Just thinking about Oklahoma

 This morning as I watched these 4 leggeds dance around the pool and then break into their NASCAR run, I found myself thinking once again about Oklahoma pride, after devastation, about resilience. I remembered the news of the storms as they headed to Oklahoma, remembered how quickly regular folks with regular lives were torn apart and towns uprooted and turned upside down, lives lost and now people looking through the rubble for that treasured thing that makes them jump with joy once found. 

*My prayers are with Pop Springs and his family today; as they are grieving the sudden and tragic loss of his neice and her child. Please pause and send healing energy to his Dear Brother John Keys and his Wife Frances Keys and their Family. Their Daughter Toykia K. Keys and their Grand-Son Kamany Love have been reunited with the Creator yesterday morning in a serious vehicle accident.*
Pop I am thinking of you all up there in Hampton VA, may the Creator watch over all of you… 

The resilience of the human spirit, the many who are travelling miles to lend a hand to others and the donations that are coming from far and wide remind me that there is goodness in our world, on our soils and in the hearts of our brothers and sisters.  Look for the good I keep telling others and myself, ju


2 comments on “Just thinking about Oklahoma

  1. Great thoughts. Is nice to see so many coming together to help. It is sad to me that it takes a tragedy to do that. Hugs my friend.

  2. Thank you for your kind thoughts and support for Oklahoma. Don't think I fully realized how strong a state it is till now. All the other states who are sending their help just boggles my mind. Makes it easy to see the good in the face of tragedy. Wonderful,, and humbles the spirit.

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