Harlem Globetrotters to Disney, Magical Times

From the mad skills of the Globies TNT and Slick Willy of the Harlem Globetrotters memories of magic were made with Kamryn and Olivia in the Magic Kingdom… Our feet were made for walking *(think they are still swollen)* as the wake up call from MOnsters Inc. Mike came through each day at 630 am and we were up and at it… from the third, yes third floor of the Pop resort of “remember when” in the 50’s building somewhere back way back from where the lobby was located and from where the bus left from. Oh lest we forget just as far back as where the car was parked and the long haul to the building with kids, cooler of beverages, bags, suitcases SUNSCREEN and all that happy crap had to be hauled in the beginning… whew what a walk that one turned out to be!!! Just about as Goofy as you know who… by the time we reached our destination near the pool shaped like a bowling pin. which i might just add we never stuck our toes in.

 Hang Loose……… with transistor radios donning the railing, 45’s with the funniest of titles as we huffed and puffed and finally found an elevator with all our loot, of course noting the coolio surrounding of our new digs… opening the door, throwing stuff down. Immediately each kid claiming a bed and launching themselves on one. Leaving me standing to unpack as I wiped sweat from my brow. The first thing MY TWO KIDS DID?
Well of course>> they turned on the T.V. to the DISNEY CHANNEL!

OH I almost forgot about the drive to ORLANDO and my travel companions… the great enthusiam and conversations… oh wait, let me show all who gather here, as pictures are better than a thousand words… OH I LOVE MY KIDS…
Here ya go, the trip to Disney 2013 :

Yep that says it all …. right up until I made the turn to Disney USA; at which time I hit the CD player with none other than Patti Labelle at full volume as the song played,


they woke up. both grinning. WIDE OPEN ALERT AWAKE.  Thanks Patti.

 The view from our room; where we talked about people in the pool, about the coolness of the pool as we then laughed a lot, went into our room and fell promptly on the beds from a full day of excitement and magic along with anticipation of what the next day held.

The next day held Universal with Alex a sweet friend who is just crazy as he picked us up at the hotel for the day. Prompt he usually is, arriving 15 minutes late.  He gets our attention in the car, the stereo comes on speakers with his voice announcing for everyone to:
“Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times as the vehicle is moving. We are NOT going to Disney, we are NOT going to Seaworld, we are NOT going to Epcot. WE ARE GOING TO UNIVERSAL, now sit back and enjoy your ride”.

He is a hoot… and off we went to the new transformer ride and all the wonders of Universal, where Kam also won by shooting hoops both he and Olivia a basketball! Go figure that one.
By the way, Alex and Kamryn conned me onto the ride the Mummy telling me it was NOT a rollercoaster… yea sure.  Alex is just too good to not love, the pic says it all …

Kamryn asked why we were having to rise at 630, wondered when he would get some rest and sleep. Olivia laughed so hard she rolled herself out of the bed completely. I was barely able to move after letting Kam know he could sleep when he was dead, we had things to do places to go and people to see.  We just about got to it all…

 We had a Goofy, magical wonderful running kinda time… in the sun, in ponchos in the rain… no time for blogs, FB, texts, it was all day all night goin doin and being… 

oh my…

Thrills and hills steps, shows, did I mention rain?  I missed the best photos when thousands of folks were walking in ponchos looking like Disney had been taken over by ghosts… and we were right there ghosts….. I missed the shot!

As I was packing us up; we finally got to sleep in, ah sweet sleep… 

KIDS WAKE UP, it’s time for us to roll tide and go home… I’m gathering putting it together, are u up, rise and shine!!!!

OK Godmother Nana Lighting we’re UP… moving….

again, the proof is in the pictures here I’m thinkin as I stand from bending…

Good job babies… that’s what I’m talkin about!!! This is after they called me wondering where I was cos’ they woke with me gone! ME?
I was outside having coffee sittin on a bench. So I say to them>>> be there in 8 minutes, get up brush teeth, let’s get our roll on<< OK we’re on it!

Gotta love em, as I packed they were on it, Disney on the t.v., we never got a toe in the bowling pin pool…

Now they are sleeping, saying today is POOL DAY, wanting to chill.

whew, color me grateful.

I see a nap in the day as last night we had a slumber celebration in MY bed all night and I had the middle.  Yes I slept all night with them and a white little dog, who finally escaped. Found Jeepers this morning sleeping in Kam’s suitcase of clothes beside the bed!
Wish I had thought of that.

 Olivia brought home a spherical Egore and of course had to introduce him to Jeepers last night…

Have a magical DAY

Walk in beauty,


rain or shine

rain or shine (Photo credit: jessleecuizon)


2 comments on “Harlem Globetrotters to Disney, Magical Times

  1. It was so good to read of your great time making those forever memories with Kamryn and Olivia. Ah, they sure are growing up and so good looking. Hope you got some rest Dr. Sherry. Loved the pictures. Have a wonderful 4th of July friends and be safe. /Sandy♥

  2. Wow, look what I missed going back in the times when I was right there with the gang. I missed you all but after my accident the dr. and I decided it was not a good time to go out in the hot, humid weather and walk for days and hours. I relived all of the fun things that was done while I was recouping here at home in the pool and doing my swimming. I found the house was oh so quiet so the precious dogs and I bonded and had many good conversations as I chased them around the pool for our exercise of the day. Of course when I was in the pool they loved to run towards me just stopping at the edge of the pool to bark. Fun, but missing my family. I was so happy Olivia was joining her Nana and her other family for the first time riding alone in that big old plane. She had a great ride and is very grown up. A pleasure to be around. She and Kamryn have bonded and having a great goofy time. Love to see them playing in the pool and challenging each other. Glad Dr. SES is home and hopefully she will rest for a couple of days. She kept up with them and really out did them as they decided break time is now. More wonderful memories with Godmother and Nana. Everyone should have a Godmother and Nana as she is to them. Blessings to all.

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