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Things Happy People Do Differently

give yourself the thoughts and the movement you deserve…

Simply danLrene

Many studies have been done on people who are happy and those that are not and what kind of skills happy people do differently. Happy people work towards solutions and do not just sit focused on the problems and all that is wrong. Ask yourself when you speak….which comes out first? Mention of bad things or mention of the good things in life?  Well the good news is, you can retrain your brain to think more positively and have a happier life.

retrain your brain

image and info from capiche.us

So, as I was reading, I came across ten things that Happy people do differently. As I looked at the list I was mentally checking off which ones I do and which ones I might not be doing. What I realized is that I am pretty much the happy person that everyone thinks I am. So, what you see with me is what…

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