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Can I Make You Think?

Excellent blog… makes ya realize that we all have the innermost sanctuary to build and rebuild from within, to allow the flames of our souls to shine the light through the darkest of times and move into the brightest of healing ways… step by painful step, piece by piece into reslience

Simply danLrene

We have all felt it…that moment when it feels like the absolute core of us was shattered into tiny pieces of glass and we wonder how will we ever put ourselves back together again. Sometimes it is whole lives that are broken from tragedies, hurts, health, accidents and sometimes it is our dreams that are shattered. And it is there that the work and the choosing to pick up the pieces and start rebuilding again starts…piece by piece.

make you thinkimage from https://www.facebook.com/pages/Life-Is-What-We-Make-Of-It/397464796961790

Our lives can be wonderful like a beautiful glass picture and in a moment, the glass shatters into pieces. Can it ever be the same? Sorry to tell you but no, it can not be the same but it can be beautiful again if we start putting the pieces back together. It may become like the stained glass windows we see on buildings that make us look in awe…

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