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Entertainers boycott FL for stand your ground and Trayvon Martin…

We all love them, we listen to them, we buy their music.
Hell, in many cases we’ve made them who they are today, along with their millions and their ability to keep the music playing.
Now somehow they are confusing justice on the Trayvon Martin case/verdict with stand your ground laws in Florida
and have decided to boycott Florida.
Taking their talents, leaving their fans to wonder.
Leaving me astounded that the one and only Patti Labelle has weighed in and posted this news:
he list of artists that have been reported to join the boycott include Roc Nation‘s Rihanna and Wale, as well as Kanye, Patti LaBelle, Usher, Mary J. Blige, Trey Songz, R. Kelly, Alicia Keys, Young Jeezy, will.i.am, Erykah Badu, Frankie Beverly, Parliament, Madonna, Eddie Levert, Rod Stewart and the Rolling Stones.

Reports from a Florida news outlet indicate that the Jay Z and Justin Timberlake’s Summer of the Legends tour stop planned for Aug. 16 is still on as scheduled. Rumors have been circulating that the two as well as several of Jay’s Roc Nation artists had joined in solidarity with Stevie Wonder‘s boycott of the Sunshine State.

According to Local 10, an executive affiliated with the tour made the confirmation. The concert, the final date of the tour, is slated to be at the Sun Life Stadium.

Wonder made his boycott announcement at a Canadian music festival, saying that he refuses to play gigs in states where the “Stand Your Ground” law exists as a response to the verdict in George Zimmerman’s criminal trial for the death of Trayvon Martin.

Well now that I’ve had time to “sit with it”, to listen to the music, to really mull it over in my heart… I just do not understand folks anymore.
Entertainers are born to entertain, they proclaim to love their fans, love to do what they do, love the $$$$ that comes with those high price tickets as well. What are they thinking?
If they plan to boycott states with stand your ground, they sure will be sitting at home more these days, and in the years to come, along with losing those faithful fans in the process… 
STand your ground has been around for a long time, in many states.  Some of those very states are the homes of these singers.  Many just might be performing in one now. Are our beloved entertainers “profiling Florida” while furthering the hate being spread and fostering racism here in 2013? Oh God perish the thought…
 Have we confused the issues of the tragedy and loss of one young man in Sanford Florida as many more have died needlessly by the hands that pulled triggers since that day yet do not make headlines across our Nation?  Are we perpetuating and teaching hatred to our youth in this process through what is known to be the Universal healing tool of the music that is heard seen by those we look to pay big money to see, yet now are being confused by as they take a stand against a state that has a law called Stand your Ground?
Stars, music, the moon all meant to enjoy to wonder about, to fill excited about, to just feel good about. Now we have those we have watched be discovered, those we have supported, screamed and applauded, have listened to their music that speaks to our souls decide we are not worthy of them… why?
Because they are taking a stand against a law and a cause of one young man who died needlessly.  Bet other families from the poorest to the wealthy would like to think they were as important to those whose voice is their instrument.
Meantime in other news; our soldiers are fighting for our very freedoms 24/7. Where do our entertainers stand on performing a special concert for their families, friends loved ones. Would their color, gender matter or their age… Would they meet them at the airport to sing them home, to stand for the flag draped casket… 
In Philadelphia a woman was charged with the brutal murder of her child 4 years old… where is the boycott, the outrage. Her boyfriend who was there is still not charged. Like Florida PA also has a similar Stand Your Ground law, but that child was just too little to use it. We didn’t hear news about that though.
We should be able to look to the music for healing, those who fill us up as the ones to find solace in during hard times, bad times and good times. We should be able to hear the words better the sounds of the percussion finer, the sax should be keener, the steps of those who perform should be etched in our souls finer during times like this.
Instead they (some of them) have decided to show us a different side of them.. It is not a pleasant view.  Just saying
It’s time for rearranging priorities for the greater good of all people, music is a perfect way to do that. To take people over the rainbow, to stand for them, all of them in a brighter light of healing through the healing power of the music.
    Look for the helpers, look for the goodness.
 “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ~ Bob Marley ~

Walk in Beauty

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