Paula Dean and the "N" word and the MEDIA

The “N” word… seems Paula Dean along with millions and millions have used it, yet Paula Dean a woman of the south, raised up in a time when folks said it in sentences as “colored folks” lived cross town, many worked in the homes of whites even times of segregation. Now a woman who has entertained her friend Oprah, sat on her swing telling stories of days gone by with both she and Gayle King is in deep water for saying, “yes I said it, I am sorry that I did.”

That’s not good enough though, now the press, the media, the Today Show, The Food Network have made it NEWS as they are bringing it out in a way that is beyond disgusting to give folks something to latch onto like a dog on a bone while fueling hatred calling her a racist. This is the stuff that can drive a person once again to the streets of madness.  

Words are powerful, actions and feeding the wrong wolf in media are similar to giving poison to children telling them it is candy. They feed on it to extreme.  I myself am not a big fan of Paula Dean, but she is human, a woman who recently was attacked when she announced she had diabetes by the press and the world as then she was judged by her lifestyle, her use of “butta in her food, her grits her recipes, her weight”. People these days love to attack, seem to be looking for a reason to point the finger of great judgment on others with voices of outrage.

The press fuels it while the population then takes off like a wildfire with no water spreading it with their own take along with judgment. Leaving us to wonder, has the world truly gone mad.  Racism being accused of a 65+ year old famous woman who said the “N” word now … a network who is ready to drop her from their station. The Today show now stooping so low to make this sensational, while now little kids are asking, “why is she a racist?” Who said she was a racist I had to answer… stop watching the news!

Meanwhile I am getting to hear rap; hearing of others who use the “N” word as often as saying “hello” yet no one seems to care, or they are afraid to open their mouths as the tweets flow even as recently as the NBA Miami Heat won their game on my Twitter Feed from the famous.  We hear the comedians use it, the actors say it, the kids and adults on the corner where we do business, most recently on T-shirts in NY I saw it for sale bold letters to wear.

Where is the press, the outrage, the foul crys of stop the press, stop the million dollar bling sales and put a halt to the messages?

We can’t have it both ways, it is right it is wrong. People say things, some later regret it, some make millions off it, some do it for the flash and the effect.

Last I checked Paula Dean, Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, Jay Z, Charlie Sheen, George Bush, Samuel Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Chris Rock, Repulicans, Democrats, the NAACP… have used “cracker, white trash, and THE N WORD” without being put on trial or in front of a blaring media campaign to be ruined. The public has not been so very wound up as they are now looking for reasons to crucify others as they are now that I can ever remember with such a level of distrust, hate, anger.

It would seem to me, that it is time for others to work in their own closets, their own yards, within their own souls now.  IT is past time.

The news this week has been Paula Dean, how awful she is. She said the “N” word in her past; how many haven’t ? The only break from that has been the announcement of the Kim/Kanye West baby named “NORTHWEST”.
That just did it for me.  It was proof that both of them would be great endorsements for birth control.  The world continues to weigh in on that as well; the press, the media, just about everyone taking air time on a baby born to a woman who makes gazillions of dollars doing nothing for the greater good of humanity and her family, who slept with someone famous now appearing as if he doesn’t know what he was thinking.
Maybe they should have named that baby, “Key West, Out West, Gone West, Wild Quest West”

It’s past time… folks remembered the realities of the world. We’ve seen things come round more than once where ignorance and times were hard times. The south was the south, folks were fueled by fire. Remember the movie the HELP, remember Gone with the Wind.

Remember … Martin Luther King the dream, and those of us who have walked for civil rights so long ago as it seems the young bloods have forgotten. The conservatives have pitted with arsenals against those not so tight, the liberals those who drink tea, those who stand on liberty and independence?

It’s time we remember we are one. Watering our yards, our souls and offering a drink to each other of soothing cool waters knowing that we are human, each a work in progress. Now the food network wants to fire her, to let her go.. have they lost their politically correct mind?

There’s bigger fish to fry than Paula Dean saying the “N” word,  apologizing for its use, now still in the news about it.  

There are 10’s’ of thousands of acres burning in Colorado, people with little to no financial resources trying to seek safety in little hotels wondering if their homes will burn to the ground awaiting air support to get these fires contained.  There’s hail in the Dakotas devastating what is there with threats of lightning. Where is the coverage, where is FEMA, where is the big bands to send relief to those folks in harm’s way. 

Yet the songs continue on the radio, over you tube the air waves with the “N” word, killing white folks, raping women or beating them by top line artists and no one, NO ONE is raising hell or calling them out. 
I know this as Kamryn had me listening to it last night while we discussed Paula Dean being a racist in his 11 year old mind along with the difference between the two.

#Today Show #Media you are killin us here. When our kids think that everyone has or is getting along, will not judge them, you take this and instill fear in them.  what who do you think you are?

Prayers goin up for those in the line of those fires … as EE and her son are out of there home seeking safety now with the 4 legged.

#Paula Dean, don’t let the ones who judge run you down. Stand up, seek some support from those who know you, and move along, this too shall pass.  

I suggest these (wish I had patented this) for all to use on their ears when watching the news or talking to stupid.

Wishing you a most wonderful day today and every day.

Walk in Beauty,




3 comments on “Paula Dean and the "N" word and the MEDIA

  1. Im a black woman. I don't know Ms Deen's heart and neither does anyone else. I myself have used racial slurs 30 years ago. Im 53 now. If my caucasion friends knew that about me, I would apologize just like Ms Deen did. Im NOT that person today. Infact I never had any hate in my heart when I used the slurs. I was doing it because those around me was doing it, even in our home. I accept her apology. Why? Because I would my caucasian friends to forgive me. We have done some we wish we could take back. What a HORRIBLE place to be where there is no room for human error and no forgiveness. I've learned in my few years that forgiveness is often more healing for the forgiver. I forgive because so many times I need forgiveness.

  2. I agree 100% Sherry!! Great article

  3. hellooooooo!!I must say that sadly, once again, the media and everyone else jumping into the frenzy over Ms. Paula have once more exposed the blatant and true side of ignorance in our society…I agree with all that you have said..as far as I can see, this whole story does not even have any business being deemed news worthy.. seriously.it is ridiculous that it has become the focus of the media when there are far too many important topics to talk about. blah blah blah etc…etc…that's all the breath I'm wasting Wishing instead, a blessed and fantastic day to all..doing a rain dance for the folks in Co. , sending prayers out to all who are in need.Live and let live, embrace the moment with an open heart and spirit…blessings y'all.hugging my angels, sign me,♥ A.

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