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Of course we miss you… we’re on Vacation!

The water is waiting for the great splashes of summer, the floats ready to be thrown in, bodies ready to lay on them, the rays of the warmth of sun, of fun just waiting to be experienced… Vacations, those wonderful times of having fun, fun laughter and wonderful experiences away from home!
 Those on vacation often leave someone or many someone’s behind, or put other things on hold while going somewhere to just enjoy life and things out of the ordinary… That someone might just be the Mama who has to stay at home and W O R K… rushing home at first to the fine quiet of home and alone time relaxing or catching up on their own adult lives and friends.  However, they do want to hear all the latest activities, news, experiences that those kids are having and wait for the phone call… and after a week, the missing sets in. BAM, oh boy the missing. One would think that kid has moved to a third world country at times, the missing is so strong.  The kids have such a longing to return to their homes where they sit all day rather than run do and have good times as well, they cry for their Mom’s and life as it was once known… I catch them on camera having rotten times and longing for home, missing their Mom’s and just pitiful they are… they hold me away from my phone, my computer, my friends as I am having to provide comfort to them as best I can.

So sad the little children, they suffer so. 

Tried to drown them to put them out of their misery and longing, but they put those orange things on, and just kept floating; so bored they were … like bobs on a fishing line they were! frowning and bobbing, just like that… so so sad the little children, wanting pencils and paper to send hellos to the Mama’s they did, even in the water… Of course we miss you, those of you who have not heard from us, we are on vacation!  We lay on the couch, snuggle in beds, we are basically couch potatoes just hanging out here… not doing anything to talk about on the phones when you call us… other than saying, “good/fine/ok/love you too”.

 uh, we are on V A C A T I O N here… kinda busy you know!

Vacation, that wonderful time of doing what comes next when it happens… seeing the most awesome of lightning and thunder as they collide in the night skies after a day of being on the Gulf of Mexico, finding shells, seeing dolphins, swimming in turquoise waters in a 22 foot Sea Ray boat all day. Nope not much to report friends and Mom on those daily phone calls to ya… Of course we miss you as much as you miss us, do we really have to come home?  “oh sure we want to come home and sit around all day while you work, that’s cool, we miss you… we’ve just been hanging out here, not doing too much. Just being with Godmother Lightning Nana here. ok love u too.”

  v a c a t i o n

 Where you can eat chocolate icing out of the jar… and oooh and awww over it…. and ice pops get found in the freezer tasting like heaven on a stick, but there is NO stick!

Where a boy shows up in my bed with Reeces’ cups waking me saying, “Uh I thought we should have one of these how bout you? (at midnight).. Great idea Kamryn!

 Doesn’t everyone wake up to that and just say YES?

Vacation, ah what would life be like? And oh my what would it look like without these two kids to just amaze you… two kids who talk into the night once the adults are out of the way… and in their own rooms… leaving them to be kids.  Once the barriers of adults are removed the kids become free to be, free to express as I found them together on the couch engaged in conversations last night, playing the ipad piano just enjoying themselves.

Of course Mom’s they miss you, but remember YOU have them 24/7…. now you are the recipients of what I live with more than not. Little to no contact or when I do have contact, it is “hi/yes/no/good/fine/loveyoutoo/bye”. for months and months and months at a time. Those calls are usually truthfully generated if not forced by who? YOU MOTHERS….

They will return soon to you… and oh how I thank you for giving them to me for a while, we are on V A C A T I O N…

Feelin it!

  Vacation Rules:

Eat what you want
Sleep when you want
Be Kind
Be filled with Enthusiam
Be joyous
Ignore everything except what is in front of you
No stress
No Worries
No Regrets
Be Happy or be prepared to be run over
 Teach the kids to send postcards )(oops)
Walk in Beauty


One comment on “Of course we miss you… we’re on Vacation!

  1. Ahh… Vacation, love seeing the young ones having so much fun and reminicing about vacation memories in the past. When one has not had a vacation in over 6 years one really longs for that again and longs for separation from the real world of today. I hope you still have some vacation time left because youngsters know how to have a grand time while away from the Moms. They grow up too soon. I love the photos and the stories. So happy you all are having such a grand time. Take care friends. /Sandy♥

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