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The Infatuation With Labels

Great read … been labelled lately?

Simply danLrene

Seems like for years and years, there have been labels attached to people. The census records state our sex, our race, etc. Newer census records tried to label us with things such as “gun owner” and other labels. As a former teacher, I can tell you that the children that came to my classroom, as with all other teacher’s classrooms, came with labels such as gifted, mentally challenged, hyperactive, behavior disorder, speech impaired, disabled, etc. And many will go through life holding on to those labels as if it makes them who they are.

It is not just census records, school records, employment records, etc that use labels on us. We do it to others and to ourselves. Some people take the labels or tags and use them like patches on the sash like a scout wears and wear them as if to tell the whole world that they are…

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