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Holding onto Balance

Sometimes it takes courage to stand up, to sit still, to move forward in finding balance.  Times are always changing, the tides roll in they roll out, sometimes calm before the storm yet balance is often hard to find or maintain.  It takes courage at times to stand in unfamiliar surroundings or waters. It takes strength to balance on one leg, or even two most days when you think about it. Heaven knows it takes patience and practice to feel that balance within practicing, sending messages to the brain always as you walk your walk, talking your talk. It is difficult as you move through the days to keep that balance when talking, listening to the thoughts, opinions of others as well.  Balance is critical to your well being even when standing for you and those you care for.

It is what keeps us well, keeps us in our happy place and holds us upright against the rushing tides of all that we face, hear, see in order to not feel that we will end up eating sand along the way!  Sometimes we may decide to “just go for it” making a splash with what we think, do, say, feel.  The thrill, the feel will elicit joy or shock by those around us!

 Some will be sure to wear a life jacket in order to not get too deep in the plunge, while others will throw caution to the wind believing firmly they have all they need to rise up to the top after the plunge. That usually comes after years of practice, wisdom along the way and a few mistakes sprinkled in… but the plunge, the jump can and is often adrenalin filled leaving one to wonder if the balance is still intact while in the air…

Guess it is all in the eyes of the one who jumps literally or figuratively, what do you think?

It’s all about the timing, the balance physically, mentally spiritually. Just as many will let you know they hate to get wet in the rain, others will let you know they love to feel the sensation and prefer to jump for joy while dancing in the rain. It’s a matter of perspective, a balancing act of messages to the brain, deciding what you want to embrace and move through you.

 Balance; in our thoughts, actions, walk, talk, turns… from sitting still in the water getting on trying to stand… and then the fun thrills and excitements begin… turning from side to side and leaning just right for the thrill of 
B A L A N C E.

Hurry up and wait, stand on one foot brush your teeth, balance your thoughts with your actions, do something out of the comfort zone…
and so it goes.

In a world that at times makes us wonder if everyone has gone mad, it helps to work on balance, to blow bubbles from time to time. It is helpful to set boundaries for yourself, to find that line that is personal to you, the one that no one crosses, the one that defines you and is sacred. The line that is respect, honor and is where you stand balanced knowing that it is yours to say when where how the tide within you rolls that keeps you balanced. It is your happy place, your sacred sanctuary. It is your private safe place, and it is the launch pad of all the most remarkable wonder of YOU, the Universal Oneness of Creator made you to shine from that inner self.  You are the masterpiece of Creator, having all you need to do all you dream in balance.

To keep that balance requires work at times, constant messages to the brain that feed the soul and spirit.  Are you feelin me?
Create your very own Chihuly moments of wonder, of beauty, of awe… in balance, in beauty, in “wow”…

 Wherever you go, whatever you do, make it so that you outshine the sun, even in the rain… 
YOU are the most precious resource you have… create your balance and have fun with each step or dance as you hear the music.
B A L A N C E on!
Only we would find a one webbed seagull at Clearwater beach with such grand balance!

Walk in beauty,


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