The Red Bird Danced

Good morning everyone and everything! I heard the familar sound before ever seeing my first visitor this morning… and then he landed first on the little ledge of the screen, then dancing in front of me to be certain of my attention… and finally landing so close as if to say, “well do you see me now?”  After getting out to take the picture, I was grateful and saw the female arrive and land nearby in the tree, the talk continued and then the dance continued. How blessed to watch, to see, to feel  as I enjoyed my coffee this morning… the Red Bird and spirit surrounded me.

We are so blessed to see the beauty that surrounds us, to hear their joyous song and to know that they are allowing us those moments and messages to share and to receive.

How is your world this day? Did you walk out to some chill in the air this morning as the sun is now coming up to get its shine on? Folks are still with the OneLove Jamfest memories going strong here, the sounds and the feeling still strong in hearts who attended. Those who put that event together still feeling the exhaustion that comes after; the absolute relief of success along with pure mental exhaustion of such an intense day of gathering and emotions from joy and painful loveliness combined to give everyone a day to remember… and a day to remember it was.  I plan to do a blog of just the sponsors of this event this year; those who donated and were so generous… those are the businesses that I plan to support and to spread the word about, for it is business like that we need to do business with both locally and long distance whenever possible!

Of course it is hard to order a pizza from Colorado that gives 20% to the Landon Korabek OneLove memorial I know… but it is good to know that they did! For it is in the spirit of giving that gives us all hope, no matter where you live or hang your hat… and businesses here came out with some great support I must tell you.

LOVE WINS and it heals, educates, creates awareness and allows the darkest days to turn to light and sun that shines for so many at some point along the journey. that is hope in the healing.

My hope for all today is that you find your way to the best of days; the way to promoting awareness in all good things, that you are able to find ways to hold on to the good things knowing that even in times of great challenges, great fear, great struggle… the good outweighs the bad.
 “Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish it.” – Unknown
I wish you enough.
 Walk in Beauty,



3 comments on “The Red Bird Danced

  1. what a beautiful image of the red birds dancing and getting your attention. I can just see you sitting on the Lanai watching. Beautiful thoughts for the day. Well, that Colorado one was to entice you to come visit LOL

  2. Good morning the beautiful red bird visited me this morning and it sang its song and the words were beautiful as if they knew where my heart was and what was happening in my life. DONT WORRY BE HAPPY. I am going to the Pulaski Re-hab. this morning to sell hotdogs for the Relay for Life. Will be walking Fri. evening in the Relay. I will not be walking all night like so many people. I will do what I can do. Great cause to raise money for Cancer. Thanks for the memories of your weekend and the great message is being sent out to so many people. Have a great day. Blessings to all.

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