It’s INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! God Bless America and all who stand on her soil as we celebrate this day and all it stands for … Let the celebrations begin as folks gather, the grills get fired up, and the joyous noise begins!

Thank you to those who have served, are serving to protect our very freedoms across the world as we slept in our beds last night, awoke with hope in our hearts and now rise to outshine the sun!  America… my sweet America

as only Ray Charles can sing it

video  by

From my home to yours, we are wishing you a colorful, magical brilliant 4th of July…
 Hold off rain, we have fireworks displays across the Nation to see and laughter to hear along with the “ohhh MYYs” …. as the smells of hamburgers and ribs on the grills just tempt the senses…. 

Flags flying with HOPE, LOVE, COMPASSION

Walk in Beauty,


English: Fireworks on the Fourth of July

English: Fireworks on the Fourth of July (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2 comments on “HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

  1. Wishing all our family and friends a very Happy and Safe Independence Day. Many thanks for all those brave military men and women who protected, and still protect, our great nation. God Bless you. Enjoy your day today making memories with family and friends. /Sandy♥

  2. helloooooHappy Independence Day !today will be full of all sortsof fun celebration..patriotic music and flags flyinghigh ~ may the true spirit ofliberty and gratitude for our most precious land of the free and home of the brave echo through out ourhearts and homes…Salute to all persons of the armedforces, past and present, manythanks for your sacrifices..A great day for a bit of reflectionamoung the cheer !Blessings to all,I am grateful to be a native andcitizen of the USABe Safe and blessed ,sign me,hugging my angels, ♥A.

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