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Wildfires in the West/Floods in Canada, so horribly sad

I cannot imagine… as the fires, the smoke, the dear friend of ours out in CO had to evacuate from the threat of losing their home… I just cannot fathom the pain, the warzone looking pictures, the heat, smoke, emotional physical pain being suffered.  Tens of thousands of acres burning as firefighters continue to work endlessly to contain wildfires, as people have left their possessions seeking safety. Some on the floors of shelters, having to part with their animals there. Others seeking hotels, still others parked in truck stops sleeping in cars at night, sitting in booths during the day eyes glued on the televisions monitoring the fire line. All praying or hoping or both that they can return safely home. Nerves frayed, coping skills either enhanced or destroyed by the very real threat that a state is suffering as they listen for the sounds from overhead of planes to dump that red stuff … and rain to fall hard and constantly to stop what either Beetles started or lightning or someone with evil intent began with a match.

I just cannot imagine.

 Homes destroyed, animals dazed, harmed now wandering out onto the interstate seeking safety as thousands sit in disbelief and traumatized by such devastation of their beloved home, the mountains on fire there.  Here on the East coast we hear little about it, occasional news bits letting us know that wild fires are flaming in CO, NM, UT, CA… acres are burning. We don’t really see the war zone surroundings or hear what folks are going through.

Unless we happen to know someone, or see newsfeeds on social media, we are rather oblivious to the reality of what is happening, yet we wonder… where is the big planes, the military the National Guard, the ones that are the specialists at times like this?

My dear friends EE, (Deb) her son, their feisty little dog named Daisy, their bird Misty, all in a van had to leave home. She on continual oxygen, in a power chair, all they took was themselves the clothes on their backs, some canned food and they were gone. With tears of thinking they may never see “home again”, off they went through thick smoke that was visible for miles and miles.

I just cannot imagine … 
Now they have been given the clearance to return home, to their beds, her hospital bed, his bed in his bedroom. The 4 legged is joyous, running back and forth celebrating HOME. Yet they are on stand by for a 10 minute bug out still… Can you imagine it?

I read where an itty bitty bug, the Beetle has been eating the pines there, rendering them dry, therefore easy to spark, easy to fire up. I read where a train sparked on a rail causing the first of fires, lightning the culprit on another.. an arsonist perhaps even responsible of another All continue to claim the lands of tens of thousands of acres …. dry dry lands in need of soaking rains.

We continue to hold Deb, CJ, up in thoughts and prayers there. To hold the state up in thoughts of hope in healing the pain and trauma that comes along with fire and devastation.

So much, is happening 

Meanwhile, in Alberta Canada the floods have claimed lives, have changed the landscape… would that we could send the water to CO, to UT, to AZ, to NM and CA.  The floods recovery will take more than 10 years it has been reported now.

I cannot imagine this…. the diversity, the horror, the fear and polar opposites …

 The evacuation orders for most homes have now been lifted, funerals are now being planned while many more must be postponed until the water recedes. Would that the water could be lifted to the wildfires.

Many are now consumed with talks of climate change…. would that they also taked of the cost of tragedy on the human spirit. The effects on the mind, the words shared or thoughts expressed The nerves now raw as people try to absorb their experiences from destruction and threat.

 I can only HOPE, pray, send good energy into the Great Universe today for healing.

I ask that you join me. That you hold up each and every person in harms’ way today, that they may feel the Universal Oneness of spirit to give them just a bit more of what they may find themselves needing to do what is needed.

Thank you to all first responders, to those who serve.

I wish you enough.

Walk in beauty,


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