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Happy First Day of SUMMER~

It’s official… SUMMER TIME is here. Happy first day of summer to everyone and just everything. Let the waters get warmer, the drinks get colder as we dance to the music with longer nights embracing this wonderful life! Summer Solstice, lovin it I am. Kamryn and Dot/Mom/Cob arrived safely yesterday afternoon. I watched as they approached the car, trying to keep calm noticing a taller Kamryn walk with a grin toward me.  The hugs were the best ever. It did not take long before I realized …
We were head to head in the hug; it is not only the first day of summer, it is a milestone.
My little Godson is now the same height as the Godmother as he makes his visit this year. 

Stay calm I kept saying to myself, no tears, no sledgehammer to try to get him little again… (sigh)…. As we drove home, I glanced to at his face, his hands, his legs, those big feet from time to time. He spoke of stopping at the Lucky Dill to eat a Trump burger that is stacked so high you have to laugh imagine it going into a mouth… I told him he was too big, reminding him of always telling him to “reach for the stars” when he was little, now wishing i would have said, “reach slow”. He found that quite funny.

 Yet he has been reaching, stretching, has passion… He took care of that big ole’ burger, a couple of rolls, a bowl of Matza Ball soup before we hit home, then found the basketball to show me new wicked skills before we hit the pool to practice.

OH I forgot to practice between visits… (my back and arms are wondering who let the Kam out)… We sat and had deep conversations in the pool; wondering about spirit, about death, life, things that go bump in the dark. Who I’ve known longer, he or Olivia… Just little chit chat that always leaves me wondering “how does he think about these things for months and then blast me with them”… He wished Olivia would just show up right then and there. Yet soon she too will join us on her first solo flight. Da mama already going through separation anxiety as she counts down the days to be with Nana with joy!
Together she and Kamryn will take me down memory lane, make me want a hammer to pound them back down to little ones, and amaze me with their abilities of wonder, sheer joys and their minds.

Together they will laugh, have fun, wonder who Nana loves more I am also sure.
They will just have a ball!

 They love to explore, love to eat. Kamryn and Olivia inquire about things. Here Olivia with her first Calamari, wondering … checking it out. Yesterday Kamryn with his first Matza Ball Soup.. wondering thinking, lovin it.

Summer is just like that. turn up the heat, get on your bathing suit, the water is warm, the drinks are cold, the nights are longer. Let’s get this party started….

 Oh I am just giddy with the thoughts!
 Hello Summer, welcome to ya!~

 Let us remember though in our excitement and enjoyments those who are in great dangers; great losses, those who are hurting.
Prayers goin up for those in the face of the wildfires of Colorado that continue to burn fiercely, those in CA, Utah, AZ… may you all be safe there.

Walk in beauty


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