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Watch your step, Nic Wallenda walked it

HAPPY MONDAY MORNING……. did you see it? The wire walker who stepped just right, one foot in front of the other on the wire across the Grand Canyon yesterday! As millions watched, as the twitter feed #skywalker #wirewalker #OMG her carefully placed one foot in front of the next and walked the length of 3 football fields and was successful!

 The view below enough to make a person weak in the knees and at awe of the world, as he continually gave praise we watched in amazement, the 40+ pound pole he carried effortlessly to assist in his balance swaying … The shoes reminding me of worn leather gloves showed the precision in each step with wind gusts seeming to want to take the jeans off his legs.  We watched. Of course with my ever keen balance, getting up to do something I almost tripped on my own feet making my way to the kitchen, but he didn’t seem to mind, as he continued on. Stopping for a moment, kneeling down on that wire… the world watched as did his family on the other side of the canyon.

The man just did it; he walked across the Grand Canyon with no net, no clips, no nothing but his own desire to make it happen. The world watched him embrace others when he “ran to the finish” on that wire with a smile on his face first kissing the ground.  He seemed to favor his little girl, the older son, to then “bump” the little boy rather than embrace him, grab a water, return to the edge while standing and just being in that moment of “look where I just came from”.

22+ minutes on a wire across the Grand Canyon, one little step … one foot in front of the next, mindfully, prayerfully, he kept walking to fulfill his dream. He was successful after all that training, conditioning praying he DID IT.

just as each person does it each day. They walk their own wire, their own great challenge carrying their own “pole” or burdens across Grand Canyons or valleys or through the most seemingly impossible situations. It is in learning to use those “poles” or troubles/burdens heartaches for balance that is in the secret to allow mindful movement. The ability to keep moving with small but deliberate steps, one and then the next, stopping when needed for only a short time… then steady standing once again placing one foot in front of the next ever so carefully in order to continue on.

HAPPY MONDAY TO YOU, may you continue on… one step, one breath at a time.
 /Congratulations Nic Wallenda on your most remarkable skywire walk… May you celebrate you well as you hug all in your life passionately!
Walk in beauty


One comment on “Watch your step, Nic Wallenda walked it

  1. Good morning Dr. Sherry and friends. Happy Monday 1st day of the week to you. I hope your weekend was a good one. That walk over the Grand Canyon was amazing. Such training and concentration! Take care and have a terrific day./Sandy♥

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