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Energy Water Laughter

 D O L P I N
the scream came as soon as we got in the channel!
Oh yea, it was a dolphin filled great day once we got on the water!

Yesterday was one of those days that will fill the senses for ever more… Kamryn, Olivia, DLB and me… setting out early in the morning with coolers, cold drinks, sandwiches, snacks, no cell phones, SUNSCREEN, enough loot for 20 as we made our way to where the boat leaves from on the Anclote River. We were greeted by a man who had no sense of humor as we signed our life away renting a beautiful sea ray boat, rules rules rules he says, back at 4:30pm or heaven knows we would have to mortgage the house to him, pay for this and that in fees and heaven help us if he should smile during the telling of what might just happen if we ran aground in the process of having fun or got the boat dirty… Dirty I’m thinkin? We will be in the Gulf of Mexico in salt water silly man, what are you thinkin here.

So as he droned on, two women came for their rental only to tell him they would return after going for their “provisions”? Who goes to rent a boat with only their bathing suits on and their purses in their hands I’m thinkin as we stood their with enough “provisions” to feed an army anxious to jump in and head for the gulf? Ah, we were ready to take off for FUN FUN FUN… in spite of the much too serious man who must of gotten up on the wrong side of the bed… After asking his name, extending my hand he tells me “I am John filling in”! Well then, “hello John Filling In today, you sure are serious”. Not a grin, only a “here’s your map stay on the left of the markers they are white or you will go aground where the ship sunk”. Got it John!

The kids had to turn around as they were laughing , and off we went to a much nicer fellow standing on the pier beside the big ole’ sea ray letting us know that the day was going to be great, wishing us a great day; as we loaded up for the day. It was a hot morning, we were ready to hit it, and not a dark cloud to be seen….

 Oh how I love being on the water, the gulf, the sights, sounds the smells of the water. As we left the dock and entered the channel it wasn’t 5 minutes until the first dolphin graced us and the scream, “D O L P H I N” and all went to the front of the boat to look, to call it, to watch. We were officially on dolphin alert…. they sure did let us know of their happiness that we were wanting them to show up as they did that very thing with such grace, such beauty and with each movement they took our breath away each and every time!  The kids at some point decided we should just seize the day, the boat and head to Mexico… it was a grand idea until DLB wondered if they had considered the need for gas from where we were to our final destination… they had worked out how to just get to a resort, get a room key, saddle up to the floating restaurants we had it all worked out. That DLB and details!

 Could of been a grand plan, we did have the compass on the boat after all… and heaven knows we had enough drinks and snacks I’m thinkin!

 We dropped anchor at the Anclote Lighthouse instead, the kids made the long swim to shore. They took great pride in OWNING the island for the longest of times as they found sand dollars, placing them carefully in a bag. They even got to see a small shark they claimed. At some point, they could not defend their island as other humans invaded it, causing them to swim back to the boat, sand dollars in the bag only to find that a few were broken in the swim!

The diving competitions then began from the platform…. while the waters changed from blues to greens the laughter will echo in our ears forever, the memories etched in wonderment of great times they will remember.

 Then it happened…The Godmother “Lightning” Nana showed them how it’s done as I performed a back flip from the diving platform to their sheer delight! They hooped and hollered with sheer excitement while giving me great props!  Yes yes impressed they (and I) were that a successful back flip in the gulf was done!  The healing energy of those waters where the dolphins swim went through us, into our very core being, it was a healing fun filled day.

One that will forever be cherished as we returned the boat at 4:15pm safely in the slip; greeted by the kind man who was smiling as he heard that we saw more than 10 dolphins and had the best of days on the gulf waters.  We unloaded that boat, on our way to the hot car!
All of us saying, “first one in the pool is LUCKY”. We were salty we were HOT” the sun was still bright and shiny!

 We all had the best of times, it was awesome to be “unplugged” to the world of phones, of internet, of traffic, of thoughts…. and to feel the energy of water, sun, laughter…

We hit the house, unloaded the car so quickly that I am still amazed by it. Kamryn hit the pool first, Olivia second… the rest of course last, but we were all in it, and as Olivia has now gotten us all saying her expression, we were “feelin it”. just being and “feelin it”.  We got home, played in the pool, got showers, sat around enjoying each other…. then the THUNDER BOOMED, the rains fell. We heard of tornado warnings and a water spout seen in Tampa! Wow, what timing, what a day!


For today…. I wish you all time of “feelin it”

Walk in beauty,


One comment on “Energy Water Laughter

  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful day and wonderful forever memories made together. I know it was a grand highlight for all. I am happy that Olivia and Kamryn are having such a great summer visit. I would love to one day see a dolphin up close and be on a body of water like the Gulf. That has to be awesome! You all got home safe and still enjoyed the rest of the day before the storms. We had much heavy rain with flooding yesterday. Have a terrific day everyone. /Sandy♥

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