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Two Rules for Tuesday

Terrific Tuesday in the making… Two Tuesday Rules to think on.

Seems these days everyone wants to know everything, wants to hear it all, know it all or feels as though they already do.  The news media social sites of Facebook and folks who just let us know each movement of their lives, their doings and goings; what they think, feel, eat for snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner. We now have ways to hear it all, to absorb the energy and the words of others into our own lives in ways never before. If we allow it, if we don’t filter it or let it just go through us rather than get stuck in us.

Does that make any sense at all? LOL

We hear so much these days it is hard to not be affected or infected along the way. Hard to not stop looking for the good, hard to not embrace the wonder in our world when so much is so hard to understand and so bitter to learn about on a daily basis. There is just so much that folks want the minute to minute updates on. Whatever happened to classified information that is to protect us as a whole. What has happened to privacy in people’s own lives and the sanctity of personal lives and experiences? It seems we read about it daily on the internet, self reporting that used to be reserved for journals seldom shared.  It is quite remarkable at times. Things that once were shared in therapy offices now are seen and commented on by those online offering opinions on relationships, parenting skills, life options, politics, race gender issues.  It seems we have so many experts out there in internet/news land nowadays sharing so very openly.  Could that be why the anger has increased so much, the hate being taught more than math or English while beauty and nature is ignored?  People are more fearful than I can remember; is it because they read of the issues, illnesses, The anger and potential of harm being done all over the country, the world and now live in fear of what might be for themselves? Fear wrecks havoc on the brain.

 Yes, there just might be a need to play those cards a bit closer to the chest; with friends acquaintances with social media. It may be good to get outside and away from the internet or social sites where you are subject to hearing or seeing the laundry aired of so many, or even of friends from time to time. It may in fact be a great idea to absorb some Vitamin D while you still can, before the cold months return and you have to get inside to cocoon for winter. It is outside that the eyes, mind, spirit soars on the wind as beauty will still amaze and stir the soul to creativity. It is there where you can still find the child playing within you as you feel the ground under your feet, feel the wind and sun on your face, if only for a little while. There you can hold your private thoughts to yourself, remembering that not everything has to be shared with another, some things are yours to hold sacred within, to nurture, to grow. Just as a seed grows from the darkness it blooms from the light into something unique and beautiful. So do we…

  In the darkness of the night, we can still look up, we can tell our stories to Creator, to spirit, to those who have gone before us that are sacred… we can plant our seeds by moonlight safely knowing that we are sure they will be carefully tended to. There may even be times those seeds are watered with our own tears, our own sweat, our own stories.
In our own time.

Yes, two rules for Tuesday… and a thought to sit with for today. May you laugh through it knowing that YOU are your most valued resource.  
Last words by the famous philosopher, Dr. Seuss:

 I wish you enough!
Walk in beauty




One comment on “Two Rules for Tuesday

  1. Good words and thought Dr. Sherry. I don't know why some people have to tell everything and others have to know everything and it is not necessary. Have a peaceful evening. /Sandy♥

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