there. Someday I want see Lady Liberty. Be safe. /Sandy♥

  2. hellooooooSafe Travels Doc !!I have been to the Big Apple only a couple of times… wowser.. sure alot to take in , arts, people, the famous taxi drivers and Central Park..best time of the year there I'm thinking..enjoy every minute.. and knowing the way you love to people watch..well, you might as well be going tothe biggest side show on earth..Blessings to you !!we'll be thinking of you ~hugging my angels, ♥sign me, A.

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